Hearthstone Druid Midrange Ramp Druid Legendary Deck


Hearthstone Druid Midrange Ramp Druid Legendary Deck?by virtu333

Having toiled in ranks 2-4 for the past week, I finally made my run to legend for the first time. It took 370 games total with a 57% win rate. The surge that got me there was from the charge druid deck (I prefer midrange ramp druid), which I now I think is one of the most straightforward but effective decks to use. Easier decisions than say, miracle, but also not as fragile as a deck like zoo. All with a ton of reach and consistency, and no terrible matchups.

I spent most of the time playing miracle rogue, with 257 games. It took me to rank 2-4, but I was stuck there. However, once I swapped to the shiny new charge druid deck, I was able to rapidly rank up after learning it a bit.

The decklist:?http://imgur.com/ZuS1bxs


Just a variation of Kolento/Strifeco?s druid deck. Added in a black knight for the mirror/handlocks and a sunwalker over a argent commander to finish off aggro.

Compared to miracle and handlock, and even zoo, the other 3 top decks I saw, this deck is much easier IMO. Your plays are often pretty clear cut; you use coin, wild growth, and innervate for tempo and to smooth your mana curve, and you put down chunky minions to dominate the board so that you can finish with some sort of savage roar combo. All while drawing cards with ancient of lores and drakes. It?s very arena-like in its straight forward nature of play. It is also much less fragile than zoo (less playing around AOE) and has a lot more reach as well.

One of the great highlights is consistent mulligans; you almost always want to be looking for wild growths/innervate, which makes mulligan choices much easier. This is especially important against warlock, where mulligan choices are dealbreakers for other classes. Contrast this with miracle rogue, which has to be careful about its mulligans for each matchup.


Miracle Rogue: In my experience, this deck dominates the miracle matchup, going 10-5 for a 66% win rate. Your minions are challenging to remove, with charge providing guaranteed damage to chip them down. Especially since rogues are only using one sap nowadays, having flexible taunt options ensure victory.

Druid: The mirror comes down to who can control the board better, and usually comes down to who can ramp faster. Teching in Black Knight changed the matchup for me, as killing a druid of the claw in taunt form simply swings the game way too much for a mirror.

Handlock: This deck is surprisingly decent against handlock; I went 4-0 against them last night to get to legend. I always thought it was bad, but Savjz thinks it is a druid favored matchup with the right techs. If you draw BGH or Black Knight, this matchup is yours. Even without it, your litany of 4 damage minions, and 2 copies of your combo mean that you can actually win the war of attrition if you can keep your cards up and they don?t have multiple fatties to open with.

Zoo: This matchup sucks, went exactly 50/50 for me. I think teching in Sen Jins would be better than yetis, but I think yetis are way too good in other matchups (especially the mirror). If you don?t ramp or draw keepers, your board gets overwhelmed.

As I mentioned before, you do have pretty consistent mulligans; keeper of the grove is godlike in both matchups, and you want your wild growths/innervates, and harvest golems too probably.

Shaman: Pretty even matchup; who can get board control? Slow starts can kill you, as you can?t reliably clear the board until you can double swipe or drake+swipe. If you get rolling though, you become pretty much unstoppable unless they get some spellpower lightning storms with good rolls.

Mage: Didn?t really face enough to make any big statements. The aggro deck shouldn?t be too hard if you can ramp and bring out a keeper to kill a juggler or sorcerer?s apprentice. The frost variants aren?t too bad either; 2 silences for the doomsayers, as well as charge minions. You can usually keep your board large enough so that when they run out of freezing spells, you can savage roar and chunk a huge amount of their HP. If they Alexstraza you, you can armor up and kill alexstraza, ensuring you will have 1 HP even after a fireball/fireball/frostbolt.

Warrior: This matchup is ridiculous; they simply don?t have the removal to handle all your chunky minions and you can just dominate the board and finish with a combo.

Hunter: Actually pretty tough. The freezing traps kill any innervate plays and your board in general (since you generally kill board with 1 minion per turn). Your board control style makes UtH variants somewhat effective, and hunter?s mark is very good. Snipe can be annoying, and misdirection can hurt a lot

Paladin: I feel like this is pretty even as well. The aggro deck is fairly easy if you draw your innervates/wild growths and can throw away cards to prevent a strong divine favor, but otherwise it can be a challenge. Both midrange and aggro are brutal at clearing board because of equality, and midrange versions have enough heal to keep them out of combo range. You aren?t zoo either, where you can flood the board and abuse paladin?s lack of early game; Truesilver becomes much stronger because of this as well.

Priest: Non-existent because of this deck. 2 yetis, 2 drakes, 2 druid of the claw, black knight?this is the nightmare priest deck.

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