Haypi Monster FAQ

Haypi Monster FAQ by DeNira1. How many coins do I need to buy for VIP?VIP 1 = 10VIP 2 = 200VIP 3 = 500VIP...

Haypi Monster Hatchery and Synthesizing Guide

Haypi Monster Hatchery and Synthesizing Guide by DeNiraTHE HATCHERY1. You need one male and one female monster, both level 15 minimum.2. Both must be...

Haypi Monster Skills List

Element / Skill PP Attack Type Power Hit NoteFind?Epic only?FirePPAttack TypePowerHitNoteBurn15Physical35100May BurnHot Smoke10Physical4590Increase Dodge & May burnVetMeteor5Magical5590May Burn Miltiple TargetsWild Fire5Physical5590All OpponentsExpWhirling Flame10Magical4595Enhance...

Haypi Monster Poe Information

Haypi Monster Poe Information by DeNiraPOE FUN FACTS1. Poe will evolve at any level as long as you get honey and equip it2. There...

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