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Hearthstone My Legendary Libram Paladin Guide By: TheOriginalDuble


13-2 run in Legendary rank (Secret Libram Paladin)

The Deck:

First Day of School X2 Aldor Attendant X2 Avenge X1 Knight of Anointment X2 Oh My Yogg X2 Reckoning X1 Hand of A’dalX2 Libram of Wisdom X2 Ironbeak OwlX2 Northwatch Commander X2 Venomous Scorpid X2 Cariel Roame X1 Aldor Truthseeker X2 Libram of Justice X2 Taelen Fording X1 Lady Liadrin X1 Libram of Judgment X1 Libram of Hope X2


First Day of School Aldor Attendant Knight of Anointment Oh My Yogg (only if you have coin vs no minion mage) Hand of A’dal Iron Beak Owl (only against Spell priest and paladin) Venomous Scorpid (only if it will 100% be turn 3 play) Cariel Roame Aldor Truthseeker

Deck Weakness:

Control decks are obviously the main counter to this deck. However, if you get lucky with your mulligans and spread your board fast you can end the game quickly. I’ve found against control decks you want to make sure you’re constantly trying to draw buffs and spells to be able to add damage quickly and multiply your board. Since most control decks have mass board removal in late game you also want to sure that you save Oh My Yogg for when it really matters and try to anticipate worst case scenario in late game.

Another weakness is Miracle Priest AKA Spell Priest. To counter Miracle Priest you really need to be able to spread your board with anything and everything. Use your Iron beaks wisely but also fast. You need to be able to silence their spell generators ESPECIALLY after they’ve been buffed. (Don’t let that happen). Constant pressure is really the key though.

Miracle Rouge handed me one of my losses. Honestly this deck kind of gets fucked by Miracle Rouge due to their ability control early game, generate threats in mid game to match yours, and absolutely dick you down in the end game with wicked stab and Alexstrazsa. You really just have to get lucky with Mulligans and hope they can’t draw anything useful.

Rush Warrior handed me my second loss. Obviously with their ability to take out anything and everything instantly (with multiplying rush minions) it will be hard to generate a board. However, if you use your ironbeak owls and Oh my Yogg (wisely) on their rush buffs and multipliers then you can create a problem for them and they’ll out use their resources.

Another Paladin can be a problem. Especially since most Paladin decks run Crabrider and multiple secrets you need to make sure you are using your silence wisely and are being able to generate your board faster. If you end up not being able to do that you need to make sure you’re at least using your big taunt minions to make them trade.

Important Notes:

Disclaimer, remember not every deck is ever going to have a 100% win rate. Anyone can beat anyone in this game of skill and RNG. However, this game while The RNG can be horrible sometimes is really purely skill and making sure your turns are well thought out to one, two or even three turns ahead. This deck is pretty well rounded to stop most decks in the current meta but you need to be able to not impulsively use cards because they’re going to deal big damage. You need to realize that the biggest weakness is decks that are going to punish you for using your important resources early. The most important note for this deck is use each of your cards extremely wisely. Don’t just use something because you can. Use something because you believe it’ll be an effective counter to a move one or two turns from now.

With venomous Scorpid I’ve found that it’s best to use it early with a taunt minion. However, if you don’t have a taunt minion that’s fine, but just use it early. People get intimidated by the fact it has poisoned are are more hesitant to play minions that they can use effectively right away. This will help you create time to generate a board.

Use Ironbeak owls as the red button for emergencies. If you’re hit with a minion that you know you can’t clear in a a then or two that will effectively generate a board for you the opponent. Then use it!

Use your Libram of Justice as an emergency red button as well. But, try to use it for when you’re being overwhelmed by multiple threats. If your going against a deck where they thrive off of placing multiple minions helping to generate a board then it’s going to be one of your best cards. However make sure you use it wisely and are able to either get rid of an important minion or take out multiple IMPORTANT minions with little resources.

Don’t worry about keeping Cariel Roame alive for multiple turns. If she dies after one turn then fine. Her main purpose is for a quick clear of a minion and to decrease holy spells by at least 1. Obviously if you can make her an affective weapon however then use some buffs on her. Usually if I use a venomous Scorpid the then before her I’ll try to get gift of luminance so I can double her use.

If you’ve drawn Lady Liadrin and also have Taelen in your hand just use him as quick as you can. He’ll most likely drawn an Aldor Truthseeker which is huge for your deck.

With the Libram of Hope I try not to use it when I can but when I need it. If you’re low use it. If you know for a fact they can’t take it out in a turn or two, use it. However if you can save it the ultimate combo is using two not necessarily back to back but in turns close to each other so you can draw two more with Lady Liadrin. Most control and Aggro decks are intimidated by them and will use valuable removals to take them out. Making sure you have more of them after that is huge and can throw them off.

ONLY USE OH MY YOGG IF YOU ARE 100% SURE ITS THE RIGHT MOVE. This is probably one of the most useful spells in the game right now. If you know for a fact or have a feeling a certain deck is going to play a game shifting card the next turn then use Oh My Yogg. If you’re using it because you don’t want your 4-3 minion to get brain freezes by a mage then that’s an absolute waste. This card can literally stop a whole entire board wipe from happening. Not only that but it even generate positive spells for you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had someone rage quit because they were going to use a game changing card only to get countered by oh my yogg and buff my minion or kill theirs in return.

Honestly Miracle Rouge is the only deck that gave me an unstoppable problem. I could have beaten the Rush Warrior had I used cards more effectively. This deck is all around a very good deck. It has an equal amount of counters, minions, buffs, healing and instant damage move to keep you in the game the whole way. If used correctly you should beat almost any deck you run into.

Side Note:

No minion mage isn’t a weakness I beat two of them in this run. However if they draw deck of Lunacy and Incanters flow almost instantly you’re most likely fucked. Use Oh My Yogg early and wisely against a No minion Mage.

My last 15 games

Face Hunter (W) Rush Warrior (L) Secret Paladin (W) Soul DH (W) Control Warlock (W) Elemental Shaman (W) Control Warlock (W) Spell Priest aka miracle (W) No Minion Mage (W) Rush Warrior (W) Face Hunter (W) Spell Priest (W) Poison Rouge (W) Lifesteal DH (W) Miracle Rouge (L)

Good Luck!


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