Hearthstone Legendary Crafting Guide 2016

Al?AkirShamanClassicA good finisher in many slower Shaman decks. Dropping him on turn 10 together with 2 Rockbiter Weapons amounts to a burst of 18 damage out of nowhere! Many decks use a Doomhammer or Bloodlust as an effective replacement.Baron GeddonNeutralClassicA great anti-aggro card. His effect forces your opponent to remove him immediately, or he will never be able to play minions again. Many cards like Leper Gnome or Arcane Golem become useless when this card is in play. He also enables good trades against Midrange or control decks. Last of all, he is a great BGH bait.CenariusDruidClassicThe power of this card comes with it?s versatility: you can choose to taunt up if you are behind on the board, or you can choose to buff your other minions if you already have a board. He?s also a good way to get more bodies on the board before the Force of Nature + Savage Roar finish.ChillmawNeutralTGTMainly used in Dragon Warrior but also not unheard of in Dragon Priest. This card was Blizzard?s answer to the Patrons on ladder, clearing the board for 3 damage when killed. But don?t fool yourself: It is a great card in many cases. Dropping her on turn 7 vs an aggro deck usually seals the game. The opponent not only has to deal with a 6-health taunt, but also loses their whole board afterwards. The damage on your side doesn?t really matter, as Dragon decks normally pack minions that are a bit more sturdy.Confessor PaletressPriestTGTA great replacement for Ysera if you want to have some more anti-aggro tools: she not only brings the advantage of healing yourself, but also puts another (hopefully big) threat on the board. The times where you get a card of Lorewalker-quality are much more rare than the times in which you get a card with a great effect and/or big body. If you pull something like Paletress, Kel?Thuzad or Ysera it?s game over for your opponent.Edwin VanCleefRogueClassicNot that great of a card. Many Oil Rogue decks do fine without him, those that include him often don?t need him all that much. His biggest drawback is his vulnerability to silence. You usually spend your mana ineffeciently to make him big ? if he then gets reverted back to a 2/2 that?s devastating.Eydis DarkbaneNeutralTGTHer effect seems great on paper but comes with 2 problems. 1. She hits a random enemy, not an enemy minion which can be a huge liabilty 2. Buffing one single target up to high levels is not recommended as she can still be removed easily with silence, execute, SW:D etc. Decks that include her (and her sister) also depend on drawing them early. A hand full of buffs without any target to use them on isn?t very useful.Gormok the ImpalerNeutralTGTA new, strong card for decks that flood the board with cheap tokens. Getting 4 minions on the board is rather easy with Echoing Ooze, Imp-losion and Haunted Creepers. Getting his battlecry off usually means that your opponent lost all chances of a comeback.Leeroy JenkinsNeutralClassicBasically a neutral Fireball. He?s used in some Facehunter decks, Combo Warlock and Aggro Paladin. The spawned Whelps are no drawback, as you will want to use this card as a finisher. They can also serve as a tool to create more Hounds from Unleash. His high attack stat allows some crazy combos in certain decks ? it?s possible to burst your opponent down from around 28 health in some Combolock! Other than that, he pops up in fringe Facedecks from time to time.MalygosNeutralClassicMalylock, Miracle Rogue, Ancestor?s Call Shaman and some Freezemages are the only decks that use Malygos. While he is certainly strong and a game-finisher, there is no guarantee that you will draw him. The problem with these decks is that they often cannot close out games when they don?t draw Malygos. If they do get a perfect draw it?s game over for their opponent though.NeptulonShamanGvGShaman?s late game draw engine. The body is not the highlight here, the murlocs are. The great thing about those is that they usually synergize with each other. It is not that difficult to put out a little unexpected burst with Bluegills, Warleaders and Tidehunters.Nexus Champion SaraadNeutralTGTHe is an inclusion in some new, slower Tempomage decks which ping often in the late game. He can also be useful in fatigue decks like Warrior or Priest. The large pool of crappy spells in the game is pretty bad for him though.Ragnaros the FirelordNeutralClassicOnce the #1 craft, this card has fallen out of favor. With the growing amount of sticky deathrattles and tokens it is pretty easy to waste his damage on a 1/1. That being said he?s still hard to remove and can kill 8 health creatures for free.RhoninMageTGTUsed in some slower tempo Mage decks. He puts a threatening body onto the battlefield and has an insane deathrattle. Comboing the 3 Arcane Missiles with an Antonidas or Malygos is game winning. Both of these plays are really slow though.Sneed?s Old ShredderNeutralGVGA really slow legendary which can be included in many Control decks. Sneed?s suffers from the problem that his body can rather easily be ignored when he is played. This means that you will have to pop him yourself. The legendary that comes out can either be utter crap or an instawin. As most legendaries don?t have charge you will have to wait a turn to use it, which makes Sneed?s one of the slowest legendaries in the whole game.The Black KnightNeutralClassicA tech card that swaps in and out of the meta. Getting his effect off isn?t that difficult and usually swings the game in your favor. Just killing an Annoy-o-tron isn?t that bad while killing a Sludge Belcher, Deathlord or an AoW can win you the game on the spot. That said, a 4/5 body isn?t that great if you don?t find any targets.ToshleyNeutralGVGMight as well be a mage legendary as he only sees use in Mechmage and Tempo Mage. The 5 attack lets him trade with many other 5- or 6-drops such as Sludge Belcher or Thaurissan while his high health makes him very resilent. The spare parts have insane synergy with Archmage Antonidas, even more so if you manage to get a finnicky Cloakfield.Vol?JinPriestGvGThis guy can find a place in almost every Priest deck. The 2 health he gives your opponent can easily be cleared by a Holy Smite, Nova or Auchenai. Do keep in mind that he not only provides a sturdy body, but also deals a good amount of damage to an enemy minion.

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