Best Decks For Legend In October!


Welcome to another Top 5 with Kris O Five. Today I will give you 5 of the best decks you can use to climb to legend in the new Season, with included win-rates and a mulligan guide, as well as, if they are in danger of getting nerfed. Hope you enjoy the video and if you do, a Like and a Subscribe would really help. Come on? come on? It would be awesome if we can reach 10000 subs by the end of the year. You can also check out some of my other in-depth guides on different important aspects of the game, but now, let?s get into the decks. The first deck on the list, has to be Soul Demon Hunter again. Right now, it feels like every second game is against these guys and their winrate is pretty high too. I already showed you this archetype in the past 2 top 5?s, but now, it?s even stronger, since 2 of it?s worst matchups got nerfed pretty hard, so now, it almost has no bad matchups, but we will check out that in a bit.

This version again doesn?t run Magtheridon, since he was in there, mainly for the Guardian Druid matchup, but with those dropping in popularity, there are more consistent choices. We have 2 wandmakers in this version, which always give you a good 1-drop spell and we have 1 consume magic, so it deals a bit easier against paladins. The deck is packed with tons of reach and you have a Hoard Pillager too, so you can get back 1 of your great weapons.

Like I said, 2 of your worst matchups are a lot less frequent now. Tortollan mage is dead and guardian druid dropped hard in popularity too, so now, your only problems are coming from Paladins. It?s still a decent matchup in reality, if you are good with the deck, so climbing should be pretty easy for you. For the mulligan, you want your Jailers, wandmakers and Pantharas and depending on the matchup, you might want your Warblade and soul shear vs aggro and if you are going second, keeping Mystic can also be great. If you already have a good curve going, keeping skull of Gul?Dan is also great and Marrowslicer is also pretty cool.

The deck is doing really good right now and in Hearthstone, that means it will probably get nerfed pretty soon. Sorry Draco. Feel free to abuse it while you still can, but I think cheap cards like Marrowslicer, Lapidary and mystic might get hammered soon. If I have to do an educated guess, I?d say we will hear about it in 2 weeks from now, but time will tell. I still think it?s definitely worth the craft, since it?s really cheap to begin with, but Aggro Demon Hunter is also doing really good right now, so you might go in that direction instead, since we already know that thing can?t be nerfed anyway.

Next up is small spell mage. When I said, that every second game will be against Soul Demon Hunter, I forgot to mention every third game will be vs these mages. They are wrecking rng havoc on ladder, and a lot of people climbed to legend with em already, so it is indisputably one of the best 5 right now. The main reason why they are so good, is the sorceress combo with evocation into giants as soon as turn 4 or 5. Turn 4 is usually when you need to be worried against em, cuz they can go for Sorcerer?s, into evocation, into mana cyclone, which is a huge amount of spells, usually for 0 mana. Saving a cult neophyte for their turn 4 Is usually a good idea, so you can somewhat postpone their game plan. Solarian is also huge in this deck and you can get 2 more of those from your primordial studies, and if you discover more of those, things get pretty nutty.

You also have Chenvaala and Jandice for some nice board presence and Ras can also be very hard to deal with, so it?s no wonder why everyone is jamming this right now. The matchups are very green for you, with only face hunter and bomb warrior having a slight edge over you. Soul DH is basically 50/50 and everything else is deep in the green, so that would mean a lot of easy ranks for you. On the mulligan, Sorcerer?s, wandmaker, violet, Lab Partner and Astromancer would be your best keeps. If you already have Apprentice, you could also keep evocation and Cyclone for a good turn 4, but it?s tricky so keep an open mind. Never keep Ras and Conjurer?s in your starting hand, and Jandice doesn?t make much sense either. The deck is quite pricey, but with results like that, you shouldn?t feel too bad crafting it. It is another deck I feel might get batted in 2 weeks so keep that in mind and this time I think the card will be Apprentice. Reducing cards to 0 mana is just too busted and I think blizzard has ignored that for far too long.

I can definitely see her dropping spells with 1 mana, but no less than 1, so we stop seeing these insane turn 4 or 5 double giants for free. A single nerf like that would really drop it?s power level and the dust gain from that would be ignorable, so be careful when crafting this one. On the number 3, let?s talk about Hunter again. We all know Face Hunter is really good for quite a while now, but today, let?s showcase the Highlander Aggro version, which is also doing really well. It is a very interesting take on the highlander archetype, with it consisting of 27 cards bellow 4 mana, Polket, Dragonbane and Brann. It curves out really well, and a lot of the times, people will think you are just a regular face hunter, since those would be the usual cards you would like to see in your mulligan still. With it being Highlander, you have plenty of room for tech cards like Neophyte and ooze and you can also get creative on the secrets too, since most people expect these 3 in you.

