Don’t Like Aggro or wanna play something different ? Hearthstone Top50 Legend Odd Warrior with Silas OTK (Deck Guide) By: MightyMalte


Hey all,

since the addition of Silas Darkmoon, i have been playing exclusivly Odd Warrior featuring the silas + soulbound ashtongue combo and would like to share my thoughts about the deck. The deck so far has been a great success and brought me a top100 legend finish last month, and top50 this month as I’m writing this.

Odd warrior typically is a deck which has very one sided matchups, aggro most of the time is an instant win, combo an instant loss. While this is still true generally, the meta at the moment is heavy on non infinite OTKs like raza priest or quest mage, which puts odd warrior in a very comfortable spot where it can outlast some decks that normally would be considered combo decks.

The gameplan of this decklist is very much matchup dependant so i will go over some of the trickiest matchups in detail but generally speaking you got a couple of win conditions at your hands.

  1. Outlasting your opponents ressources and win in fatigue. While this was the purpose of odd warrior in the beginning, now, most decks have tons of ressources. This point still holds against aggro though.

  2. Mill important cards. While this sounds like its more luck based then a real win condition it is a heavy part of the deck with brann and coldlights so you should not underestimate the power of milling

  3. Silas OTK. Most of the games won’t need you to OTK with Silas. You can play soulbound ashtongue against aggro druid and trade some 1/1s and you can use silas as a cheaper mindcontrol on its own, but given the matchup they form a powerful tool together with shield slam (or reckless fury on the coin).

With these win conditions in mind let’s look at the most common matchups on the wild ladder right now and how to play them.

The first whole package is aggro decks. Decks that belong in this category might be aggro druid, (odd) demon hunter, even shaman, pirate warrior, zoo/discard lock, odd paladin or odd rogue. They all should be favoured due to amount of removal and armor on our hands. Mulligan for Shield Slam, Sword and Board, Reckless Fury and Lord Barov. I don’t want to focus much on the aggro match ups as they are played as you would typically with odd warrior.

Now some quick (bad) ones:

Dead mans Hand Warrior: They typically have a very full hand so you should try to mill one of their DMH, you will also gain a lot more armor so you can try to OTK with Silas, but for that all stars would have to align. 15% chance of winning

Kingsbane Rogue: I don’t see that deck very much so i have cut Kobold Stickyfinger. You don’t really have a chance here

Highlander Hunter: Hard one, Rexxar provides infinite ressources while you get pressured in the early game so you can’t amass armor. Not very likely you’ll win here.

Toggwaggle and Maly Druid: You need to mill something here, for Togwaggle Druid you need to mill togwaggle, for maly there are plenty of options, so you will find yourself in a winning position a lot of the time here. Not very interesting matchups though.

With that we can now have a look at the interesting matchups, which really is what makes the current Odd warrior variation very fun to play.

Big Shaman (heavy favoured) : With removal for days this matchup would already be quite good without silas. But since we have him we can take one of the shamans minions and give him something less powerful (you can also give him silas himself if you dont have a minion at hand). Remove everything he plays until ancestral spirit is played, that is what you want to steal. If he plays Ysharj and you can afford it, let him on the board for 1-2 turns and then remove the minions all together.

Big Priest (heavy unfavoured): Not much you can do, you need him to have a bad curce and draw most of his minions. If that happens you can steal one minion here as well and diluted his res pool with what ever you give him, afterwards you have a solid chance of outlasting. MIlling helps but don’t count on a win here.

Secret Mage and Reno Secret Mage (even and favoured) : The matchup is kind of tricky because of counter spell and netherwind portal. Only check for counter spell directly if you really have to, otherwise try to rule out all of the non spell based secrets. Lord Barov into explosive runes is something you wanna do. Bladstorm and Bash are really good here, because a lot of the minions have 3 health. Look for Dyn-o-Matic, Bash, Sword and Board, Shield Slam, Lord Barov and Bladestorm in your mulligan.

Quest Mage (heavy favoured) : Not really much to say here, remove the minions all the time and you are set. You can try to overdraw him some giants if you get the chance.

Raza Priest (even or slightly unfavoured): This is your hardest matchup. Keep in mind that the priest has about 4 cards which he needs to finish you off. Raza, Anduin, Spawn and Seance or Pen Flinger.There are two key mistakes the raza player can make which you can punish.

  1. Playing pokelt on turn 4. Most of the time the priest only cycled his turn 2 and 3 card (Palm Reading, Loot Hoarder, Thalnos, Novice), so he likely has 8 or 9 cards by turn 4 or 5. Now you can play a coldlight and try to mill either of his important cards. The order of cards in his deck goes Anduin – Scream – Reno – Raza/Hysteria – Spawn/Kazakus. There is a good chance that you can overdraw Raza/Spawn with one coldlight and a guarantee with brann/second coldlight. If you only hold one coldlight, let him draw a card and mill him the next turn to increas the chances to hit a 4/5 drop (you dont want to mill reno). Remember, when your opponent plays pokelt he is missing one of Spawn, Raza or Anduin, as he naturally doesn’t want expensive cards if he already holds these 3 so he won’t play pokelt

  2. Not playing Seance on Spawn. I have seen quite some raza priests going for some seance on reno, kazakus or zyphrys, but that won’t leave them without the gas to finish you. Squeeze every armor out of your hero power you can. That means, heropowering on three if you shield block, and removing minions is your top priority.

