Hearthstone Beginner’s Guide to Battleground Achievements By: Grendela1


Just a casual scrub who completed all of the Battleground achievements (except for “Get 1st place “X” times and “Get Top 4 “X” times). I’ll get those eventually. There aren’t a lot of guides out there, so I figured I would post something to maybe help someone else.

*Note: I played Battlegrounds when it first came out, and didn’t really like it. I tried again with the release of achievements, and I actually really enjoyed it (except for Silas Darkmoon and Captain Eudora). I think I finished all of the first places in a little over a week. Went from 0 to about 4,000 in that time. Not great, but hey…I’m just a casual.

Hardest Achievement – Spicy Pretzel Mustard. “Finish 1st place while winning every round.” It requires insane RNG since you have to win early, mid, and late game. I did it with Pyramad.

Most Annoying Achievement – Lost “Dog” Call Curator. Complete RNG on picking Tess every time and praying someone picks Curator AND that you get matched against them.

Last hero to get 1st with – Silas Darkmoon. This hero is trash.

Honorable Mention. “brb” “Finish in 1st place after AFKing your third turn as A.F.Kay. DO NOT FREEZE ON THE THIRD TURN. DO NOT FREEZE ON THIRD TURN. It will not count!!! This achievement isn’t super hard. You need some luck with your two Tier 3 minions, and you need decent rolls on Turn 4. I had a heartbreaking 2nd place finish where we were both at 1 life and had 2 minions left. I lost because the other player’s minion hit my smaller minion first. I ended up getting 1st with Elementals. Nomi is an incredible catch-up mechanic.

Preferred Tribe – Elementals. More than half of my first places were elemental. It probably changes at higher ranking, but I’m just a casual scrub around 4k. You can go off with Party Elemental and Molten Rock in Tier 2. Most of the time the game will just snowball in your favor. It is also very forgiving if you don’t get good rolls since Molten Rock gets better with any elementals. Demons were my second choice. Third is probably Dragons.

Hero Preference – To be honest, most of the heroes felt fine. Some seemed very strong, and some were frustrating. The ones that I had the hardest time with were:

-Zephyrs. Hero power seems strong, but also spends half of your gold.

-The Rat King. Hero power seems underwhelming.

-Skycap’n Kragg – I won with a hail mary hero power on Turn 8. I was elementals. I ended up going from 3 minions to almost a full board and managed to catch up.

-Dancin’ Deryl. Probably a good hero, but I don’t want to think about buffing minions that much.

-King Mukla. Kind of annoying.

-Lich Baz’hial. Won when I developed a tempo strategy instead of rushing to Mal’Ganis. Still a risky hero because you will do so much self-damage.

-Captain Eudora. Super RNG with the treasures.

-Silas Darkmoon. It’s like playing without a hero power. Trash.

Specific Achievements:

Bob’s Favorite Customer – “End your turn with a minion with more than 200 total Attack PLUS health.” You need a combined 200 attack and health. I did it multiple times. Lieutenant Garr probably the easiest one. Attack and health are combined. Goldgrubber is also possible if you get lucky on triples.

Little Fish in a Big Tavern. “Finish 1st place while on Tavern Tier 4 or below.” Elementals. Get Nomi from a triple (need some luck). You don’t need to go past 4.

My Shiny Fans and Me. “Control a Lightfang Enforcer for 7 consecutive turns.” Just grab one when you can early in the game and survive.

Ruler of Thirds. “Get 10 triples in one game.” This is difficult. I did it as Aranna Starseeker, and did not go past Tier 2. The trick is surviving since you will start taking 20+ damage. You need to look for an early Soul Reaver triple and support demons.

Terrible Terrible Damage. “Deal 40 damage to an enemy hero in one hit.” So I accidentally discovered how to make this easier during my quest to get first on Silas Darkmoon and Captain Eudora. I didn’t care about ranking so I just conceded if I didn’t get them. Under 2k I started to notice that at least 2-3 people are afk farming experience and/or simply quit. I had one game where there were literally FIVE afk people. They didn’t quit. They were just afk farming experience. You can somewhat rush to Tier 6 safely and then hit for massive damage with some luck (i.e. you need to be matched against the afk).

They Grow Up So Fast. “End your turn with a 60/60 or larger Tabbycat.” This is deceptively hard. Maybe there is a better way to do it. I did it using Majordomo Executus on the Tabbycat, and my hero was Edwin to give it more stats. I actually ended up winning the game, and I did not get the 60/60 until the last turn.

If you have any specific questions feel free to ask. I really enjoyed the achievement hunt so if there is something you are stuck on add me on bnet and I can try to help. Grendela#1407.

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