I’m neonangel, and thanks for joining me today. We’re gonna continue our journey through Blackrock Mountain. Today we’re going to be facing Chromaggus. He’s probably the toughest boss in this Adventure. Didn’t have a whole lot of fun facing him, to be honest with you. His special ability is Brood Affliction. You’re going to get one of his Affliction cards, which have various abilities, we’ll see in a minute. Uh, one of his other specials is Chromatic Dragonkin. It’s going to get +2/+2 whenever you cast a spell – it makes it really difficult to get rid of the Afflictions. And Flameheart, which we’ve seen in a lot of other fights. And here are the Afflictions that you could be facing: Uh, They give him Health, do damage to you, reduce the cost of his spells, reduce the cost of minions, and allows him to get duplicates of cards as well. Here’s the deck that I used against him, and this one’s a little more expensive because I had to put a couple of Epic cards in there. Some of the most important [cards] to start off with are going to be Boneguard Lieutenant, Shadow Word: Pain, and even Doomsayer – that way you can go ahead and do something right away, because a lot of times he’ll coin out one of his Dragonkins, so you need to be starting to do something right away.

Later in the game Arcane Giant is easy to put out because you’ve cast a billion spells, and also Priest of the Feast is a real star here because you can gain back all of your Health just from all the spells you have. So let’s go ahead and get started today. And I like being able to start with the Shadow Word: Pain or, like I mentioned before, the Boneguard Lieutenant or Doomsayer is also good to start with. We’ll see if he coins out something here – yeah, see there he goes. It’s either a Faerie Dragon or a Chromatic Dragonkin. That’s his staple move for his first play. So that’s what makes it difficult to get rid of those spells because you can’t cast them or he’s just going to get larger and larger and it makes him really difficult to deal with.

I’m trying to decide here if I want to go ahead and kill the Dragonkin or try and save my Lieutenant, but I really like to be able to go ahead and get rid of the Red Affliction, because otherwise I’m going to be taking at least 9 damage before I can even think about getting rid of it again. And most of the next ones that come up – he has an order that he goes in – he’s gonna start off with Green, then go to Red, then Blue, then Bronze, and Black. And pretty much everything after Blue, or starting at Blue, you really want to get rid of. It just gives him too much of an advantage if you hold onto the Blue Affliction a lot of times he’ll end up casting every single Flameheart he has, which I think he has, I believe he has 3 in his deck.

And he’ll cast them for 0 mana, so he’ll just sit there and keep casting and fill up his hand completely. Then the next turn when you’ve got the Bronze one if you can’t get rid of it he just lays out every single minion he has. Now you can use that to your advantage, and I do that a lot of times. I will try and lure him in to putting everything on the board whenever I’ve got probably a Taunt to stop them and put a Doomsayer out there as well.

He’s not always real smart and sometimes he will continue casting minions on it. So you can see what he’s doing right now. He’s just casting – casting them all. And this doesn’t look good for me, but believe me, you…I have come back from worse, but I definitely want to get rid of the Dragonkin right away, before – you always want to do that before you do any spells. The Silences in here are really good for – they can be used against the Technicians if you have to, but I prefer not to though. I’d really like to save them for either the Chromatic Dragonkin, so you can just be able to cast some of the Afflictions or Ysera, because that one is another one that is really difficult for this deck to deal with, cause you can’t Shadow Word: Death it and otherwise you have to kill it with pure damage.

Now I’m gonna see if he is smart and kills the Doomsayer, like he should – he probably won’t though because he sees an advantage to go ahead and go for face. And look, he even cast something else. Right into the face of the Doomsayer. Doesn’t even care. And he continues. Not real smart. And now I’ve got the Priest of the Feast and a million Afflictions here, so you’re – even though I was extremely low and things were looking grim…and see he’s even gonna raise my Health with Alexstrasza there, but Priest of the Feast is great for just bringing you back from the brink.

And you can hold onto the Green Afflictions just as long as you want to really, until you are ready to actually start damaging him. Don’t even worry about the Green Afflictions in your hand, to be honest with you. I’m gonna be able to cast the Arcane Giant in my hand for free in a second. See, I’m back at full Health. And I’ve got the Divine Spirit here, so I’ve got part of the puzzle piece – ultimately you want to be able to make a huge minion and just kill him. You honestly don’t even have to. You can just eventually take him out with the Arcane Giants or run him out of cards, but if, ideally you want to get the Deathlord and just buff it super huge and hit him a couple of times. So I’ve got the Divine Spirit, I just need Inner Fire right now to be able to buff up that Deathlord – big enough to make a difference, that is. I’m just gonna go ahead and use it on the Arcane Giant right here and just start killing everything that he puts out. Kill any of the Chromatic Dragonkins immediately.

