Hearthstone BG’s Getting to 9K- A Guide Part 7 By: Tenacity191


Hey guys!

“ELEMENTALS OP”, “NOT FAIR HE HAS NOMI”, “HE IS SO LUCKY” are some of the comments players have these days about big elementals.

Don’t get fooled though, while Nomi can let you get first place, it can also kill you just as easily.

To start off – I want to share with you some milestone I just got along the way, I’m very happy with it, and my next guide will be about what helped my the most to jump from 8k to 13k+

Another thing I want to share about myself is that my dream is to become an E-Sports coach.

So far I’ve enjoyed coaching people so much.

That’s why I enjoy making those guides, and enjoy helping every single community member climb. Reaching 13k shows me that I have the skills to help you get into the top, and I’ll do anything I can if you just ask <3 (I know 13k is not the highest, but I hope this is high enough to share some of my knowledge)

In addition to that, I want to thank a great community member, Korkin, who has helped me a lot with those last 3 guides – he deserves a lot of credit for them as well.

Anyways, the reason I’m doing this Nomi guide is because Nomi is the unit that helped me a ton with climbing the last 1k (from 12k to 13k) (Self HYPEEE), BUT I also found out that its way more nuanced than “Just buy elementals”.

“Just buy elementals” = direct train to 8th place city.

I want to go over everything regarding Nomi, how to play it, when to pick it, and how to not get top 8 because “OMG NOMI EASY WIN” -> death in 2 turns…

After you read that guide, check out the video since it sums up all the VERY IMPORTANT STUFF you want to know about Nomi. Link will be added at the end of the guide.
(and here if you got tired in the middle https://www.twitch.tv/videos/808132131)

But before that, If you missed our previous guides, make sure to go over them, as they’re excellent general guides. The responses and comments I got from the community were AMAZING, and I’m sure they will help you climb!!

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As we all know, Nomi is a great win condition.
We always hate to see the first players with Elementals turn 6/7 and dealing 25-30 damage each fight.
The problem is a lot of players think that Nomi = easy win and if they miss the Nomi triple, they miss their chance to win the game.

This is not true, and Nomi, as simple as it seems, is a huge risk and you should think carefully before picking it up.

Why is Nomi a risk? Doesn’t he let you get insane elemental boards that easily snowball?


While you might notice the players who get Nomi, get massive elementals, and get 1st, it’s easy to miss all the guys who died on turns 8-11 with it because they didn’t have the time to scale.

You usually remember all the guys who had the time to scale and then destroyed you.

Very important thing to realise is that:

  1. Nomi is a weak minion by itself (4/4)

  2. It scales slowwwwwly

  3. Nomi is not the best at every situation.Lightfang / Brann are sometimes way better options forscaling (sometimes Hoggar as well)In addition, you need to understand that if you see Nomi, Sneed’s and Direhorn, that kind of decision isn’t easy (or at least it shouldn’t be).

On top of that, by picking Nomi, you “usually” will buy every elemental you see, it means not only you picked a 4/4, you are going to buy medium to small elementals (if those are the ones bobs gives you), and you are not getting stronger with that.

The next 3 turns will usually looks like this boardwise (depends on how many elementals you see and their value):

Turn 1: Zero to minor improvement.

Turn 2: Minor to medium improvement.

Turn 3: Medium to Minor improvement.

When you triple into 5 drops and see Nomi, you MUST ask yourself the next 3 questions:

The most important question you need to ask – “CAN I SURVIVE THE NEXT 3-4 TURN WITH MINOR – MEDIUM IMPROVEMENT?”

  1. Is Nomi the best option for this situation? (If you have murloc board, Brann is better, maybe you have a lot of types and divine shield, Lightfang is better, and so on)

  2. AM I SURE (or at least assume) I CAN SURVIVE THE NEXT 3-4 TURNS? One thing to keep in mind here – check who you’re facing next. If it’s against someone who’s super strong and doing a lot of damage to other players, Nomi might not be the best idea.

  3. If you answered no to one of them, you shouldn’t pick Nomi, that crucial and a lot of playersfall for this!*Tip – If it’s turn 10, it might be too late to get Nomi.

*Tip – and a very important one.

Nomi is a way to convert a good game to a first place. If you are weak, Nomi is not for you. (unless you are Maiev / Rafaam who powered leveled and it’s turn 8 🙂 )

Ok, I see Nomi, I answered yes to all of the above, now what?

At the first 2 turns sometime you will find yourself buying non-elementals, just to stabilize (especially if it’s turn 8 Nomi).

That might also be the base for turn 9 and maybe even 10.

With Nomi, as long as the game goes, you get much much stronger and you scale better than anyone else, especially with tripling.

So do whatever you can to survive, even if you find yourself buying Mug + Bronze Warden (as you can see in the video, watch it, it is super important!).

Crucial: Never level to 5 until you are super strong, use the time to scale.

99.9% of the time after you find Nomi, for the next 4-5 turns you will stay on 4 and scale, and level only if facing ghost + already strong / at the very end.

Why is tripling so important

So… with every other hero, tripling usually won’t make you HUGE, it will make you bigger, but with Nomi, tripling is the way to DOMINATE THE GAME.

When you triple with nomi, not only do you turn 2x +20/+20 into +60/+60, you also create boardspace that you can easily fill with new big elementals.

To have as many pairs as possible, you should favor pairs over slightly bigger units to make sure you win the game.


Try to do your best to triple Cyclone, a lot of times it can break comps bigger than you (Pirates, Mechs, Beasts) are very vulnerable to it. I know it might be obvious, but get it!

Summing up

Nomi is a way to take a good game, and turn it to a winning one. As much as Nomi seems like an easy take and easy win, a lot of the times it will get you killed.

Maybe it is obvious for some of you, but since we always see big elementals killing everyone else, we tend to think that it’s so easy to get there, but in order to get there you need to be very calculated about your steps.

I hope this guide will help you better understand Nomi, and will make you think a little bit before blindly picking it up!

In addition, I got tons (well… not tons.. low double digit number) of messages about my private 1 on 1 coaching sessions, so I’ll make it easier for you 🙂

  1. Yes, it’s all free.

  2. I spectate you, let you play, tell you what I think is the best and if I can find patterns thathold you back.

  3. It happens here, https://discord.gg/nR6njZV and here https://www.twitch.tv/tenacity191

  4. It happens almost every day.

  5. I’m doing it for free since my dream is to become an E-Sport guide, and I enjoy it so much.

If you need any help, want someone to look over or ask a quick question, just message me in Discord and I hope you will be as pleased as this guy:

This game is part of a coaching session, and is a useful game we all can learn a lot from about Nomi. It’s an example of how to survive and make very good decisions: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/808132131

I also want to take this opportunity to invite you to our Educational BG Community, with guides and tons of people to spectate and tutor you – all for free!

It’s also a great place to ask questions and share your overall gaming experience.

We are building a place for players who want to learn, and we would love to have you join us!


Please let me know if you found this guide helpful and I hope to hear from you soon!


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