Hearthstone Gold Farming Guide: How To Get Gold for Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Packs? Top Decks.


The new Old Gods legendary cards look very promising, and will definitely form the basis of many archetypes. But do we have enough resources to get them all? Today we have decided to talk about preparing for the release of the Madness at the Darkmoon Faire expansion, as well as the main ways to increase the amount of gold you earn. We have also prepared a list of the best decks for farming gold. We will be infinitely grateful to you if you subscribe to our channel,  hit the bell, and support this video with a like. Guys, let’s get down to business. Ok. Studying at the Scholomance Academy turned out to be too expensive for most students.  The number of free resources during this expansion is likely to be an all-time low.  Scholomance Academy turned out to be too short, which means that we will complete fewer quests,  get fewer daily victories and also receive only three monthly rewards for ranked in place of four.  All players will have less time to prepare for the release of the new expansion.

Some time ago, we managed to establish that only 25% of players managed to save more  than 3000 gold coins before the release of the new expansion. This means that players will be  able to get too few new packs for free on the day Madness at the Darkmoon Faire is released. There is practically no gold farming mechanism in Hearthstone.  Players receive almost no rewards for spending a large amount of time in the game.

In my opinion,  this is a deliberate decision by the developers. They didn’t want to turn the game into work. You only need to log in once every three days to complete quests, and you’ll lose almost nothing.  Hearthstone is a fun game, not a routine. I really like this peculiarity in the game. Therefore,  do not expect that there is some secret that will allow you to make a fortune in a very simple way. But players do have the opportunity to get additional gold.  Let’s talk about the basic methods to do this. Method number one is Arena… at least most players mistakenly think so. In general, the Arena is the best tool for getting resources, but not for farming gold.  For seven victories, you will receive an average of 150 gold coins for the next Arena ticket,  as well as 20-30 gold coins and a pack from the current expansion. To earn gold, you need to regularly achieve 8 wins or more.

Even the best Arena players cannot  demonstrate such a result. For this reason, Arena is the worst way to get ready for a new expansion,  and at the same time, the best way to get resources right after an expansion is released. The second way is to complete quests with friends.  The “Play a Friend!” quest will give you and your friend 80 gold in just one game.  But for this you need to have the ability to make new acquaintances.  The more friends you have, the more likely you are to receive a quest from your friend. At least this method worked last year. According to our statistics, the probability of getting  the quest has decreased at least twofold after the release of Ashes of Outland.  Now, on average, I only get 1 80 gold quest the entire expansion. This means I can share  my quest just one time. Therefore, even if you have 200 friends, the probability of receiving  an invitation is extremely low. In the best case, you can count on 1-2 invitations per day.  But you need to stay online all the time and pray that your friends will choose you.

Another way to get gold quickly is to participate in tavern brawls that allow  you to create your own deck. For example, according to the “Top 3” brawl rules,  you needed to create a combo deck using only three cards.  If you find the right combination, it will allow you to earn a large amount of gold in record time. Unfortunately, we are not able to take part in such brawls at the moment. Thus, daily victories remain the only reliable,  but at the same time quite tedious, way to get gold. That’s why we decided to find the best decks for you to get as much gold as possible in the  shortest possible time. To do this, we analyzed over 70 archetypes and checked the statistics of  almost 250 decks in Standard and Wild. With the help of the HSreplay website, we obtained data  on win rates and durations of matches. Based on these data, we were able to determine the number  of wins that you can get in one hour of play, and then the number of gold coins that you can get.  Thus, we managed to get a list of the most productive decks for each class.

So in tenth place is the Priest. This is definitely the worst class to get gold. You will  need to spend an average of 12 minutes per match, and your win rate will only be slightly over 50%.  Thus, on average, for 1 hour of play, you have the opportunity to receive only 9 gold coins.  In the wild mode, you can earn more, but it’s still a bad decision. Anyway, if you are a priest, you have one very big advantage – “the Light shall  bring you victory!”.

