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Hearthstone Hero Tactics Guide?by GamerLCD

So I?ve been playing this game non stop since I got in for about 100 hours straight now and I think I have a well enough understanding of the game to help new players just starting out or others who still need a little help and can?t figure out what is going on.

keep in mind though I?m not saying I?m the best or an expert by any means, but this post is just going to compile a few tricks on how to deal with each Hero. Not every strategy will be mentioned but it?s just something to get you started.


Mana is essential to everything you do in this game and the way you decide to use it can lead to a win or a loss. You will learn the hard way that you want spend every little piece of mana you get whenever you can. Trying to horde mana is pointless seeing as how it regenerates after every turn and you also gain 1 mana thereafter until you reach a total of 10.

To help you get a better understanding, lets say your 6 mana but only need 5 to carry out your strategy for that turn; don?t just end your turn, analyze the board to make sure their is absolutely nothing else you can do with that 1 mana. Placing a minion that costs 1 mana could save you from something tricky that the opponent had up their sleeve you would never see coming. The only time you should avoid doing this is when that 1 card you were saving is needed for the overall bigger picture.


A lot of people don?t know this, but you are actually able to control the position of your cards on the board. Most people just think they place it where there is an empty space which always isn?t the case.

Positioning is just as important as spending your mana wisely. Putting a minion on the field the right way could save him/her from being killed and ultimately saving your hero.


The coin is actually big deal. For those who don?t know what it is, it is a magical coin that is assigned to the player who goes second during the game. It allows you to gain an extra mana for a turn at the cost of 0 mana to place it.

The coin is best used for later, don?t waste it on the smalls things like 2 points of damage. Saving it for an emergency can be a win or a loss. A good example of this whne you are wanting to summon a powerful minion but can?t because lack of mana. Alexstraza is a legendary card that sets your opponents or your heroes health at 15 but costs 9 mana. If I have the coin I can save a turn by using it and summoning her early to save myself from the death I would of had last turn. Get it?


Druids are tricky because their hero ability allows them gain 1/1 weapon weapon damage and 1 shield on their hero potentially every turn if they choose. A very balanced ability. The best way to go about handling this is to keep them on the defensive. Instead of them focusing on spending that 2 mana to attack, you can force them to keep playing minions and now allowing that defense to stack on their hero.

Do now allow them to stack minions, take them out one by one as fast as you can otherwise they can easily be healed and health buffed to un-killable levels.


I play the hunter as my main so I will giving you guys way to defeat me 🙂

Hunters rely a lot on their traps, I know I do. Hunters have a lot varying traps just like the deal in the real WoW game. In order to deal with these, you have to be able to predict what kind of trap it is going to be which can?t always be an easy thing to do but I?m here to help.

Freezing Trap?? Understand why a hunter would use this; to try and avoid big damage or to keep his hero from dying. If you have a minion on the field with lets say (9/9) then you know your hunter opponent wants to protect himself. Catch him off guard by using a lower level minion to get rid of the trap first.

Explosive Trap?? This card is very handy for trying to clear your opponents minions off the field and save themselves from a barrage of attacks on their hero. Since you really can?t control the effect of this like Freezing Trap, just make sure that your minions are topped off before going in to attack.

Snipe Trap?? This trap allows the hunter to deal 4 damage to the next minion their opponent summons instantly. This is used when the hunter is desperate to deal damage and wants to help get rid of minions. Since the hunter doesn?t know what card their opponent is going to play there is not to much worry about this one.

Snake Trap?? This one is actually really important for a lot of hunters because they rely it for activating some abilities on their other important minions. Look for cards on their side that have special abilities like ?Summon X when X Dies? or ?Gain X attack when X dies?. If you see that then you know something is being set up, especially if the trap is already in place.


People have wondered why Janiya?s hero ability costs two mana but only does one damage unlike other heroes that do two damage. Will that answer to that is because she can attack another hero or a minion as where other heroes can only attack the opponent hero; so it really balances out.

Most mage decks revolve around stalling the opponent until they build enough mana to deal massive damage with their spell cards. They have a lot of cards that deal instant damage at relatively low mana costs like arcane missiles which does 3 random damage and only costs one mana.

Try to keep the mage on the run by constantly attacking the hero instead of any minions she has on the field. More times than not she will try and freeze your minions allowing her to set up a destruction phase.


Paladin?s have a very interesting hero power that can be quite deadly if use in the correct way. It allows them to summon a (1/1) minion potentially every turn. This can be bad sometimes because they can be buffed very easily through various means such as Blessing of Kings. Try to take these out quickly if no other imminent threat is present.

Paladins are also know for their healing cards like holy like which heals for 6 and only costs 2 mana. Make sure that healing isn?t a possibility before you do any significant damage to any one creature or hero.


Coming Soon


Rogues are currently all about weapon damage. Their hero ability allows them to gain a (1/1) weapon or increase the damage of the weapon they already have active. This can be quite deadly because the weapon can constantly be built each turn so long as the hero is spending mana to increase it and weapons can?t be damage unless a special card is used to do so. The rogue also has special cards to radically increase weapon damage as well. The best way to deal with this is to keep rogues on the defensive. Instead of spending 2 mana on their weapon they will be spending that on putting up taunt creatures etc.

Also watch out for stealth minions. Stealth minions can?t be attacked with spells or other minions until the stealthed minion attacks first. They will try to bate you into thinking they aren?t going to attack but they will trick you. The other strategy with stealth cards is to let them sit until you can buff the crap out of them and then attack.


Shaman tactics are all about their totems and buffing the crap out of their minions and other totems they have on the board. The best advice I can give you is to just destroy their totems as you see them placed. Letting a totem live for even one round can lead to your demise.

A popular shaman strategy is to try and summon a healing totem and then buffing it so that it is really hard to destroy later on. Thrall and his allies will all gain 1 health per round if not destroyed.

Also, a lot of shaman cards cause what is overload to thrall ultimately locking their mana pool by a certain amount for a turn. Use this to your advantage by overwhelming the enemy.


I don?t know to much about warlocks at the moment. Although there is one strategy I could tell you about.

Warlocks like to use their imps (which are stealth) to buff the HP of all the other minions they have on the board. Since they can?t be attacked, you have to deal with them in another way.


Warriors are also very tricky. Garrosh?s hero ability gives him 2 armor ever time he decides to use it which can be very bad if you allow him to stack this armor. This will lead you to never doing any amount of damage so long as you allow him to build up stacks. Again, the best way to deal with this is to keep him spending is mana on other things, so keep him on the defensive.

Watch out for execute. Execute allows Garrosh to instantly destroy any enemy minion on the field just so long as they have taken at least a single point of damage. Before placing a strong minion or buffing up a single minion, make sure that you are safe from execute by checking to make sure that the said minion has full health; healing the minion does not count as him having taken damage.


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