Aggro Paladin Hearthstone Guide And Gameplay Scholomance Academy


Welcome to another video guys! Today I will give you an Aggro Paladin Hearthstone Guide and Gameplay from my last stream. The deck did very consistently and we breezed from top 500 legend to under 300, so it?s definitely worth checking out. Even if you don?t plan on playing it, knowing what it is and what you can expect from it, would be very helpful on your journey to higher ranks, so stick around.

I would really appreciate it if you drop a like and subscribe to the channel. Now, let?s get into the short guide and after that, you can see the deck in action. I saw this pally list from this twitter post and have to say, it?s doing really well in the current meta. It relies on tempoing out small minions and buffing them for extra damage turn after turn. It?s very hard not to curve well with it and it didn?t feel hard to play at all either. It?s not too expensive and you don?t really need Murgur here, to make it optimal, so don?t feel like you need to craft it, but just swap it for another good one or 2-drop. For the 25 games I did with the deck, I literally never got to play Murgur Prime, so it?s definitely not essential.

Guardian Augmerchant, Cult Neophyte or even a Micro Mummy would feel just as good in the deck, if not better. Matchup wise, nothing felt too hard, but you can?t do much when a Druid curves out like a good against you. Mage is also supposed to be hard against you, even though it didn?t feel hard at all, Soul Demon Hunter might be trouble if he get?s his good early board wipes and Libram Paladins could be hard, especially if you are going second. All in all, all matchups felt pretty winnable though, so nothing too one-sided for the opponents. For the mulligan, you want to curve out nicely. Keeping a good 1 and 2 drop with a buff would be optimal, but it really comes down to the opponent. On each mulligan, you have to figure out what will your turn 1, 2 and 3 look like and what can your opponent do about it. Against some match-ups, a carpet would be great, but vs a druid for instance, it would be kinda useless.

Never keep voracious reader in your mulligan, since it never works out the way you thought it would. If you are going second, you could think about keeping Blessing of Kings or even Blessing of Authority, if you are against a class that can?t really deal with big stuff like that early. Some general tips here would be to not waste your 1-drops if you have a carpet in hand and the need to trade with your opponent?s board. Playing braggard on turn 3 or 4 as a 4/4 is huge tempo on its own, so don?t get too greedy with it, but you could also do a blessing of authority and braggard on turn 7 too, so figure out what would be better for you in the particular matchup. Make sure to order your plays properly. If you will be playing Hand of A?dal that turn, make sure to do it first, so you see the top-deck and reconsider if needed. Also, if you will be swinging with the Rod, do that first, so you see what Murloc you get and so on. Don?t play your first day of school, just because you can, but do it, if you really will be playing the 1-drops from it.

If you already have the minions you want to be playing that turn, might as well save the first day, so you can maybe activate Goody Two Shields or Alura with them for free later. Also keeping First day of school in your mulligan is always a good idea, since it?s one less bad spell Alura can give you, so there?s that. So that?s gonna be it for the guide part, now let?s see a few games on my road to higher legend from my last stream. If you want to see more games with the deck, you can check out the complete vod from my twitch and you can also catch me live onstream every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Enjoy! So that?s gonna be it for this video guys! Hope this helps you play better with and against Aggro Paladin.

A like and a subscribe would really be appreciated. Thanks for watching! I?m Kris O Five and I?ll see you in my next video, or stream!.

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