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Hearthstone Improving Control Spellemental Shaman By: Radius112


Deck and stats in diamond and above

Hi! I’m normaly a legend player who like to play the underplayed classes. This time shaman was my pick. However, I think theres some potential in the type of deck I’m presenting here for you. The deck is a shaman deck consisting of mainly elementals combined with strong spells that will carry you til the lategame where you either A: win by controlling the board by removing minions and restoring health, B: win with a 22 damage combo.

This will not be full guide as I’m looking for ways to improve this list.

However, I will explain the following:

Overall gameplan

You are playing a control deck, but you are always the aggressor against other control decks (priest and warlock). You arsenal is filled with ways to give you tempo (Torrent, Kel’Thuzad, Serpentshrine Portal, Lilypad Lurker), generate resources (Fireheart, Menacing Nimbus, Marshspawn, Diligent Notetaker) and survival (Tidal Surge, Tidal Wave). This all works nicely combined with both spell and elemental synergies to bring a deck with a strong finishing potential while also have a real chance to grab an early board. You also have a combo of 22 damage which will win you games against slower decks.

So whats the combo?

  1. [Earlier turn] Play Ysera, get Nightmare (you are guaranteed this card since the Dream cards are generated in numerical order).

  2. [Later turn] Play Diligent Notetaker > Al’Akir > Nightmare > Nightmare (generated from Notetaker) > 11/14 Al’Akir double face hit for 22 damage. 10 mana required.


  • The deck isn’t extremely unfavoured in any matchup. You always have a chance.

  • The deck is favoured against most aggressive decks and priest.

  • You got high potential to heal for lots.

  • Your 22 damage combo is set up over 2 turns and is only blocked by taunts or burned cards.

  • You are playing shaman in this meta, people will not know how to correctly mulligan against you.


  • The warlock matchup can be rough due to constant healing and/or Tickatus. You need to draw your combo pieces and get them to 22 or less health to win basically.

  • Card draw is bad for Shaman, you will almost never get through your deck.

  • Counterspell and Oh My Yogg needs to be cared for extremely well since your best spells are often heavy-costed.

Noteable cards chosen

  • Elemental package – So the deck basically started as an elemental-control deck. However only Lilypad is worth considering for elemental synergy. Kindling Elemental is here to smoothen your midgame curve (which is great with Primordials), Menacing Nimbus is great to keep the elementals rolling for Lilypad and Marshspawn has synergies with both the spell and the elemental side of the deck. Its just a solid package.

  • Rune Dagger x2 – The weapon isn’t meant to just be here to the spell damage. I often use it early to ping off 1 health minions. However it really shines when you can cast a 5 damage heal 5 Tidal Surge or a 4 damage AoE Tidal Wave. The weapon just synergies so well with the entire deck and you have full control over when you need spell damage or not. Oh and the 1x Cagematch is here because have 2 is too much since the Rune Dagger isnt crucial for the game plan and often you draw atleast one of the weapons naturally.

  • Primordial Protector and Taelan Fordring – Welp. This is our card draw apart from the mentioned Cagematch Custodian. However its extremely good card draw. Primordial helps you find the cards that makes the deck even work – Tidal Wave – and often brings a solid body onto the board. Only downside is that there are plenty bad statted 8-drops currently. Taelan grabs you Ysera which is crucial against Warlock before they burn it. Or else he grabs you Primordrial or Al’Akir which are all important cards.

  • Tidal Surge and Tidal Wave – These are the bread and butter. The fact that they made Tidal Surge have lifesteal is great too. One good Tidal Wave will win you the game. Two average will be equally as good. You have consistent ways to draw this. Tidal Surge is just solid. Kinda slow sometimes, but often a life saver. Against aggressive opponents the game is basically about you casting Tidal Wave on a populated board that makes you win. Tidal Surge helps you immensely to that turn.

Notable cards not chosen

  • Venomous Scorpid – This could replace Marshspawn or Guidance without a doubt. However, you do sacrifice elemental synergy with Kindling and Lilypad by removing Marshspawn, which also has good stats for the cost. Replacing Guidance is a good consideration, but its one of your only ways to play Marshspawn on curve and also fish for Counterspell/Oh My Yogg. I’ve just never liked Scorpid in this deck. Guidance also synergies great with Notetaker for extreme value generation.

  • Devolving Missiles – I want to fit this in, but often i can also generate it. I havent playtested enough with this card, but Guidance is probably the spell to be replaced with this.

  • Chain Lightning – SUPER STRONG card, especially with Rune Dagger. However, same as missiles – there isnt space for it and I can generate it. I do almost always pick this if I get the chance because its handy to clean the board in combination with other spells such as Serpentshrine Portal and Tidal Surge.

  • Arid Stormer/Gyreworm – These just doesnt bring enough impact. They are great on curve, but you cant consistently make that happen, so they often falls a lot in value. I prefer to save the few elementals I have to keep a constant uptime on Lilypads effect.

  • Hex – Originally in, but taken out. Its just slow and I’ve never felt the need to have extra Hexes outside of Lilypad in my original deck. If I want more transform effects Id take missiles instead. However when playing against slower decks and I generate a Hex, I aint sad.

What needs improving

  1. Balance the amount of elementals in the deck for Lilypad. Lilypad is super strong, but you should never feel like “damn where are my elementals” in a time of need. Those times happen too often for my liking now. Kindling Elemental might seem weak but the fulfill a special purpose to smoothen your plays and make sure your Lilypad is ready when you want it to be.

  2. Make up what to cut for Devolving Missiles. The card is too good to not include, yet still I’m struggling to find something to cut.

  3. Improve the warlock matchup. Currently you need to grab a board at some point to chip your damage in, while you hope that they do not heal for too much without burning your combo pieces. Might sound unwinnable, but its doable. I think the deck needs some more way to push board to get the damage in. The warlock burning cards cant be done anything about curently with the lack of card draw we have. Why warlock and not paladin? I think the paladin matchup will be partially fixed with missles and also me playing around Oh My Yogg better.

I hope I’ve inspired you or got you thinking how this deck could be improved. I think this might be onto something. If not now, then maybe in a later card expansion.

Take care. /R

Edit: Deck code: AAECAZu1AwazzAOczgOq3gOoigS0igSAoAQM27gDk7kDmLkDpssD4cwDrtIDiuQD3uwDre4Dr+4D46AE8KAEAA==


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