Welcome back, everyone! I’m neonangel, and today we’re going to be facing Archaedas. He is the third boss in the second wing of League of Explorers. We’re in the Uldaman wing. His special ability is Stonesculpting. Every turn it’s going to give himself, and you, a stone golem, uhhh, which we’re going to see here in just a second. Earthen Statue is what they’re called. And you get a 0/2, he gets an 0/5. And his special cards are Animate Earthen – gives ’em +3/+3 and Taunt – his minions, and he can also blow all of them up to deal 3 damage for each one destroyed (with Shattering Spree), and we’ve got Looming Presence, which we’ve seen in numerous fights before.

So it can be really dangerous if you let him build up any of the Earthen, because he’ll just blow them up and do a ton of damage to you all at once. The deck that I used on this isn’t real expensive, and the biggest thing that I used here – two of your most important cards will be Crazed Alchemist to be able to flip the Earthen and just kill ’em immediately, or Poisonous minions. So I’ve got several Poisonous minions in here and basically all you’re doing is you’re just trying to control his side of the board, so that he doesn’t get enough to just totally destroy you in one turn. So we’ll go ahead and get started here. Really not the best start [haha], cause you want to have, umm, you’d like to have something that you can put out there fairly quickly, you know, to go ahead and start taking out the Earthen on his side of the board.

So, that was a good draw right there, getting the Stubborn Gastropod. See, he wastes no time in making them huge, if he can. Which is why you need to have something out there right away. Got some really good value there being able to put the Divine Shield on the Poisonous minion. If you don’t have some Poisonous minions out there it can just get out of control really quickly, because he just builds up so fast. Now Shattering Spree here, see he could have used that against me and done 24 damage, but a lot of times he doesn’t have the best AI and he will target one of your Poisonous minions or if you’ve got a Taunt he’ll target that. What’s really funny is if you’ve managed to buff one of the Earthen on your side of the board and he destroys, he uses Shattering Spree to destroy it. Which is funny, because the Shattering Spree destroys it anyway. He has a lot of removal and different ways to deal with your minions. So don’t get overconfident and think “Oh, yeah I’ve got plenty of stuff on the board, this if fine!” It can change really quickly and you have to stay on top of his minions.

You’ve just got to keep his side of the board cleared, otherwise you will regret it – trust me. I’m doing the math to see if I can just go ahead and kill him this turn, and I think I can. Yep, exactly enough to finish him off, so that is going to be win number one for me! And as usual, I’m gonna go ahead and play through until I’ve won 5 games. So sit back and relax. And I knew that his Secret there was Sacred Trial. I knew whatever I put out was going to die. I just wanted to try and pick the [haha], the least important minion to die there. I still had several other Poisonous minions, so I figured it was going to be okay. You’ll see that I am keeping his side of the board clean. And he’s gonna be dead.

That is win number two. Potion of Heroism is awesome in this deck, cause you give one of your Poisonous minions a Shield, get really good value out of them, and you draw a card with it too. And the Silver Sword is great too. And he should be dead next turn. And there’s win number three. Ahhh, he’s gotten a really fast start there. Yeah, if he has a Shattering Spree, I’m probably gonna be dead. Now my big problem here is I don’t have – well, there’s a Poisonous minion, but may be too late there. Yeah, if you don’t have a Poisonous minion on the board it’s really hard to do anything with the Earthen – there goes the Shattering Spree, yep.

So that is going to be a loss for me. Like I told you before, the Shattering Spree can just hit you for a ton. Uhh, that one was for 24 damage. So he really has to do hardly anything to you, you know, if you aren’t keeping the board clear. That goes for your side too. I mean you want to try and get rid of all of your Earthen if possible. Sometimes you might even flip them yourself, or if you can, buff it and run it into something. You can do that as well, just to try and get rid of them. See, I’ve got 4 on my side right now. I don’t want 4 on my side [haha]! And see, he used Shattering Spree there to kill one of ’em.

Now ideally, you want to be able to fill up your board like this so you can’t get any more Earthen on your side of the board. And just keep your board filled up. You can always run the Silver Hand Recruits into something to make space, but as you can see, he’s doing all these Entombs and everything, so he’s going to be getting rid of your stuff anyway so you shouldn’t have any problem finding a free spot on the board. Just make sure that you’ve got some Poisonous minions out there because you can see these guys are huge right here. And about the only way to get rid of them is with something Poisonous. But that is going to be win number four. Now it didn’t make sense for him to Animate it, then destroy it [haha]. That’s sort of a waste right there. And that is going to be win number five.

Thanks for joining me today. I hope that you enjoyed it. I hope that it’s given you some ideas for your own decks that you may be using against him. The fight’s not that bad. He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, I mean, his AI is not the best. Cause you can see, he’ll make some stupid moves where he’s using Shattering Spree to deal 24 damage to something with 2 Health, you know, or using that to destroy one of the Earthen himself. So anyway, I hope you had fun. See you next time!.

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