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Hearthstone Druid Masters Deck?by Muse

Hey Guys!

So a few weeks ago I made a small post about an ?Onyxia? deck that I was working on. At the time I was masters 1 and had an idea about what could come of a deck themed around it. Well I am happy to say that the deck has evolved significantly and am now sitting at M3 with about a 85-90% win rate with this deck. While I am writing an In depth guide, I am always trying to innovate and am always open to suggestions. Enjoy!

?Shadows of Nature?


So the Main concepts of this deck revolve around Death Rattle, and Savage Roar with a large board.

1 Drops:

Leaper Gnome: In this slot I have tried several things like Claw, or Argent Squire. All of them are good but in order of the deck to work well, I need to get the opponent low enough for a strong finishing Combo. Leaper Gnome guarantees 2 damage to the player, and either a creature trade, a removal card, or an early turn spent removing with Hero ability. High value in my opinion.

2 Drops:

Wrath: If you play druid and you don?t have this card in your deck, you are doing something wrong. This i arguably the best 2 drop removal spell in the game when you consider its versatility.

Knife Juggler: This deck is all about maintaining a large board and with cards like Imp master, Hogger, Harvest, and Soul of the Forest, it is very easy to get Value from this card. Also as many have said its like a ?pay 2 mana? and your opponent discards a removal spell from their hand.

Novice Engineer/Loot Horder: As a druid, card draw is very important, and this deck is no exception. Originally I ran loot horders, because of the death rattle theme, however I always have felt the direct draw benefits a druid more, and also being a 1/2 helps them deal with argent squires, and mage ping etc? However, its totally up to your preference.

3 Drops:

Savage Roar: This is how you win games with this deck. I run 2 of these so that if you need to make an early/mid game play to either clear the board and sneak in some damage, or just take an opportunity to hit them for a bunch of damage, you can. The main idea with this card however is that Savage Roar + Force of Nature is 9 mana for 14 damage (3 4/2 Trees and 2 damage from you). For context Pyroblast is 8 mana for 10 damage. For every 1/1 creature you add 3 damage. This is why they need to be low enough for this to work.

Harvest Golem: This card is simply amazing in this deck. Death rattle in general is something that gains a good amount of value becuase it forces your opponent to calculate around it. Well when a slap Soul of the Forest on this guy. They are very tempted to not even kill it.

Imp Master: Besides the standard Imp/Juggler combo, this card is very crucial in this deck as it allows you to reflood your board with creatures so that you always have your combos set up.

Shattered Sun Cleric: Normally this card would be here just because its one of them best meta cards in the game, but i didnt put it in here for that reason. Its main purpose is to buff up your imp master to give it an extra charge. But when all is said and done its op and works well with everything.

4 Drops:

Soul of the Forest: This card is often viewed as a sort of trolly card. In most decks its just too situational. However in this deck, its a star player. To get value out of this card 2 creatures buffed is fine, however as a general rule of thumb, I try to go for at least 3. With large boards, you can always maintain a good creature count, and trade favorably doing so. Great Card.

Swipe: SEEEWIIIIPEE 🙂 Yeah best removal card in game. Nuff said.

Defender of Argus: Yeah yeah i know, another BORING meta card. But again the synergy with a large board or imp master is just great, and we need taunts so here we go.

5 Drops:

Nourish: This card is rapidly becoming crucial in nearly all druid decks. Since I dont run Lores, or Drakes, I have to run 2 of these. Its totally worth it though. Additionally, I dont run Wild Growths, or Innervates, so a turn 5 crystal boost can often help alot.

Starfall: If you follow the meta druid, Starfire is kinda fadding out. Not that its a bad card, but its very slow, where as for 1 less mana you can still hit a creature for 5 and have the added option of doing AoE. I would love to run 2, but I cant seem to take anything out.

Sylvannas: Yeah right now, she is usable in literally every deck. I just crafted her (finally?) and Thematically she is the ?Queen? of death rattle. There is really no card that gives the board pressure like she does, and in this deck she really can solidify the mid game.

6 Drops:

Force of Nature: I think out of all cards in the druid arsenal, this is the most underrated. 6 mana for 3 2/2 chargers is like 6 damage split however you choose. Like the savage roar, i run 2 so that I can make a strong early damage push or clear play if needed. But this car is part of the big finisher combo. If you use 1 Savage Roar, and 1 Force of Nature early, you should try to save the last 2 as long as possible. They will win you most of your games guaranteed.

Hogger: This is like an Imp master on crack. It is currently really popular in the chinese scene, and is a strong mid game to late game card for this deck. Pumping out a taunt every round is really good to counter mid game pushes from Warlocks and stuff.

7+ Drops:

Onyxia: Ah the greatest :). I think that most people don?t really understand her value. As a lvl 57 Druid main here, I can say that this is the one big creature who I dare play againts a preist. If she is mind controlled, still have a board full of dragon whelps, and if they aoe clear, then you have onyxia. Even if they have shadow death, and holy nova, thats still trades their 2 strong cards for one. However with the way this deck works, chances are they dont have aoe clear by the time you play her. Shes isnt meant to single handedly win you games. She just has the potential to, and that is enough to pressure your opponent.

Other Viable Cards for the Future:

Blood Mage Thalnos: Don?t own him yet, but hes an easy choice. You have spells and you need draw. Drop a Novice/Loot Horder.

Cairne Bloodhoof: If Sylvannas is the queen of deathrattle, then he is the king. Would love to try him out in this deck.

Illidan: Much like hogger, allows for strong board control. I would love to hear from people who have used him successfully.

Cenarius: He has a built in Savage Roar (permanant), or can double drop treants. Perfect card in theory.

The deck is always improving, but right now It feels so solid at masters 3. I would love to hear some ideas, about ways to improve it. Anyway Thanks for reading, and Good Luck!


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