Hearthstone Druid and Demon Hunter Achievement Guide + Decklists! By: TheRealandUncutRaz


Okay, so I just wanted to get some early Achievement guides out there for some of us with no life that hit their goal for Ranked this season and want to start getting that sweet, sweet EXP. Now my decklists are specifically focused on getting the achievements done, that means staying alive and playing the needed cards. Not winning. Often, they can be played in a decent shell but not always. Anyway, enjoy, leave criticisms or improvements in the comments to help out other achievement hunters. I’m about to start the Hunter achievements right now so if you like this and want me to post more when I finish 2-3 classes, let me know!

Edit: Also, this is for Standard only. I am almost exclusively a small budget Standard player so while I know they can be easier to complete in Wild these are for Standard players!


Difficulty –

Easy: You can grab these while playing normal games. Usually because either the achievement only needs a handful of games to complete or because the card is generally good and doesn’t require losing games.

Average: Requires commitment in a deck outside of normal play, and might take some extra luck to not extend the Grind Level.

Hard: Requires full commitment to a meme or gimmick that is not good, while also usually being annoying or hard to complete.

Insane: Requires commitment to a meme or gimmick AND a stars aligning, six times in a blue moon scenario. These will often be the worst achievements to get as there will be NO progress or hope to get it in most games.

Grind Level –

Easy: These achievements can be earned in 1-5 games pretty easily.

Average: 6-30 games

Hard: 31-75 games

Insane: 76+ games

Demon Hunter:





Drawing Frenzy: Deal 10 damage in one Attack with Lion’s Frenzy.

Difficulty: Easy

Grind Level: None

Deck Used: Quest Demon Hunter (Pretty standard list, subbed in 2 Persistent Peddlers for progress but found I used the Tradable more often)

Notes: Easy with the quest, if you draw it this can get done in 1 game with Chaos Strike, Glide, and then a Double Jump, Spectral Sight, or something to that effect.

Spam Caller: Summon 75 Persistent Peddlers.

Difficulty: Easy

Grind Level: Hard

Deck Used: Quest Demon Hunter/Deathrattle Demon Hunter

Notes: I tried running Nobleman and Zai the Incredible to generate more copies but it ended up just being useless. Games are so fast it doesn’t matter. One thing to note, however, is this actually helps the Quest game plan more than you’d think. I found a few games where I could cycle the Persistent Peddlers as the last 2 cards in my deck for +5-10 damage on Lion’s Frenzy and a swing in for 20 damage.

Vengeance Doesn’t Come Cheap (1/2/3): Reduce the cost of cards by (250/500/1000) using Kurtrus and his questline.

Difficulty: Average

Grind Level: Insane

Deck Used: Quest Demon Hunter

Notes: This is pretty easy but I bumped it up to Average because this one really requires skill if you want to win AND maximize draws for the quest. Glide is an easy quest completion sometimes but might disrupt your hand, especially if you choose the OTK Quest shell.




Quest Druid:


Claws Out (1/2/3): Gain (150/300/600) Attack with your Hero as Druid.

Difficulty: Average

Grind Level: Hard

Deck Used: Attack Quest Druid (Standard List, subbed in Sheldras for Everybody Shufflin’ progress)

Notes: Realistically you can usually gain 10 Attack pretty much every game as a Druid. How long this takes is basically just how many games you get the dream of Guff into Spikeshell into Guff into Spikeshell to gain an extra +16. I did this several games and feel like it took me a bit lower than the projected average.

Rotten, But Not Forgotten: Compost 100 minions.

Difficulty: Easy

Grind Level: Hard

Deck Used: Token Druid

Notes: Composting is annoying. Mage and Warlock will kill your shit instantly so keeping a board for 1 turn is nearly impossible. My best advice is just take the smaller composting. 2-3 draws are better than struggling for a dream 5+ and them getting wiped. Also, the minions HAVE to die to count as progress so make sure you’re not holding out to the last minute just to lose before your minions die.

Everybody Shufflin’: Have 75 Cast When Drawn Spells trigger as Druid.

Difficulty: Easy

Grind Level: Hard

Deck Used: Token Druid

Notes: There are only 2 cards available for this in standard Druid. Vibrant Squirrel and Sheldras Moontree. Don’t run Sheldras if you want to win because it will cast the most awful shit in Token Druid. However, if you just want the procs even as he casts composting on 1 minion or Kodo Mount on an enemy minion it does make it slightly faster to get. Otherwise, Oracle of Elune into Vibrant and getting 8+ Acorns in the deck is your best bet. Most games you are only getting 1-2 progress on these but I had a few games with 5-6 so just be patient.

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