Another win condition besides milling one of the key cards after pokelt, is just normall milling. You should really consider giving the priest cards, normally you should only mill him if he’s at 9 cards and you can play either 2 coldlights or brann together with one/two. The last win condition would be the Silas OTK. It is not necessary to kill the priest here although that is the optimal Szenario. Keep in mind that Spawn also damages the priest so if you deal 25 damage and get out a reno you are relativly save from two rounds of pinging with spawn. If nothing works and the priest gets a good curve, you are doomed to lose. In my experience, you are less favourite the better your opponent. Against perfect play you are probably at a 45/55 disadvantage. Mulligan for coldlight, Silas (Ashtongue only if you already hold silas) bash and dyn-o-matic (perfect against raza).

That only leaves the warlock decks. Here you have the problem that you could run into a control oriented warlock or darkglare/other aggressive warlock decks. Typically you want to mulligan for darkglare to secure a win here, because even with a perfect starting hand you can’t expect to win much against reno/cube lock.

Darkglare Warlock (Favoured) : A good darkglare player will hit you with 2-4 giants and loatheb or cult neophyte as soon as turn 4-5. Brawl will most likely be no good here, neither bladestorm as there will be at least one small minion on the board. The single best card here is Lord Barov. Pair him with the rush, taunt or 2 dmg lackey or sword and board/shield slam. Keep cards like Sword and Board, Shield Slam, Lord Barov and Supercollider (They tend to play their giants next to each other).

Renolock (unfavoured) : You need to try to steal Enhanced Dreadlord here and/or mill the Opponent as much as you can. Warlocks naturally can draw a lot and you don’t really mind them having the right cards as much as priest, so if hes at 7 and you can brann coldlight to overdraw him two you should. If he loses Guldan or Nzoth you are on a better way to winning. If you have the chance to steal a voidlord or enhanced dreadlord, take the dreadlord, as the 5/5 hits way harder then three 1/3, also they suck in the revive pool.Another problem is the finley combo which replaces your hero power. There is not much you can do here.The combo is also very good here, warlocks are almost never at full healt so 20 armor is enough most of the time to kill a control warlock. Don’t wait for it though, if you are holding silas and an important card to steal comes up take it!Mulligan for Silas, Shield Slam, Ashtongue and Coldlight, but only if you are sure its control!

General Tips:

– You can’t play tempo Silas on an empty board, it will go to the enemy- Brann + Silas: If Silas leaves your side after the first turn, the second one will be chosen randomly- Don’t be afraid to lose cards to overdrawing. You almost never need a specific card. You have plenty redundancy in removal and armor gain, and the OTK is never guaranteed. If you get the chance to play brann + 2x coldlight, take it (in control matchups where your enemy overdraws as well).-Beware of lethals with coldlights. Many decks are really draw heavy. There might be a raza priest on 20 health with 3 cards in his deck. Brann + 2x Coldlight kills him here. Keep in mind that he draws 9 cards (2*4 + his draw at the start of the turn). Matchups where this often happens are draw heavy aggro decks like secret mage or discard lock.-The coin is a useful card in your combo. You can tap for extra 4 dmg or you can use reckless fury instead of shield slam.-Use Bulwark of Azinoth to buy time. Use it if you want to set up your combo, so your armor won’t get touched, or to set up a board clear-If you are playing a class where you could expect two matchups with completly different mulligans, go for your better matchup. Rather secure a win, then fight for a loss.

I don’t play much with deck tracker, so i only go stats from last months legend climb, which was heavily biased by the tons of shamans i played. I would expect the overall winrate probably at around 60% for me

Legend Proof and Last months legend climb stats

I highly recommand to give the deck a try if you haven’t yet! I would love to know what you think about odd warrior in the current meta

Have a good day!

### ODD

# Class: Warrior

# Format: Wild


# 2x (1) Shield Slam

# 1x (1) Soulbound Ashtongue

# 2x (1) Sword and Board

# 2x (3) Bash

# 2x (3) Bladestorm

# 1x (3) Brann Bronzebeard

# 1x (3) Bulwark of Azzinoth

# 2x (3) Coldlight Oracle

# 2x (3) EVIL Quartermaster

# 1x (3) Lord Barov

# 1x (3) Ravaging Ghoul

# 2x (3) Reckless Flurry

# 2x (3) Shield Block

# 2x (5) Brawl

# 2x (5) Dyn-o-matic

# 1x (5) Supercollider

# 1x (5) Zilliax

# 1x (7) Silas Darkmoon

# 1x (9) Archivist Elysiana

# 1x (9) Baku the Mooneater




# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

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