Hearthstone F2P Guide


Hearthstone F2P Guide?by?fr0d0b0ls0n

1. After you finish the tutorial you?ll have unlocked the Mage class and its Basic Deck.

2. Defeat using the Mage on Practice Mode / Normal Difficulty your favorite class. If it?s the Mage skip this part.

3. Defeat once each of the other classes in Practice Mode / Normal using your favorite class. Reward: 100 gold.

4. As you do that you?ll unlock new cards for your favorite class, so create a custom deck with your new cards, the Basic Deck is not very good.

5. Play once in Play Mode, doesn?t matter if you lose. Reward: 1 pack.

6. Play 3 more times (when you get The Duelist quest) in Play Mode, doesn?t matter if you lose. Reward: 100 gold.

7. Defeat in Practice Mode once each class in Expert Difficulty. Ideally with your favourite class until you are level 10 with that class. Reward: 100 gold.

8. Keep playing in whatever mode you prefer until your favourite class is level 10. Reward: 1 pack.

9. We now have 2 long distance rewards, one is leveling each class to 10, playing whatever mode you prefer. Reward: 100 gold.

10. The other one is win 100 matches in any mode you prefer (you can?t track this). Reward: 300 gold.

Spend your money wisely, you can buy packs at lOOg, or Arena tickets at 150g. The Arena is worth it if you win at least 5 times before losing 3. Even if it?s not worth money wise, is pretty fun and you?ll get a pack and some stuff back. You are really putting on the line 50g for a chance to extra rewards. Remember the first Arena is free. That?s an extra pack!

Daily play

? Don?t try to farm gold, is impossible right now.
? Do the daily quest each day, you?ll get 40 gold. Plenty of quests make you play an specific class, so having all of them leveled to 10 is a good thing to do.
? If you win each day 10 matches (Play or Arena mode), you?ll get enough gold to get a pack each 2 days, or a Arena ticket each 3. Don?t farm after that, just play for fun.
? If you are a pretty good Arena player, you can farm gold/packs in that mode indefinitely. Just keep playing it and hope for 7+ victories each time.

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