Hearthstone Battleground Comprehensive Guide to 10k+ (Part 2) By: BoringHistory494


Greetings to everyone in the Hearthstone Community! I am BH and I have been playing Hearthstone Battlegrounds since the day it was launched. I have made it to leaderboard multiple times and have hit at least 13k on all of my three accounts. I have been shocked by the lack of useful guides in Hearthstone Battlegrounds so I have decided to write one up myself. My guides will be mainly targeted at players between 2000 and 8000 but can be useful to players above that if you are just checking out if you have missed anything.

I have also received a lot of DMs regarding my coaching sessions so do expect a delay in my replies if you were to DM me! Be Patient!

As always, I try to make my guides as short as possible as I myself hate reading long guides with a lot of irrelevant stories and information. If you found any points that are redundant, do let me know!

Part 2: How to play as/against Rafaam and Maeiv


This guide will be split into two sections:

  1. Rafaam and Maeiv Curve

  2. General Minions to Buy

  3. Guideline for each turn

  4. General Tips and Tricks

  5. How to play against them (for more advanced players)

Rafaam/Maeiv Curve:

3 Gold – Buy a minion (If you get a token as Maeiv, sell the token and HP one of the minions)

4 Gold – Buy a minion and HP

5 Gold – Buy a minion and HP, use the extra one gold to re-roll for pairs or stronger units

6 Gold – Tavern up, buy a minion and HP

7 Gold – Tavern up, HP

8 Gold – Tavern up, HP

9 Gold – Play normally. If you are “ very strong” or you get a triple this turn, tavern up and HP.

General minion to buy:

As Rafaam or Maeiv, you will stay in tier one for a couple of turns and you really want to build a strong board to survive 7 and 8 gold (where you just tavern up and do nothing). It is crucial to choose those minions that have the ability to match the strength of a tier 2 minion.

  1. Micro Mummy – Micro Mummy at early game gives you that extra attack that is needed to finish off your opponent’s tier two minions.

  2. Red Whelp – as you are staying in tier one, chances are you will be getting another red whelp or the 2/3 taunt dragon along the way. This gives you a much stronger board.

  3. Any Tokens minions is also good.

Guideline for each turn:

3 Gold – Buy the strongest minion (as per the minion guideline). If they are not present, buy the minion with the highest tempo (like the 2/4 demon or Acolyte of C’Thun). As Maiev, sell the token and Hp one of the stronger minions in Bob’s tavern.

4 Gold – Buy the stronger minion and HP the second strongest. This requires some judgement. If there is a Micro Mummy and an Acolyte of C’Thun, you probably want to Micro Mummy on your board two turns earlier to give that extra attacks. Each attacks count.

5 Gold – Spend your refreshes wisely. Try and prioritise pairs for triples. If you find a triple here as Maeiv, freeze it. Don’t buy the triple, yet.

6 Gold – If you find a triple as Maeiv, congratulations. HP it and you will be getting that nice little 5 drop two turns later. If you are Rafaam, freeze the triple for two turns and triple it on your 8 gold turn for that 5 drop (you might have to sell two minions for it).

7 and 8 Gold – Pretty intuitive, just HP the best minions for value. I would generally HP token minions for extra gold in the future or buffs.

9 Gold – See if you are strong. If you are at 40 HP at this round, ALWAYS tavern up. You might end up taking 10 damage next turn but that is okay. You will be on tavern five and will be so much ahead of your opponents. Else, just play normally.

General tips:

  1. Sometimes, especially when playing as Rafaam, you will realise you have a full board with tokens too early. Do not hesitate to sell the tokens for a stronger board. Saving those extra health might make a big change in the late game.

  2. The tip is to get a triple on 6 gold turn. Always play with this in mind. Ask yourself: “How should I play to get a triple on 6 gold” every turn.

  3. In the late game, use your hero power only when you have that extra gold. No pressure using it all turn. For Maeiv, use it on tokens or the 3/3 pirate that sells for 3 gold for extra monies.

  4. Practice. Practice. Practice. You can’t master these two hero in your first few attempts. You will fail. The thing is you must learn from your mistake. These are the heroes that are worth your time (and MMR) to learn.

How to play against Rafaam and Maeiv:

  1. Put the worst minion at the most left side for Rafaam to steal. Don’t let him get the full value out of his HP. In the late game, don’t let Rafaam steal your strong minions too. Put the not-so-good unit at first.

  2. If you are facing Rafaam and Maeiv on turn 8, and you see that they are on tier 4, always tavern up to tier 4. They are super weak that turn due to tavern up continuously for two turns and having a board full of weak minions. – *** This is possibly the most important tip I can give to any players out there. This is going to win you a lot of games.

That’s it for this chapter, hope you guys learnt something and got some inspiration on how to do better in this meta. If you really like this guide, please help me to upvote as every upvote means SO MUCH to me.

Be sure to comment down below if you need any clarification or have opposing view. I am more than happy to receive criticism as even though I think I am a good player, I am not perfect and there is always something that you know that I don’t. See you guys in the next guide!