In my opinion, the Light has a much higher value than gold. The Shaman is in ninth place. Especially for the crazy people of Azeroth who prefer using  only shamanic decks, we can recommend the Totem archetype for Standard mode.  To create this deck, you need 6 Epic cards. You can potentially earn 17 coins in an hour,  but the other decks on our list can give you much more. Next in line is Aggro Demon Hunter. This deck will allow you to get in 1 more coin. The main  advantage of the deck is that it is almost free, since you don’t need epics and legendaries. Stealth Rogue is a slightly more efficient, but at the same time, it is a much more expensive deck.  Potentially, this version of the deck will allow you to get 19 coins per hour. In sixth place is the Mage.

In standard mode, you have a terrible range of decks to earn gold,  but you can always use a deck from Wild Mode. Secret Mage is one of the most popular archetypes,  and one of the most effective. Potentially, with the right skills, you can get 21 coins per hour. Face Hunter demonstrates approximately the same results in Standard mode.  This deck is a good choice if you are not afraid that your karma will suffer.  The deck will allow you to get almost 22 coins per hour. In fourth place is the Paladin. We were surprised, but in Standard Mode, the Murloc archetype is  capable of bringing you more gold than the more popular and effective variations of the Pure  Paladin archetypes. The secret to success is the duration of battles. But we want to recommend a  different deck for a different mode. Odd Paladin is the star in Wild. The deck has incredible  potential and has a huge number of tools that can counter almost any strategy. The deck has the  highest win rate on our list, over 75%.

The only drawback is slightly longer duration of matches. Discard Warlock is in the top three. This is not surprising. The deck has the potential to bring you 29 coins per hour.  This version of the deck is completely free for Hearthstone veterans,  which is extremely rare for the Wild mode. No epic and legendary cards, no investment, only benefit. In second place is wild Aggro Warrior. This deck is a mix of completely different synergies:  Dragons, Pirates, Bombs and even Galakrond. While Aggro does not have the highest win rate,  this deck is the fastest on our list. Brann and Patches the Pirate are  super important cards for this deck, while Lorekeeper Polkelt is more of an optional card. Aggro Warrior can potentially bring you 29 coins per hour.

During our testing,  this version of the deck performed the best on the ladder. The deck is just crazy. Even though  the deck is in second place, it is definitely my favorite one, and it brought me the most gold. And finally, wild Token Druid comes first. Token Druid is the king of the first turn,  as he is able to create a serious threat with just 1 crystal of mana.  The deck has a win rate of over 70%. According to HSreplay, this deck generates tons of gold.  You can earn up to 36 gold coins per hour, which is an incredible result. To be honest, I didn’t manage to earn that much during testing,  although the potential of the deck is truly incredible. Maybe I was unlucky  with opponents or I lacked the necessary skill since I don’t really like aggro strategies. Here are some simple tips to help you increase your income.

First, Wild Mode is the best place to farm gold. You will be able to make much more profit in  a short time. Your win rate will be highest at low ranks. The higher you go, the less you will  earn. On the other hand, Aggro Warrior showed excellent results even in the platinum league. But in any case, If you want to leave the opportunity for effective farming,  you should end each season at low ladder levels and beware of win streaks. Try to  alternate wins and losses in order to reduce the progress in the ranking as much as possible. Use one format for fun and results and the other for resource farming. In this video we are promoting aggro decks and that makes me feel terrible! I am lucky that I am a bot and I don’t feel anything,  but in any case, the developers leave us no other choice. Perhaps the situation will change with the release of a new reward system.  We talked in great detail about all the nuances of the Rewards Track in the last video.  We even managed to count all the awards and determine their value, as well as identify  potential disadvantages.

Don’t miss this video, you will find the link in the description. We’ve been thinking about a fair reward for victories for a long time, and here’s what  we want to discuss with you: What if the reward for victories directly depended on the length  of the match. The fewer turns you make, the less experience for the Rewards Track you get, and vice  versa. Thus, it will not matter at all which deck you choose. Aggressive decks will gain as much  experience as control decks.

The new progression system has the flexibility to implement this idea. And the second question is, should we get experience points for defeats?  Share your opinion in the comments, and also participate in voting on our community page. We would like to express our boundless gratitude to our sponsors. Guys, your support is incredibly  important to us. Many thanks to each of you. all right that’s all for today thank you for  being with us and special thanks to chris for text editing we will meet in new videos good luck.

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