Hearthstone 11-0 Top 350 Legend Aggro DH Guide By: Gatormatthew


Hey everyone, I’m Gatormatthew. I finish top 500 on NA every month, and I make educational Hearthstone content. Today’s guide is on the single best deck to play outside of legend: Aggro DH. Its matchup spread is unbelievable outside of Soul DH. In the video guide, I beat GMs like Monsanto with games lasting under three minutes 🙂 . Below is a video guide where I play a few games in top 500 legend and explain my plays, as well as a quick written guide for the deck. Enjoy, and good luck on your climb 🙂 (the deck’s stats are in the video).

The main gameplan for this deck is to win the board early game and continuously hit your opponent in the face with it. We establish snowballing early minions such as Battlefiend and Redeemed Pariah. These minions give us an early advantage and continue to grow in stats. Then, we use Beaming Sidekick and Wriggling horror to push that advantage further. The deck then goes for a burn plan with cards like Stiltstepper and Dreadlord’s Bite

In terms of the deck’s mulligan, you want to look for Battlefield, Blazing Battlemage, and Redeemed Pariah. Intrepid Initiate is a great keep on the coin, and Beaming Sidekick can be kept on the coin with a strong one drop. If you already have a one cost, you can also consider keeping Umberwing. Remember, mulligans change with each matchup, so use this as a general guide. Like a certain card in a certain matchup? Keep it. Mulligans are all about being flexible.

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