Hearthstone BG’s Getting to 9K- A Guide Part 8 By: Tenacity191


Hey guys!

So the title is a bit confusing, but this guide will be one of our most important, this guide will give you practical tips about how to climb.

If you read our previous guide, you know that I recently broke the top 200 barrier and it was huge for me.

I proved to myself that even though I’m not the best I’m still improving, I have a lot of information to share that might help you as well.

75 days ago I was around 8.5k, and then I decided to take the leap and chase my dream, challenging myself to see if I’m good enough for you guys, if I have the abilities or can learn enough, to be able to pass my knowledge onwards.

I really want this guide to focus on HOW TO CLIMB.

This guide is going to be a little bit different than my previous guides.

If in my previous guides, I shared pure game knowledge and improved your “BG’s skills”, this guide is not going to improve your gaming skills drastically just by reading it (maybe point 6 will), but it is going to give you the tools you need in order to climb. More about it after the preview.

In this guide, I’ll let you know how I did it, and I’ll give you practical steps, from the easiest to implement to the hardest.

I want to thank a great community member, abc…, who has helped me a lot with this guide- he deserves a lot of credit for it as well so make sure you remember this amazing guy’s name when you join our community ( I hope it will be about in about 1 guide from now, link below 🙂 )

But before that, If you missed our previous guides, make sure to go over them, as they’re excellent general guides.

The responses and comments I got from the community were AMAZING, and I’m sure they will help you climb!!

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Let’s get to it.Let’s say you are a player with the knowledge of a 7k player. In my opinion, your rank is going to be somewhere between 5k to 9k.

How is it possible that a 7k knowledge wise player can be at 9k, or at 5k, why shouldn’t he be at 7k? Because the game is not all about pure play skill, It’s much more than that and we will go over it here, how to maximize your game level into rank.

In addition, I’ll give you general tips about how to get better :)So… The first step is not the easiest, but it’s the most crucial!

1. You have to decide you want to climb and set yourself a reachable goal

This may sound stupid, but if you want to climb you need to commit. You won’t climb out of nowhere, and you need to realize that in order to climb, you will have to keep it together, understand you don’t know everything and be eager to learn.

When I was 8.5k, all I wanted was to get to 9k, and when I got to 9k, I wanted to get to 10k.

When I got to 10k, I started to imagine myself in the top 200, but still, aimed only for the 11k, then 12k, then 13k, and now chasing the 14k.

I have committed to it and put a goal in front of me, this is very important because it will make all the next steps easier.

So, now that you have your next goal in front of you. What should you do? (from the easiest to the hardest)

2. Watch streamers and better players than you

Guess what? If you are 7k, you have a lot to learn from 10k players. If you are a 10k player, you have a lot to learn from 13k players and so on.

Find a streamer you like and watch it 2 hours a day for a week. I climbed 2k in the first 10 days after watching some streamers. Just by following the guidance and mimicking the plays, boom, 2k in 10 days.

3. Learn the difficult heroes

There are a lot of great heroes, but some of them have very high learning curves, even if it seems easy, Maiev, Jandice, Millhouse, Deryl and even Raffam have very high skill cap and you should learn them.

Their potential is enormous and you should leverage that! For some of them like Jandice and Maiev I created guides that are linked here, and the the rest, there are guides in our discord.

If you need more guides about different heroes I’ll make them happily, but you can learn by watching better players than you!

4. Don’t play when you are tilted

It’s very very easy to lose rank when you are tilted, you play carelessly, you make tons of mistakes, and basically throw rank.

I had it when I was almost 12k, I lost badly, then wanted to do 1 more just to finish with a good taste, after 5 games of 6-8 place and minus 500 I realized that was not gonna happen and stopped.

Don’t get there, identify when you are tilted, take a 10 minute break and come back.

5. Don’t throw the game that makes you tilted

Yesterday I picked Yogg, Missed 66% with Hero power, then missed 75% twice, and lost all my early fights – I’m Yogg, I shouldn’t lose those fights.

At turn 4 I was already tilted (Yes I got tilted pretty fast here). There was a crossroad in front of me – fast fast top 8, or 2 big deep breaths, and held as much as I could.

