Hearthstone Evolve Shaman Deck Guide – Pretty strong By: thechosenguy1


Hey everyone, DoctorChosen (ex pro hearthstone player for those who don’t know me)

I have my first deck guide of the new set. I don’t think this is the “STRONGEST” deck. However I do believe it is strong, easy to learn and not too expensive to craft. Revolve Shaman is literally just a slightly nerfed evolve shaman. I had a lot of success and this video really gives a good example. The mulligan is pretty weird. It’s better explained in the video.

Deck Guide

Surging Tempest
Cagematch Custodian

If you have coin or a revolve/weapon you can keep:

Desert Hare
Dread Corsair

Obviously the list is new, lots can change and it’s no where near perfect but I think this list is a strong starting point. Enjoy

### Carousel Shaman

# Class: Shaman

# Format: Standard

# Year of the Phoenix


# 2x (0) Lightning Bloom

# 2x (1) Revolve

# 2x (1) Sludge Slurper

# 2x (1) Storm’s Wrath

# 2x (1) Surging Tempest

# 2x (2) Cagematch Custodian

# 2x (2) Diligent Notetaker

# 2x (2) Wandmaker

# 2x (3) Bogstrok Clacker

# 2x (3) Desert Hare

# 2x (4) Dread Corsair

# 2x (4) Dunk Tank

# 2x (5) Boggspine Knuckles

# 2x (9) Carnival Clown

# 2x (9) Mogu Fleshshaper




# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

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