Welcome guy is so I heard if you take on the last tech discussion video and sent it seem to like this farm and I’m coming up down with the next on real quick at this time about a druid Dec that I play it played with peace and success on matter in season 15 which was the June season of 2015 so when I had let in I am child out different tax and take down my rating to rank 1 1800 on legend letter and then there is the last day so wanna to do some serious I’m racking up and I came back to the druid and looked at my stats so what was the name up against most of the time and a lot of matchups were against patron lawyers or controller is but in general weapon class the salon so I replace measure Drake with am hers and Jones and then I realized that I also wanted to have like more consistent weapon destruction sources because even if you get even if you get the best case there’s Jones but just usually am getting out of getting enough for death by they still can have a second death by a damn can still get like a lot of patience very early and get in trouble if you’re up against Petra Gloria and also like drunk the one in thirty car its is sometimes and a little bit difficult so I thought I would add another what instructions taurus which there’s only one of the acidic Spa boasts and I cut my regular rose 48 which I usually play overs scenarios and just to get like a little bit lower curve am also against more aggressive matchups just in general to be a little bit more flexible and the turnout to were quite well analysts you can see in mice dance that I am these are the stats of games that are played from 1802 51 on letter letter as you can see there where a lot of weapons plus sexual a like for the Paladins 5 a.m.

Hunters 14 warriors am also the salmon’s tend to run weapons am either power may sordid doom hammer or sometimes in both am the but I think one of the games were against the someone who didn’t even play same weapon in the game but I’m not sure am also the acapella tions are running a lot of weapons and even the normal paladins with liked for weapons or is this to true servers am which are too true servers to muster for battles and if you want to count kit Tyrion its own also to answer there for 25 but then forces already so you get a lot of value from the weapon destruction overall and then there where seven truett’s where a.m. whose I i think is still it is a minyan but we’ll talk about this a little bit later so a.m. you prop you’re probably familiar with them the matchup are mid-range truth because it has been on latter for quite some time now with different variations but the good game plan it’s usually the same so you have a few win conditions but the steak one of which is to simply a outs tempo your opponent with cards like innovator white growth which are staples and these kinds of texts for a reason I like growth basically an investment towards the future game if you can get one of by turned to you get one additional manner by Turn three by four by five to six it’s a lot of some value for the future turns if you’re if you don’t get overrun and if you draw early to innovate can always help with them getting additional tempo in matchups where it’s necessary and am parts like to add up the claw like kemp-roth or Sun even like internal blower if you can bring them out Mario leave the area a lot more scary to and the second one condition is to pressure opponent two words a and then HP it threshold where you can actually burst them down with cards like force of nature and seven char in combination these are 14 damage um with an innovator in another seven shots 22 damage from an empty bar it if you can have a board which you might have because do run parts like say to flex ramas Lothair am Belcher hi help millions like due to the claw pilot writer which sponsored other million so there are a lot of like helping things to actually have bodies on the board and of course you can get a proper send-off with combo pieces force of nature and have a child to play multiple copies of these cards at once and sometimes you can even get something like dude of the claw force of nature innovates have a trough you got like maybe two activations from from the Emperor that’s like the the second one condition the third one depending on the Mets up can be.

And outlasting or I’ll tell him your opponent with cards like mention of lower to get current events and just or to heal yourself back up against aggressive tax and just let them run out of carrots and then just beat them with big bodies where their are actually a lot of in the stack so I’ll get over the car through quick I’m sure you’re familiar with why most of them are in there so I’ll not try to waste your time with us but innovator and by Scott I said it before mana manipulation is pretty powerful as well as the Emperor in the steak between our index in general so these are staples and mid-range true for quite some time now and that’s for a reason griffiss good early removal can be used also to kill a tie and for example if you have four or five damage on the board can can also be used for cycling if you’re running low on cards can be used on early removal for an actor clarice re-elect renounces don’t want to take much damage stuff like that the six-month lows amid said it before am it’s basically like if you compare to you at the usual this that’s basically like it’s how replacement am as I said earlier there are a lot of weapons around so I love having the spun around at the little bit more aggressive and then it’s how and doesn’t have the liability but I’ll talk to about a child later 27 to a pretty an alt include these days the big game hunter you money actually depending on the men are you might actually want to run to but one as pretty much included into every do it and Dec also because you don’t have many ways of dealing with big minions and that’s why carts like his hair out if truth so much trouble because be usually don’t have or don’t run heart removal so became hunter is one other things to get actually refer to 2 p.m.

Our time or something else real quick by developing a body which might actually be used to combat with so much are the next turn set up next Hamas pretty good interest because of two recent you can get it out earlier with cut with like manipulate am on a manipulation current are you can just let it sit there and grow encumbered with a.m. several later spy also descend removal especially if the especially because their cars like muster for Palo or implosion around which spawn a lot of one once and you can get rid of one big body and a few other cards as well also nice again face hunter and there are a lot of occasions very can use it and of course bonus points you can use it for FaceTime in studio for damage the face give up the growth um a decent body and silence is very valuable and thus met and then this meant a and dealing to damage sometime South quite helpful it’s a nice to have occurred if you can get it out early I like to turn to what growth 10 trips 3 keeper or a.m.