I was able to take those deep breathes (and it was so hard) and managed to tie for 4th, only minus 10, AMAZING! Just saved myself 90 points!

Don’t get into the bad place where you “autopilot” the game into 8th place!!

Very important to identify when you are getting tilted and tell yourself – “Am I really going to get mad and make mistakes, or can I keep it together just to finish this game and then take a break?”

6. Minimize loses – Identify losing games and get into defensive mode

What makes medium players great is identifying early that this game is not a winning one, so let’s make it “not a losing one”.

If you can identify at turn 6-8 that you are not going to win, you can change your game style, not greed, but try to survive fight after fight, take all the stats and buffs you see on the board, just try to survive, maybe fight a ghost, and get top 5 or 6.

Here is an image I took of my last 7 days (I took it about a 2 weeks ago). Look at the 7th and 8th places. Only 12% of my games are there and that is because I can identify losing games early, play defensively, take all the stats and buffs I see and just hold tight.

You may lose, but losing 20 or even tie for 4th, is +80 over 8th or 7th, so that makes medium players great ones!

If you feel you are running behind, don’t go for the comps that take forever to build (dragons, elementals), try to go for something simple to keep up with the lobby (mechs / divide shield).

Every turn, from turn 3 (yes yes, turn 3) make sure to consider where you are. If you think this game is going to be a hard one (not a winning one), play for stats and win fight after fight, don’t level up above 4, and do your best to get top 5.

I added a video on how to it in the end of the post, make sure you watch it, I hope it will help you understand better how to get into defensive mode.

r/hearthstone - BG’s Getting to 9K- A Guide Part 8 - How to climb

avoid 7th and 8th

7. Recap your game – what could I have done better?

One of the hardest things to do, and a super important one is to take a minute after each game and think, could I have played something differently? Was this the right play?

Some guideline questions:

Should I’ve sold and level to 3 on the 5 gold turn? / The other way around

  1. Should I’ve delayed the triple and taken a 5? / Should I’ve taken a 4 drop instead because I was too weak?

  2. Could I identify that I’m losing and get into defensive mode earlier?

  3. Should I’ve leveled to 5 earlier / later / stay on 4 one more turn / the entire game?What was the right pick from the triple?

  4. Was I too greedy?

  5. Could I be more greedy?

Make sure to think back, so you can improve from game to game!

And since it’s hard, point 8 is a way to improve this skill.

8. Bonus: If you can, have someone better than you look over your game

If the easiest thing to do is watch a streamer, (or any better player) what can be better than a better player watching you?

He can help you, identify patterns in your game that hold you back and maybe tune your thinking abit.

It’s not easy to find, but someone looking at how you play and how you think, might be able to improve it and give you his thoughts, just like the “private teacher” we all had (or at least I did), for math or English (its my 2nd language), “private teacher for BGs” – sounds awesome!

And this is where I hope I can help you with the “extra mile”!

I got a lot of questions about my coaching sessions, so here is a quick Q&A

  1. Yes, it’s all free.

  2. I spectate you, let you play, tell you what I think is the best and if I can find patterns that hold you back

  3. It happens here, https://discord.gg/gbEeegY and here https://www.twitch.tv/tenacity191

  4. It happens almost every day.

  5. I’m doing it for free since my dream is to become an E-Sport coach, and I enjoy it so much

If you need any help, just message me in Discord, and I hope you will be as pleased as this guy:

r/hearthstone - BG’s Getting to 9K- A Guide Part 8 - How to climb

In the next video, you will see an example of how to get into salvation mode in order to cut your loses.

This is not the classic example because I was not super weak, but still couldn’t find myself and decided it’s time to survive. I hope you will learn 🙂

again, not a classic example, but still good enough: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/820801691

Hope you will enjoy this and let me know what tip you think will help you the best!

I also want to take this opportunity to invite you to our Educational BG Community, with guides, tons of people to spectate and tutor you – all for free!

With over 500 members, It’s also a great place to ask questions and share your overall gaming experience.

We are building a place for players who want to learn, and we would love to have you join us!


Please let me know if you found this guide helpful and I hope to hear from you soon!

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