You have your Trueaim Crescent here, which can make your minions attack a minion, even after they?ve hit that turn, so it?s a cool way to clear a high priority minion, after you?ve smacked the high priority face. Combined with Kreen it can be even stronger. The way you use Polket is also somewhat tricky, since you don?t want to drop him on turn 4, if you don?t have good cards to play till turn 7, so be careful with that. On the matchups, Aggro Demon Hunter would be considered slightly unfavored. Everything else is too close to 50% or very far from it on the positive side, so it?s definitely a good choice for climbing. Like I said, you want to mulligan like a Face Hunter, keeping your good 1-drops, Phase stalker or Scavenger?s, but never both since you run only 2 beasts. You can also definitely keep Battlemage, Zephy, Cult, Felmaw and so on, but never keep tracking or Secrets, unless you really need a freezing trap, and don?t keep any 3-mana drops, unless you curve perfectly into an animal companion for instance.

Polket is also not a great keep but Dragonbane can definitely make the cut, especially with a tour guide. I would say this deck is safe from nerfs for now, so feel free to craft it, if you like its playstyle. Highlander Hunter always finds a place in the meta, so you should be able to use it even after the new expansion, most probably. Again, face Hunter is also doing really well, but you already knew that. Now, let?s talk about Paladin again, but since I talked about Pure Libram Paladin so many times already, let?s check out Penflinger paladin which is also doing really good, and even better in some cases. With Tortollan Mage gone, it definitely feels a lot better, since that was it?s worst matchup by far and druid was 50/50. The deck curves out really well, with plenty of card draw and reliable ways of getting the cards that give this deck its name ? Brooms and Pen flingers.

It?s really awkward playing against it, since it can do a lot of things from hand when it manages to do the setup. Being able to rush you with 0 mana Pupils or ping you down with the worlds slowest pyroblast from the pen flingers are just a few of its tricks. You also have a pyromancer for a very reliable boardclear with the librams of justice and you have Barov too, if those 2 aren?t enough. You have your librams of hope, so you can stall out the game long enough and Lady Liadrin can definitely help you in the late game too. For the matchups, Small Spell Mage and Control Priest would be the hardest, but any priest deck would be bad news for you.

Highlander Mage also ain?t no picnic, but anything else is deep in the green. For the mulligan, you are looking for your Aldors and librams and First day of school and Hand of A?dal. Alura is also not a bad keep, so you can take a shot at a turn 3 or 4 8/8 if you are lucky, but consider if the opponent can?t deal easily with something like that, before keeping her. Salet?s Pride is also really good and if you are already curving out nicely, keeping Aldor Truthseeker for the libram setup is also not bad. Not sure what can get nerfed here, so it should be a safe craft for you. It?s doing really well against most of the popular decks out there, so climbing should not be an issue for you. You can obviously go for just Libram Pally too and Aggro Pally can also get you some sneaky fast wins, so the choice is yours.

And for the final deck on this list, I thought of putting Bomb Warrior again, but to keep things fresh, let?s talk about Control Priest, which is also doing well in the current meta. It is packed with cheap removals and value generators and you have your Galakrond and Murozond for the late game too. Even after the nerf of the Cabal Acolyte, it still opts to run 2 of those, so you can steal high priority minions with your wave of apathies and you can also get your good value generating minions back from your Raise Dead. In the true spirit of Priest, you will always have a good generated card to play, especially with the Sethekks and all of your small targeting spells. Wild Pyromancers with Apotheosis deal great with aggro decks and give you tons of heal too. Like I said, it really feels great in the current meta, but Bomb Warriors and Secret Rogues would be a problem for you, even though you can?t see it from this picture.

Those are not as common nowadays, so you should be good. For the mulligan, you will be going for your Disciples of Galakrond, wandmakers and Draconic Studies. Clerics can also be good, if you already have a dragon and depending on the matchup, you can also keep Pyro and Cabal Acolyte and even Apotheosis or smite. Here, I?m not sure we will see a nerf either, so crafting shouldn?t be a bad idea. It?s about 7k dust, since Gala is free, so not that big of a price tag for a control deck, if you are looking for one. From the classes I didn?t mention, Bomb Warrior is definitely still among the best choices, Secret Rogue and Weapon Rogue are great too and Malygos druid is also interesting if you are up for a challenge. Shaman and Warlock have left the chat, although Control Shaman might be worth a shot if you have the skill. Are ya happy now froxt? 😀 So that?s gonna be it for this video guys! Hope these help you chose your next deck for climbing ranks. A like and a subscribe would really help a lot! Thanks for watching! I?m Kris O Five and I?ll see you in my next video, or stream!

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