Hearthstone Murloc Tip The Scales Paladin to top 1k Legend Guide! By: dawmjawt


Hi guys and welcome to my top 1k legend post! As you can see from the title, I used tip the scales murloc paladin to cross the blessed threshold out of plebe peasantville and into The Good Rank™ which is legend. You might be wondering, how was I able to use such an offmeta deck and yet achieve an 80% winrate? Deck code: AAEBAaToAgbgBYQX06oC48sC9rgD/LgDDMUD2wPjBacI07wCncIC/PwCtZgDm6kDyqsDybgD+7gDAA==

Let’s dive straight into the deck analysis.

Part 1: The Mulligan

You’re going to want to keep some cheap cards and mulligan away the expensive cards, definitely keep alura with coin though, also without coin keep hydrolog- Okay, are the casuals gone? Let’s do this.

K, so you’re gonna want to find your best winstreak during the grind to legend, mine was somewhere in the D3-D1 rank, right, like earlier in the day before I actually pushed through. So in Hearthstone Deck Tracker, what you need to do is set a custom range and basically set the beginning and end time to coincide with your winstreak. This’ll ensure that the deck tracker ignores the fact that I barely eked out a positive winrate with this and focuses on the 10 or so games I got a lucky or favored matchup. As you can imagine, that 80% winrate screenshot goes STRAIGHT to twitter.

Part 2: Playing around your unfavored matchups

I mean it’s not really a competitive subreddit right? It’s more like “Tales from Hearthstone”. We’re here for anecdotal evidence, who cares that I played 50 games with this deck. Anecdotes are very powerful things. On the Comphs subreddit, what we intuitively do is take our timmy stories and try to launder them into some kind of spike legitimate guide, knowing full well we just rinsed and repeated mindlessly until we had some matches that happened to confirm the bias we started with. Which is that Tip the Scales Murloc Paladin is an insane deck, easily 80% winrate to legend.

Part 3: It’s Okay To Drop Tip The Scales on 8 Mana Against Reno Priest

This brings me to my final point. Hearthstone is a game that contains at its core a powerful emotional punch that has nothing to do with data. It’s the stories. I don’t message my friends because I discovered that X card has Y winrate, I do so because something crazy happened to my or my opponent in one of my games. And that’s fine. But let’s own up to it and stop bamboozling each other.

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