Hearthstone BG’s Getting to 9K By: Tenacity191


Hey guys!
We all know Maiev is a top 2 hero right now, but it’s not very intuitive to play her well.

I asked our community what guide they would prefer next , and most of them wanted to learn how to play Maiev, since it can be complicated. So that is what we will do today!

If you missed our previous guides, make sure to go over them, as they’re excellent general guides.
The responses and comments I got from the community were AMAZING, and I’m sure they will help you climb!!

BG’s Getting to 8K- A Guide

BG’s Getting to 9K- A Guide Part2


BG’s Getting to 9K- A Guide Part 3 – New meta

(still not adjusted to the very new patch! – i’ll create another guide about the new 18.6 meta)

This guide will try to be as simple as possible. Obviously there will be exceptions to the rules in this guide, but I’ll try to make it so you can just “Monkey-see, Monkey-do” and get the best outcome!

Feel free to comment out what you guys think, but remember, we want to keep it as simple as possible!
General direction: We are going to try and get as many pairs as possible, and cash the triples into 5 drops.


if you see a triple option, don’t imprison it before turn 4 (your 6 gold turn)!You don’t want to cash it too early! Freeze for a turn if needed. (Otherwise you will cash it into a tier 4 minion, and you can’t build around tier 4s)

Turn 1 (3 gold): If you see a token, buy 1, sell the token, HP something.
If you see a pair, buy one of them and freeze.
If no token and no pair, HP and use the other 2 rolls to freeze for a pair.

Turn 2 (4 gold): We buy and HP, keep going for those pairs!

Turn 3 (5 gold): We have a chance to roll, HP, and buy.
If you can get a triple, don’t HP it yet – freeze to HP it next turn, and buy the next best minion.

Turn 4 (6 gold): now this can be a bit tricky…General target – HP triple.
If everything went smooth, great, HP triple, level buy.
However that’s not always going to be an option.
If you miss the triple you have two options:

If you have a token that is not a pair, sell him to roll again before leveling, to try and find the triple.
At the end of the turn we will need to level-buy-HP, but do what you can to set up a triple with your hero power.
If you can’t, at least get another pair.

Hopefully by now you got an imprisoned triple that will cash out in 2 turns. So now:

Turn 5 (7 gold) : level to 3. Imprison future pair/triple or the strongest minion

Turn 6 (8 gold): level to 4 and cash out the triple from turn 4.
So what do you take from the triple?
You take a “scaling generator”, You know what it is from our previous guide 🙂

If you haven’t read the previous guides, you should, they are great 🙂
but long story short – Nomi, Brann, Mama, Djinni and Lightfang*

*Lightfang is worse than the other options here, but it still is scaling. See the previous guide (part 3) for more details.

If you got a good scaling engine, you may stay at 4 for a turn or two, but don’t wait too much, as soon as your board is strong enough level up to 5.
Usually, you will spend the 9 gold turn at 4, and then level up, but if you feel you are taking too much damage, you may stay another turn.

Keep imprisoning those pairs and triples!!

I hope this guide will help you climb 🙂
I also want to take this opportunity to invite you to our Educational BG Community, with guides, tons of people to spectate and tutor you – all for free!

Its also a great place to ask questions and share your overall gaming experience.

We are building a place for players who want to learn, and we would love to have you join us!


Please let me know if you found this guide helpful and I hope to hear from you soon!

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