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Hearthstone Autocompleted Shaman to Legend By: circular_ref


After the patch came out with the buffs to elemental shaman, I decided to autocomplete a deck in standard and play it to legend from D5. It’s definitely not OP, but wasn’t complete garbage. I posted a 61% win rate on my PC and played some untracked games on my phone to legend.


I’m not going to post a full guide, but I will share some thoughts:

  • Shaman’s very underplayed – I think opponents didn’t know what to expect.

  • The amount of transformation spells you can play or discover made paladin and warrior matchups much easier (lillypad, hex, devolving, revolving, etc). This thing stomps on Paladins.

  • Discovering Vivid spores in late game actually won me a few games against control decks

  • Rogue’s owned me. Try to corrupt a dunk tank before they go wide.

  • It runs only 2 spells in the list; its mostly all battlecries. There is a lot of spell hate right now with Ogremancers, secrets, cult neophytes, etc that you can dodge. I usually will play about 3-6 spells discovered in a game but this can be tactically done.

  • How does this win? Just curves out stats consistently to start, chips in some damage, generates value through discovers and swings for tempo around turn 5-6. Finishes off with Alex, Al’Akir or Fireheart.

  • Shaman is not very tested or refined. There are a lot of bad lists on HSreplay that give it a bad rap. Looking at all the archetypes, the best win rates are midrange decks which this one is.

  • Overload – this deck doesn’t play ANY overload cards. I think overload just isn’t worth it because there is so much removal these days. Not sure if overload has the payoffs right now to complete.

  • Cult Neophyte is the one card I’d consider adding instead of kindling elemental or wandmaker.

### Autodeck Midrange

# Class: Shaman

# Format: Standard

# Year of the Gryphon


# 2x (1) Kindling Elemental – this guy is meh. Wish it fire fly. Used on a Lurker won’t corrupt Dunk tank.

# 2x (2) Wandmaker – lots of good 1 mana spells.

# 2x (2) Menacing Nimbus – should be discover. Like other classes for a 2/2.

# 2x (2) Cagematch Custodian – Great card. Always keep.

# 2x (3) Whack-A-Gnoll Hammer – Never keep.

# 2x (3) Venomous Scorpid

# 1x (3) Instructor Fireheart

# 2x (3) Gyreworm – very good. Keep for hunter. Better than Serpentine Portal.

# 2x (3) Arid Stormer – Try to get the hammer buff on this.

# 2x (4) Earth Revenant – people don’t play around this guy at all.

# 2x (4) Dunk Tank

# 1x (5) Taelan Fordring – corrupt your dunk tanks.

# 2x (5) Lilypad Lurker – don’t save for a big target unless you can chain elementals.

# 1x (5) Inara Stormcrash

# 1x (6) The Lurker Below – note this is a Beast; not an elemental

# 2x (6) Fire Elemental

# 1x (8) Al’Akir the Windlord – try to get hammer buff.

# 1x (9) Alexstrasza the Life-Binder



# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

# Find this deck on https://hsreplay.net/replay/RGSsePReBQm6Vc7qYPsBfY



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