Hello everyone. It’s neonangel back again. We are in the second wing of Blackrock Mountain in Molten Core. We’re going to be facing Garr today. His special power is Magma Pulse. It’s going to do 1 damage to all minions. It’s on autocast at the start of his turn. His special cards are Rock Out, which summons three Firesworn minions for him. And whenever those Firesworn die, they’re gonna do 3 damage for every other Firesworn that died that turn. So if all of them die in the same turn you’re taking 147 damage – you’ll be taking 21 damage from each of them. So you don’t want them all to die at once preferably. And when you’re gonna do a mulligan on this fight it’s best if you can get a Mass Dispel, like I’ve got right here, because that is just going to totally negate everything that they do. So that’s a really good card to have in your starting hand. Also, Lil’ Exorcist there – she’s great to have too, because you can put her out the turn before and really take advantage of all of those Firesworn out there. Whenever you put out a Northshire Cleric if you have Circle of Healing you can just draw a massive amount of cards just by healing everything at once.

You can basically draw half your deck with a Northsire Cleric out there. As you can see you get a really nice buff from all of them whenever you put the LIl’ Exorcist out there. Although he’s nearly managed to kill her, but I think she’s still gonna be okay. I’ve really got quite a bit of lag going on here. I apologize about that. I think my computer has decided that now is the optimum time to do a virus scan or something like that. It’s always at the most inconvenient time, isn’t it? And the Crazed Alchemists are in there just in case you don’t have anything else at the start you can go ahead and start flipping over the Firesworn, taking them out, you know, just one a turn. Whenever you do kill them, if you have to, you only want to kill one or two at the most a turn, otherwise you’re just gonna be taking a ton of damage.

And unless he does something ridiculous this turn, he’s going to be dead. Well, more Firesworn – fine by me. So he is dead. So I got a really good start that game. At the very beginning I got the LIl’ Exorcist and the follow-up with Mass Dispel. So that’s pretty much the perfect draw right there. So that’s gonna be win number one. And I’m gonna go ahead and play through here until I’ve won at least five games.

So we’ll go ahead and get started here and see how that goes for us. And I know Grim Patron is a little bit more expensive there. Normally you wouldn’t hold onto that in your opening hand, but once he hits the board you’re just gonna start getting a ton of Patrons due to the damage that they’re taking every turn. So I just went ahead and held onto him anyway. And I made a mistake there, because I was like “Oh, I’ll go ahead and put out the LIl’ Exorcist here and go ahead and get a buff” – wrong [haha], because I had went ahead and Silenced everything so nothing had a Deathrattle anymore. So that was stupid of me, but that’s okay – lesson learned. Well, that was interesting. Instead of going after me he went ahead and killed everything on the board.

Excellent! It should be okay though because again, I’ve got the Grim Patrons out there – it’s just, they just take over when they’re there. See, another great hand here cause I have the Lil’ Exorcist, follow-up with a Mass Dispel. That’s exactly what you want to see. Didn’t get to make her quite as big that time around because I had already flipped one of the Firesworn with the Crazed Alchemist, but that’s alright. That’s gonna be win number three. And he should be dead again here. Win number four. We have one more here. Let’s see if we can go undefeated. And I think this is the first one where I did not start with either a Lil’ Exorcist or a Mass Dispel.

So hopefully I can draw into something rather quickly here or I’m gonna be in trouble. Okay, this is probably a bad idea [haha] cause I’ve got two Northshire Clerics out there and [haha] I was like “Hey, why not?”. Just go ahead and draw a ton of cards, cause I completely filled my hand – nearly drew my entire deck out there just by healing everything. That was fun, though. There’s a Mass Dispel. Go ahead and clear out everything that’s a threat and then just let the Patrons multiply. So that is win number five.

That is undefeated right there! So the encounter really isn’t too bad. Your most important cards are Lil’ Exorcist and Mass Dispel. If you’ve got those, it’s probably gonna be a pretty easy fight. So I hope you enjoyed this and I’ll see you next time, okay? Bye..

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