Innovated keeper of the growth is against aggressive stakes it’s really helpful pilot shudder like I said before it’s the speaking %um that sponsor another body which can also be used with several letters also little bit more aggressive but they’ve for attack good of the claw used to be one of the best five drops we’ve gotten a lot more five trips sons a.m. the classic times but still it is a million-and-a-half and 10 most like about it is its versatility you can play it and push for damage 44 damage explain doing one trillion am to push for damage or you can quickly remove something you can come up with several the same turn or you can simply put up a 46 on and which if it gets islands the sills 46 Bali and most of the time they’re available s bad are some zones I said it before term everyplace the National track with it because Harrison Jones and dismantlers usually a.m.

Draw anyways and and I wanted to have poor construction for all they want to classes no purpose a nice pressure Cardiff cars a decent body pipe I 45 my nose pretty good and develop and make sure that report dicks around them you can prove and your opponent to cleary apart to if it’s another its to come though the next turn or you can just make sure to your power to stick around when Martyn until you can come bird and if you if you played like let’s say by turn 8 and you have force of nature several combo coming up then this is that this is another seven damage so you can if just the low so Feb sticks around you have still 21 events the next time such Belcher I am actually wanna to run to you off but the stickers so many five trips already as you can see and you already have two tones but the turtle group of the claw am one could consider two replace one of them probably with another Belcher am but I just confined the space to add a second one and I like the versatility of code of the clutch much to replace one of them and then force of nature as I mentioned before very nice combo card and am there was like development of just running one copy but I found running two copies way too valuable um for many reasons to have them higher and that if you follow my content then you know that I have the habit of having a an important copy of the card very deep in my tach so I usually bottom back the one copy force of nature and I don’t want to cycle through 27 cards until I can finally use a combo so actually having a couple card and a also having introduced by Emperor thorson early is quite important so and the consistency of the drawls made me include two copies anyways and then there’s also um the nice benefit of it being able to deal with freezing traps a good in the Hunter matchup or just to clear like a patron bored with it and so you can till two to to or 32 health patrons kill another one with like crap or swipe and to get rid of these so it’s sometimes I use that like s if it was a star full but you can it at least choose your targets for this awful so you down have to pop in the Reuben act you don’t have to trigger the 13 health paper in on the board am but you can simply like get rid of a lot of stuff also against do in like I said you can product wraps but the so I a real life running Toomey’s and of course like I said the combo and sometimes they even play two combos like it over overlooked turn off for a few games or in one game I player to force of nature several condos for a lot of them as our for just playing with the bard if I fell behind a prosperous and I talked about this quite a few times here um with a great card ya hold back as like reliant on mental manipulation bickers a.m.

Can get kinda clunky and like I said if you get your comfort peace has reduced are on the mana cost am you can be you you’re able to do a lot of silly stop if you end up with a hand like force of nature several several and reduce it then it’s not at wealth many more but 9 so you can deal like 22 damage from an empty board despite the cards in your hand and don’t even have to use another innovator something which sprint nyse: as the venice is just another tempo pressure card amid versus your opponent to have am an answer to it all over you care and use its to I am are if he doesn’t have an appropriate answer to it you might have to make a quart rates are which is simply ignore it and then you sometimes are able to am like if your opponent just place Belcher and hope that she gets along with it you can trip the soap on us into the Belcher killed a slime and maybe play your own keeper or a.m. your own wrath on it sir to steal your opponent in its other minions whatever he might have on the part still and of course there’s like the minor consideration that you can use savitz Rawal and became hunter to trigger a on Savannah am it it’s rare but sometimes that’s actually follow them because a like charging frothing there’s a cassette such then there’s the internal floor stable and then this kansas and X also just because a pipe I party that draws two cards as very much 00 most happy and it’s very much needed in the state also so if you’re running low on cards and have and propose an intentional floor you might want to play into the floor first to get my cards accused and of course there’s the kaboom which is be only became 100 target then this Dec but I think it’s still worth it just because the two but they help if you get behind and if you’re a had and even if your opponent has to be g8 she still has to deal with the book but because they represent and I’m 6 damage if you come at them with several own which means if if there to do but since you player combo you have 14 plus two and plus another for which means twenty damage from board already just about to call but on the board which is kinda scary plus you can trade your 3 damage to boats into something and deal another 124 damage to something so have but to beamers also nice addition to the deck I’m cuts lower left out which are frequently asked for are but I’ll that I mentioned before am 8 don’t like it out too much im the stack it’s basically just good against face under and for the pic hunter mistook you have your whose which will refuse like damage from life’s okay or even that though with maybe even multiple charges anyways as safe for the essentials of course and other combat the child’s usually doesn’t provide much value especially in the mid or late game because am I lost one 9 Noah a lost more than one game due to being all by if you points of damage sometimes even with by not playing aggressively enough so I could def a.m.

