Hearthstone [Guide] Hitting 11 star bonus with Gibberling Druid By: Earil


Hello everyone,

This is my first time making a guide post so please feel free to provide constructive criticism.

First, let’s start with the list : The Gibberling Druid list has been mostly refined, there’s is only a bit of competition between Guidance and Soul of the Forest for the last card slot. This list doesn’t choose, and runs one copy of both :

### Token Druid

# Class: Druid

# Format: Standard

# Year of the Gryphon


# 2x (0) Lightning Bloom

# 2x (0) Innervate

# 2x (1) Nature Studies

# 1x (1) Guidance

# 2x (1) Gibberling

# 2x (1) Adorable Infestation

# 2x (2) Thorngrowth Sentries

# 2x (2) Solar Eclipse

# 2x (2) Power of the Wild

# 2x (2) Lunar Eclipse

# 2x (2) Guess the Weight

# 2x (3) Fungal Fortunes

# 1x (4) Soul of the Forest

# 2x (4) Pride’s Fury

# 2x (5) Glowfly Swarm

# 2x (5) Arbor Up



# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

# Find this deck on https://hsreplay.net/decks/hxPX7KcKDXx8F12KmfDiS/

Now onto to deck style and subtleties.

This list is quite agressive, and can sometime win games by turn 5, but it is very much a combo-like deck. Unline traditional aggro decks that want to curve well and float no mana, we want to wait for the right moment and pop-off.

Mulligan :

Almost regardless of the match-up, I’m very agressively looking for these four cards : Gibberling, Glowfly Swarm, Guess the Weight, and Fungal fortunes. The reason for this is that Gibberling and Glowfly Swarm are the key cards that enable us to get a strong board, and Guess the Weight and Fungal are very important to accumulate more ressources during the first few turns when we are mostly not doing anything. Don’t even keep Nature’s Studies unless you also have fungal fortunes in hand.

Play-style :

I reiterate, this is a combo-like deck. We have four copies of the key cards that allow us to get a strong board presence : 2 Glowfly Swarm, 2 Gibberlings. They are anti-synergetic, in the sense that gibberling wants us to dump all of our hand to get a full board, and glowfly swarm wants us to have a hand full of spells to get max value. This means that Gibberling is a card that often has to be held a lot, and is to be played after glowfly swarm to get a board refill. On HSReplay, gibberling is held for an average of 0.9 turns, and I think that this is the most major misplay most Token Druid players make and hinders the deck’s winrate. I rarely, if ever, hold my gibberlings for less that 2 turns. Many games, I’ll have them in my oppening hand, and not play them before turn 4-5, sometimes even later if I draw my glowfly swarm first.

Our general game-plan is the following :

Turn 1-2-3 : Draw, Wait, Control

We want to play guess the weight and fungal fortunes to draw more cards, use our hero power, and if we have enough spells in hand (happens a lot when going second), we can use Thorngrowth Sentries/Lunar Eclipse to get a little bit of board presence and control the opponent’s board.

Turn (3)-4-5-6 : Wait for the right time to go, and get a big board.

Generally, the earliest you can get a good board is turn 3. This happens often when going second : You have 5 spells in hand in your oppening hand, meaning that, even without any card draw, you have 8 cards (often 8 spells) by turn 3. This allows to play Lighting Bloom/Glowfly swarm for 6 2/2s, which can win the game instantly in agressive match-ups.

Turns after the initial explosion : Boost the board and refill it.

Once we’ve got our initial board, we want to boost it and refill if it gets cleared. That’s why we hold our gibberlings : We get a first board thanks to a glowfly swarm, our opponents clears it using key ressources, but we only used one card. Now they cannot deal with a board of 6-7 boosted gibberlings that we follow-up with.

Useful combos and general advice :

One of the way I most often get a winning board with are the following cards : gibberling, solar eclipse, pride’s fury. The goal is to play Gibberling, some mana cheat/free spells/very cheap spells (Innervate, Bloom, Nature’s studies, lunar eclipse, adorable infestation), Solar eclipse and pride’s fury. This leaves you with a board full or nearly full of 3/7 that is extremely hard to deal with (even for priest, warlock and mage). Example instant-winning play on turn 4 : gibberling, lighting bloom, coin, nature’s studies/lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, pride’s fury. The same pattern is also very much winning of turn 5-6-7, unless your opponent has twisting nether, dealing with many 3/7 is mostly impossible.

If you have some board refill, dumping a 5 spells glowfly swarm is fine in many match ups. Due to the 5 mana price tags, unlike gibberling, it’s generally impossible to play Glowfly Swarm and board boost in the same turn. The goal of glowfly swarm is not to win immediately, but to force them to use many resources when we only use one card. You can them use the rest of your hand to refill the board and buff it, and they won’t be able to clear again.

TL:DR : Be patient, hold your gibberling until can play it AND boost it a lot if the same turn, mulligan very agressively for Gibberling/Glowfly Swarm/Guess the Weight/Fungal Fortunes.

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