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Hearthstone Druid Rank 3 Seven Legendaries Deck


Hearthstone Druid Rank 3 Seven Legendaries Deck?by Matrias

So ive been running an 8 legendary druid deck recently in constructed and got to rank 3 with it, although i dropped Ysera and a claw for Wild Pyromancer x2 because 80% of my matches Ysera sat in my hand and wasn?t usefull. When i drew it early i almost always lost because of it, 1 card does count especially early.

I dropped claw because it only helped out in the early game also and i feel 1 works fine after testing it. I hesitate to post my deck because the last deck i posted in the pally forums everyone ran for a good while a month back and it was frustrating losing against your own deck in constructed, but i doubt everyone has this expensive deck so here i go.


Cost ? Card ? How Many ? (Explanations)
0 Innervate x2
1 Claw x1
1 Wrath x2
2 Wild Pyromancer x2 (Great to counter those pesky warlock/rogue rush decks and sometimes a great 2 drop by itself. Depends on the class you vs and if you have 2 in your hand. Wrath +Wild Pyro RIP Harvest Golems)
2 Nat Pagle x1 (Replaced my 2x Novice engineers, often you draw one card and they blow half theyre hand of spells to kill him which is super value. If you drop behind a taunt tho GG)
2 Bloodmage Thalnos x1
3 Earthen Ring Farseer x2 (Could replace one with a healing touch but i like my board presence, i often heal my taunts or Ragnaros with these if im in a good spot health wise)
3 Harvest Golem x2
3 Tinkmaster Overspark x1 (Big Game Hunter can often suffice but save a Keeper to silence Sylvanas if you dont have him, hes used for big stuff like Ragnaros)
4 Swipe x2
4 Keeper of the Grove x2
5 Starfall x1 (Abomination is an ok alternate but i like it for Thalnos combo and the 5 damage option)
5 Druid of the Claw x2
5 Faceless Manipulator x1 (Faceless theyre/Your rag/ysera then tinkmaster him 😀 or your Ancient of War/Sylvanas)
5 Sylvanas Windrunner x1 I HAVE NO TIME FOR GAMES!
6 Cairne Bloodhood x1
6 Black Knight x1
7 Ancient of Lore x2 (Could use just 1 if you must, the heal saves your life quite often tho)
7 Ancient of War x2 (Could use just one if you must, id rather x2 lore over x2 war because Black Knight is so popular in the current meta although i prefer 2 of each)
8 Ragnaros the Firelord x1 FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE!

Ive had great success with this deck and although i love Ysera i had to remove her.
If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below or add me ingame for more instant responses or to just hang out and play some games. Matrias#1130 (US Server)

I stream every now and then but im in Australia so had to lower the quality slightly (my stubborn government man) its at http://www.twitch.tv/matrias88 if you PM me ingame ill be happy to stream the deck for you.


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