Dear Friends! Welcome to our channel Hearthstone Workshop by Dave and Ashley. Today we’re going to tell you how to play Control Warrior with general strategy, best and worst match ups, win conditions and full mulligan. OK, Dave, let’s go. We played 46 Ladder games and 8 Heroic Brawl games with this deck. Let’s see what we have. Overall Win rate is 67% in Ladder and 62,5% in Heroic Brawl (Ashley misplayed twice to be honest) Stop this, Dave! Opponent was really strong player! He was even stronger than Pavel! Of course, Ashley, of course… Let’s talk about Mulligan. We have many good cards for opening and often will have them in starting hand.

All these cards can be kept: Fiery War Axe, Slam and Bash are needed to remove starting drops like: Mana Wyrm, Tunnel Trogg, Sorcerer’s Apprentice and other. Do not use these cards for 1-1 minions like Babbling Book, Swashburglar, Shaman’s totems etc. Ravaging Ghoul is good for start. It can activate Execute, kill all minions with 1 health, do extra 1 damage to kill something with 4 health like Totem Golem Acolyte of Pain is good for draw. Opponent will waste his temp for remove Acolyte. Bloodhoof and Elise keep with a coin. They are strong tempo cards. Also we can keep some specific cards: If you play versus Druid or Rogue you can keep Execute or Tinkmaster Overspark for Fandral Staghelm or big Edwin VanCleef. Ashley, have you seen really big VanCleef? My ex-boyfriend told that he has Edwin VanCleef 18 18, but it was just 10 10 actually.

Oh, so sad… Never mind. If you play against Mage, Paladin or Warrior you can keep Justicar Trueheart. It would be good if you start Tank up as soon as possible. A lot of players doesn’t play Tinkmaster Overspark, but I am really excited of him. It can totally wreck all win conditions of your opponent. He can remove big or inconvenient minion. He just can win the game! OK, Ashley, we got it. Tell us please, which minions are good enough for Tinkmaster? First of all this is a C’Thun. When we transform C’Thun it can not be resurrected by Doomcaller. The second good target for Tinkmaster is Ragnaros. Also good targets are Malygos, Savannah Highmane, Sylvanas Windrunner, Archmage Antonidas and a lot of other big boys and girls or minions with Deathrattle. Thank you, Ashley. The second specific card is Alexstrasza. She helps us to kill opponent in two turns or can bring us back to life if opponent wasted a lot of damage. Alexstrasza often help against Hunters or Mages. I like Alexstrasza too! She is really beautiful! A lot of players don’t have all needed cards, so we can give you some advices about replacements.

If you don’t have Harrison Jones use Acidic Swamp Ooze. It doesn’t draw cards, but it can help in control matchups. And cost less. Instead of Baron Geddon use the second copy of Revenge. All other cards like: Sylvanas, Tinkmaster, Grommash or Alexstrasza can be replaced by Ironforge Portal. Finally we want to give you some advices. Do not waste your removals if you can take damage. Especially keep Brawl for the best moment Do not waste your War Axe for 1-1 minions. Do not draw in fatigue matchups. For example use Slam to kill minion, not to draw. Take damage first – then armor up. So, that’s it for today. Hope it would be useful for you. You can ask your questions or make wishes in comments. Do not forget subscribe, like or dislike this video. Please, don’t dislike! I like when you like! Kappa Ashley! Kappa Dave! Thank you for watching! See you soon! Always yours. Beautiful Ashley and Dave..

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