Never leave them on the board. And I want to try and keep them healed up past 4 Health because he does have a couple of Flamestrikes in there, which he’ll use, Flamestrikes and Swipes. He’s already used both of his Swipes, but I haven’t seen Flamestrikes yet, so if any of these get below 4 Health he’ll cast it. He may cast it now just to get rid of the Boneguard Lieutenant. Now see I can – there are a couple of things I can do here. I can either go ahead and make the Arcane Giant even larger than he already is – and that seems like a good bet. A mere 30 damage. Yeah, so there’s absolutely nothing he can do here. He’s totally dead next turn. And I’m at full Health – well I won’t be after he attacks me here. So that is going to be my first win. And I’m going to go ahead and play through until I’ve won at least 5 games against him. And trust me when I say this is not a lot of fun [haha], and I will never, ever do this again.

I spent weeks playtesting this deck to be honest with you, because I played a lot of different variations and I really was having trouble finding something that could be consistent. This was the first boss that really had a LOT of RNG to him and it was hard to build something to combat that. But as you can see here, I rather quickly got the right cards and was able to buff up the Deathlord to where he’ll never get through, so I’m gonna smash his face here in another turn. And that’s win number two! Some other decks that I’ve seen that were successful with this were Mage decks, and basically just using the Sorceror’s Apprentice to make everything cheaper, so that helped out a lot – being able to empty your hand. Also, another deck that I saw that was really interesting was a Warlock discard deck, and I think with Un’Goro coming out you’re gonna have some other discard mechanics so you might even want to look into that type of deck.

But like I said before, I really had a lot of trouble finding something that was really consistent. This was, by far, the most consistent deck that I was able to playtest. And it took a LOT of playtesting and tweaking and fine tuning. That’s win number three. The Hozen Healer that I have in my hand is really a star, because you can have your huge, buffed up minion and he’ll just send everything he has into it trying to break your wall, and then you toss the Hozen out there and just completely heal it to full.

So that’s the most effective way to be able to do that. That’s going to be a loss. Did not quite make it that time. And it started off so well! There he goes casting more minions and even hitting my Doomsayer with a Swipe, when he can’t kill it and he just goes for face, still puts out another minion, and everything gets blow up. So you’ll see him not make the smartest decisions often. I am really, really low here. If I get a Brood Affliction: Red I’m gonna be toast. I’ve got to start healing myself up. But luckily with the Priest of the Feast he makes that easy.

See, I did draw a Red. If I wouldn’t have been healing myself with the spells, then I’d be toast. And still he’s just taking me down and down. I’ve got to find a way out here! Just keep casting those spells! And yay! Alexstrasza saved me! He healed me up! Once again, I have got to heal myself here and hope I don’t continue to get Brood Affliction: Red, which I keep getting, but I was still able to take him out. But that was a really close game! Let’s see if I can do that one more time. See, it’s ridiculous how much he can put out at a time. Of course I just burned a Deathlord there, which I hate. Things are not looking good for me. If he has a Swipe – oh, or that [haha], if he has Bite, yeah I’m dead too.

Yeah, unfortunately that one just did not go real well. And see here I’m trying to lure him out into getting more minions on the board – and it worked. Although I’m really, really low! Again, Priest of the Feast to the rescue. You’re just gaining tons of life back from him. He’s definitely a star of this deck. Without him you just would not be able to overcome the – all the damage that is done to you. And Alexstrasza again, thank you, thank you very much! I really want to be able to keep the Priest alive, if possible.

If he does another Flamestrike it’s gonna clear everything out of here. See, Ysera has to mess everything up, but thankfully, I have a Silence. Hopefully he didn’t draw anything too good. Now that I’ve got both Priests on the board though [haha] you’ll see some really crazy life gain. And he was finally able to kill it, but I already healed back to full, so that was pretty good. See, there comes the Hozen coming in for the win there.

And I have ran him out of cards. I don’t care what he has [hahaha] at this point – he is DEAD [haha]! So that is going to be win number five. And thank God, I never have to do that again. Thanks everyone for joining me today and I hope you – I hope I’ve given you some good ideas today and I look forward to seeing you next time. Thanks!.

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