Welcome back, everyone. This is neonangel. Today we’re going to be facing the second boss in the fourth wing. This is in the Construct Quarter. We’ll be facing Grobbulus. His special ability is Poison Cloud. It’s gonna deal two damage to all your minions. It’s on auto-cast at the start of his turn. His special cards are Mutating Injection, which I’ve only seen him use on his Echoing “Use”, er Echoing “Ooze”, that is, and they are really treacherous whenever you face them. And I’ve got the tokens there – the Fallout Slime that he gets whenever one of your minions dies from his special ability. So let’s go ahead and get started. When you mulligan you want to get some of the cheaper stuff that you can go ahead and throw out there right away or I will keep a Grim Patron if I draw that in my hand. And normally I wouldn’t do that because it’s so expensive, but that card is pretty critical to this deck’s success – is having the Grim Patron out there.

So, if I do draw it for the mulligan I’ll hold onto that. Now I’m healing the Zombie Chow here because I don’t want to just go ahead and give him an Ooze. I’m going to wait for him to cast something, because everything on your side that’s going to die – go ahead and run it into something, so at least you get some value there. And it’s not uncommon for him to Coin out his Echoing Ooze and couple that with the Mutating Injection buff on turn four. Ummm, since he didn’t do it then, that means he doesn’t have one of those cards at least. Cause he will always do that, if he has it. And I’m just trying to think of the best way to go about taking this out here. Cause I’m gonna go ahead and lose one of the Patrons for sure, but I don’t want to lose both of them. And the Priest of the Feast are really great for helping you come back from the brink of death, because so often I’ll be playing through this and just be right on death’s doorstep, but the Priest can really give you an edge there and help you gain back a lot of life quickly.

I’m gonna go ahead and keep him alive for another turn. That way this time around it’s gonna hit both of them, so I’m gonna have four Patrons now. And this is the exact reason I wanted to do that, because he cast a Spectral minion. So now, every time he does that, I’m going to have a couple of Patrons ready to run in there to him. There we go, with another Spectral Knight. Which is going to die immediately. And I’m trying to keep the Priest of the Feast alive as long as I can just because he gives me so much in healing. So that’s going to be win number one against Grobbulus and I’m gonna go ahead and play through until I’ve won five games, so just sit back and relax and see how it goes here.

And like I mentioned before, normally I would not hold onto such an expensive card, but Grim Patron is so important – he’s worth holding onto in your opening hand. I’m extremely low on Health here, so hopefully I can recover. And here comes the Ooze. But I can deal with it, so it’s all good. And he’s dead. So holding onto the Grim Patron did payoff there in the beginning. And the Explosive Sheep are a lot of fun, especially when he’s got an Abomination out there because you can pretty much wipe the entire board. I am dangerously low right now, so I don’t know that I can pull out here. Yeah, that should do it for me. Unfortunately, just did not quite make it there. I thought I might be able to recover – just didn’t happen. And this is not looking good for me at all. Sort of like the last game, where I’m just being overwhelmed. We’ll see if I can just manage to pull it out. And there’s the Ooze. But thankfully I’m ready for that. And I’m still just nearly dead here [haha] and he keeps casting the Ooze, but thankfully I’ve had the Mass Dispels.

I was able to pull that one out, but that was really close. And so many of the games against him are gonna be like that and that’s one reason he’s so frustrating to play against. And it, it you know it looks like he’s trying to kill me here. This is gonna be very close. I’ve got to take the Oozes out of the way or he is definitely gonna kill me though. And this is what I call close. Hopefully I can recover from this.

It’s uhh – he’s not making it easy though, but thank God for the Healbot there. You’ll notice he just keeps putting out these huge minions. So it makes it incredibly difficult to keep up with his pace. And he is gonna be dead! Thank God! Just one more left [haha]. Hopefully this is the last one. I’m definitely going to take some damage there. If I can keep these, if I can just stay alive here for another turn I can hopefully pull back ahead. Okay, I have a full board again and he should be dead. And there we go.

That is going to be win number five. So I don’t have to do that anymore [haha]. He definitely is one of my least favorite bosses, but you know, between him and Thaddius it’s a tough call. But I hope this helped you with deck ideas and umm, I hope to see you next time. Thanks!.

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