Hearthstone Keymaster Alabaster Glide Tempo Deck and Guide By: Neufjob


I have tried Keymaster in quite a few decks and finally created one that is actually worth sharing, where you can get value out of him consistently, and pull off a decent win rate. It is a meme deck, but I have had quite a bit of success with it at legend 3000. Most importantly it’s really fun and satisfying, and especially when you pull off the combo. The deck and code is at the bottom of the post.

The deck is built around a Keymaster – Glide combo (where one or both is discounted by skull), this is your finisher, particularly for slower decks. This combo can actually be obtained quite regularly through a few different tutors: Lorekeeper, sightless watcher, sphere of sapience. Lorekeeper will guarantee you get Keymaster then skull. The skull will be set up for a discounted glide. Sightless watcher can make sure you get a skull or lorekeeper, or can be played before a skull to make sure you discount what you want. Sphere + skull is a great combo to get either a discounted glide or keymaster, and surprisingly often both. The other win condition is you have board control and you know your opponent will not be able to remove him (ex. if you are playing against a face hunter, or if you have robes of protection and maybe a taunt, and are playing against mage or rogue). In either case you end up having all of the same cards your opponent does, but cheaper, along with a bunch of your own.

The rest of the deck is more of a tempo demon hunter deck, but with lots of tech, and a fairly different playstyle. The goal of the early/mid game is to maintain tempo instead of just going straight face, so that you can comfortably pull off the combo or play keymaster and keep him protected. Although some of the deck is similar to tempo DH decks, the playstyle is quite different.

The deck is really flexible, and can/should be adapted based on what decks you play against frequently. You don’t need all of the legendaries, the only must have is keymaster.

Card discussion:

Robes of protection: Protects you against any targeted spells or hero powers. Extremely useful against mage, priest and rogue.

Ace hunter: Helps you keep tempo, your minions can attack their minions without losing health.

Ashtongue battlelord: The taunt is useful to protect your robes, ace hunter, and keymaster. The lifesteal is extremely useful against face hunter and other aggro decks. Face hunter is the main reason this guy is here. If you play alot of face hunters, or you find them annoying, run two of these

Mage hunter: If you can get ace hunter to stick this is infinite silence, extremely useful against pure paladin. Also useful against face hunter as it allows you to debuff scavengers ingenuity beasts, intrepid initate, and it is also rush. For other decks it can just be used as a rush minion or silence, whatever is needed. I originally played with two as I was seeing alot of pure paladins, but have been seeing less of those recently so only one is included.

Acidic swamp ooze: I only included one as I didn’t play against too many soul demon hunters, or bomb warriors.

Common match ups:

Mage: Before the recent nerf this was the most common opponent I faced, and was also the strongest match-up. If you can get robes of protection early enough you can just fill your board with minions and dominate the entire game. Make sure to keep control of the board, protecting robes until you are ready to go lethal. In general you don’t need the combo to win this one, and you can just play keymaster on turn 7. If you start falling behind

Face hunter: This deck is quite strong against face hunter as long as you play around the secrets correctly. Often you can win board control using ace hunter, ashtongue, and mana drain. If you aren’t able to win the early game, often you can at least tie it with both players having at least half health and a fairly empty board, and hand. At this point if you have keymaster play it immediately (don’t both with glide combo). They won’t be able to kill it, and you can just out value them to the end of the game getting copies of their cards

Pure paladain: Lots of silences are included since you have so many you can use them on early game buffs without having to worry about saving it for blessing of authority or taunts preventing you from lethal as you will have more. If you can get ace hunter to stick you will likely win early. If not they will play libram of hope. You should have full health, and silences to keep you alive until pull off your glide keymaster combo and fill your board with taunts with big buffs and finish them, silencing anything in your way.

Libroom paladin: This is a tougher match-up, the broom in particular will prevent you from dominating the early game, and the cards you get from the combo might not be enough to finish them, and there are less things to silence.

Priest: Robes of protection early is quite useful to defend your tempo. If you can avoid the wild pyromancer/ Apotheosis combo you may end up winning early, especially if they mulligan expecting soul DH. Otherwise you will have lots of time to find and play your combo, and then turn their own cards against them.

Soul demon hunter: Tougher match-up. They have lots of AOE early game, and heal. The strategy here is to keep them preoccupied with removing your minions instead of attacking your face. Winning will most likely come down to whether or not you can pull off your combo and do enough damage with the cards you get from it. However you can also win based on mistakes they make. If they play their twin slice and/or blade dance too early. Or if they play skull, and then keep all of their discounted cards in hand. You can then respond with glide and get rid of their discounts, and shrink their hand size. This can be enough to turn the game around in your favor.

Bomb warrior: Really bad match up. Brawl destroys your tempo. Bombs blow you up when you play skull or glide. I didn’t play against many of these if you see more consider sticky fingers as that would allow you to put bombs in their deck, and playing glide would force them to draw those.

I have never played anyone with a similar deck and as far as I can tell no one has really played/posted anything similar on reddit, youtube, or any other websites. A couple have gone the keymaster/glide route, but I have found those decks have very poor win rates. I have found the tempo route to be much more effective, in particular robes of protection work really well here. Let me know your thoughts on the deck, and whether you’ve tried it.

### Meme

# Class: Demon Hunter

# Format: Standard

# Year of the Phoenix


# 2x (1) Battlefiend

# 2x (1) Blazing Battlemage

# 2x (1) Consume Magic

# 2x (1) Demon Companion

# 1x (1) Guardian Augmerchant

# 2x (1) Mana Burn

# 1x (1) Sphere of Sapience

# 1x (2) Acidic Swamp Ooze

# 1x (2) Bonechewer Brawler

# 1x (2) Cult Neophyte

# 2x (2) Sightless Watcher

# 1x (3) Ace Hunter Kreen

# 1x (3) Magehunter

# 2x (3) Robes of Protection

# 1x (4) Altruis the Outcast

# 1x (4) Ashtongue Battlelord

# 2x (4) Glide

# 1x (4) Kayn Sunfury

# 1x (4) Lorekeeper Polkelt

# 2x (6) Skull of Gul’dan

# 1x (7) Keymaster Alabaster




# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

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