Hearthstone Battleground Comprehensive Guide to 10K+ (Part 1.5) By: BoringHistory494


Greetings to everyone in the Hearthstone Community! I am BH and I have been playing Hearthstone Battlegrounds since the day it was launched. I have made it to leaderboard multiple times and have hit at least 13k on all of my three accounts. I have been shocked by the lack of useful guides in Hearthstone Battlegrounds so I have decided to write one up myself. My guides will be mainly targeted at players between 2000 and 8000 but can be useful to players above that if you are just checking out if you have missed anything.

Part 1.5: Should I force quill boars?


I have received wonderful feedbacks for part one of my series and one of the question I get asked in comments and DMs is “Should I force quill boars in this meta?”. So, I have decided to write a mini guide to address this question.

The answer is, surprisingly, a big NO!

You might say, wait a minute, the winners of every lobby almost always play quill boars, doesn’t that mean I should also force quill boars if I were to win? Well, the problem lies with this thinking. Every game is won by quill boars does not necessarily means that you should force quill boars. First of all, let us take a look at why is quill boars so strong and what leads to the misconception that you should force quill boars.

Today, we will take a look at the concept of “Comp dictators”. I believe these are not unfamiliar for those experienced BG players, comp dictators literally means a minion that you build around. For example, when you find an early Kalecgos, this means that you are likely to be playing battlecry buff dragons for the game. Kalecgos is the “comp dictator” in this case.

Now let us take a look at what are the comp dictators in this meta. So far, in my opinion these are the comp dictators in this meta:

  1. Captain Flat Tusk

  2. Charlga (I know, you always pick this one when offered)

  3. Goldrinn (if you already have some beast or baron)

  4. Kalecgos (if you already have some dragons)

  5. Lightfang

  6. Mama Bear (not very strong this meta)

  7. Brann (not very strong this meta)

  8. Agamaggan, The great boar

  9. Aggem Thorncurse

  10. Qiraji Harbringer and/or Arm of the Empire for taunt comps


Out of the 10 I have identified, a staggering 4 of them are quill boar/blood gem related. In addition, they can accomodate to almost any comps! If you are offered Kalecgos but you dont have any dragons, you might not pick it; but Charlga is a 100% right there even if you board is mixed! Most of the non quill boars comp dictators are conditional, which makes quill boars dictator more of an attractive pick for whoever that is offered them. And guess what? When you get a quill boar comp dictator, you play quill boars!

Forcing quill boars is not the best strategy. You can still play other comps as per the list above and win some games. However, I do admit that quill boars are a little bit overpowered and seeing that quill boars have 4 comp dictators, it is not surprising that everyone has been forcing quill boars and not get punished for the gamble.

However, if you take out the concept of forcing quill boars every game and instead look for a comp dictator and build around it, I believe you can bring your games to a higher level. Even though generally, you will still find yourself playing quill boars more often than not. This is inevitable in this meta.

Conclusion: Forcing quill boars will cost you in the long run. You should take a look at what comp dictators are offered to you when you triple and play accordingly. Only play quill boars when you are offered them! Quill boars being strong and overpowered never justifies for forcing them every game!

That’s it for this chapter, hope you guys learnt something and got some inspiration on how to do better in this meta. If you really like this guide, please help me to upvote as every upvote means SO MUCH to me.

I have also received a lot of DMs regarding my coaching sessions so do expect a delay in my replies if you were to DM me! Also, I am looking to open up a discord server for BG players as I don’t find much dedicated server for BG. Be sure to message me if you are interested in helping me set up as, as much as I am a good BG player, I am not the best when it comes to discord!

Be sure to comment down below if you need any clarification or have opposing view. I am more than happy to receive criticism as even though I think I am a good player, I am not perfect and there is always something that you know that I don’t. See you guys in the next guide!