EDT lost one game just because I didn’t attack with my here power against the petrol we have because it didn’t want to trigger is better hala antenna was one of lethal and then I can finish him off and lost the game so know it having this in am in the back of your head it’s kinda hard to play as a zombie Child most of the time because the five health drawback can be such a huge liability that’s why I like that who’s lot more it doesn’t have to drop back it well it’s correspond man a.m. more expensive which is the huge deal especially in their two-game but it comes with the the nice weapon districts of sanity and it’s a lot it’s a little bit more aggressive by itself so you can actually push for more damage and then the second question is why is there no scenarios a rag well I had to cut something for the weapon the strike since things and um I found it easier if they occur was a little bit lower and I found some areas to be way too slow right now and it’s also sometimes a liability against Petra Morris which you could see in my am my stats earlier I’ll show you showed again real quick fourteen of my matches where against patron lawyer are against boys in general so Chooch amount of them were patron Morris which am well kinda benefit from the 22 taunts of the San hours anyways and nine men s kinda hard to play because he basil please keep your whole turn am yes I usually play Iraq over it and in this case I found it to be a little bit easier if when the curve was a little bit lower because it also helps with aggressive decks not being stuck with cards like boom and rack or scenarios in your hand very early so and that said thanks watching until here am in the following you will see two example matchups and that I played on hiring pledging letter to get an impression about how I’ll get that akward am and that’s it thanks watching everyone am feel free to leave your comments in the comment section below and I’ll psionic them I’ve added now 0 I must of later maybe Mulligan all cards that’s good um okay keepers okay no Rambus a little bit unfortunate though geez so if a call-in if I call in and hit is I will hear power the next turn which won’t be much again something like a mad scientist I’m if I don’t come here power I can hear about the next turn which means they take two more damage but I can deliver a car now to keep her afterwards coming out shade next three in that’s me up for another to damage I think I can’t afford to call in if I had an innovative be now which how important is this while drove I can play keeper without calling next turn but until then I’ll take another five I want silence those seven mmm I already know pre desires bond think it’s a killer extern calling keeper a.m.

Hopefully no 44 or 42 animal companion I can swipe to turn up towards I’ll up fuck hurt so much the 6 Anna I could develop the wild growth having five min an extern doesn’t do anything against met up to use the innovate to get to my untenable or soon care of so much damage place animal companions so it might be high road if I’m lucky then this was just the impressing Liam aggressor hybrid hunter star which means he doesn’t have too much more each a little bit and I hate this i can’t.

Fell lol I could develop the shade I guess the I feel like swype in this you external probably innovate deal or 45 hell then hope that I can I don’t know okay this was at least a slowish turn but see what kind of clever this features okay its phase base is way more scary now 0 the seven the Sun other 12 and i cant deal 19th f2d to survive two turns the each against HIF cards and 2 Chainz how much think that’s on it’s not easy and even drawing another Laura doesn’t help so actually any to taunt good of the club Belcher at that buses Hampton kill command kill command interesting not playing anything could tell me something but now he plays explosive traps an kill command quick shot mists kills me even without a beast kill command kill command your power kills me am may think my chance are still better by developing the hood of the car because I don’t i to wolf rider came golem and stuff like that are all kill command shooters still not lethal if I hear power I get up by one which might sana Adam Nissley fun a tie to two spells and he didn’t play anything so I’m kinda convinced that he has to spell okay there’s be all min system in a less that skill command I don’t i now I don’t i okay was a good topic by him but I can feel it then and nicely for Lorraine 911 already ate just need seven more and its way but legal hiring truths feature with you rise against going first without now it’s way too ambitious orphan fund 0 act and fun mod rar but the white crow or maybe shredders something an app place now like a mind to I innervate Belcher I can kill something with five next turn i guess i do it’s still not light up well against writer so much what I want to use the car into is a four-time now whose okay my second term on a card speck speck quite unhappy innovate next turn would be huge other ways %ah unless get tired there we go because I just like him have to get it out a set up so that he might not have a BGH by now five-car its an unlikely kinda I’ll aggressive a.m.

Okay seems like we’re back in business at one of the easiest not the phase 0 nice he played this def for yeah before the boom that’s an interesting line now there are a lot of interesting lines now could also seven charges to get the nine damaged through here on think I see where this has areas that’s good does never BJH so it should have a hard time dealing with this other than 90 swipe rat ice everyone playing and channel 4 of the Sun other to get up to and that’s 11 a plebiscite can not play too much else the spawn of course could put him down to four mmm them these are not possible put this down to two for trade doesn’t help me too much seems like Tom true this working all right now say hope that he doesn’t have a second another pawn but you might but after that the clause have a char he is the keeper in rafts areas to spikes and a wrap and a keeper attack mmm to like its it spell things this on its own 8 damage so it doesn’t lower art on if he clears okay whatever if you place lorae when I think and if he clears and leaves me early stuff but on dunno problem but the good thing is you can’t kill me from here easily he lawyers for the draw our case so as an innovative to innovate in playing in a bit sweet point sleep on

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