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Hearthstone NA #1 shadow priest guide By: hz4873


I hit rank 1 on NA with 140-83 (63% wr). (plz don’t diss me for playing on a MAC) https://imgur.com/a/gwkyY


### hz4873’s Priest

# Class: Priest

# Format: Standard

# Year of the Gryphon


# 2x (0) Raise Dead

# 2x (0) Murloc Tinyfin

# 2x (0) Desk Imp

# 2x (1) Voidtouched Attendant

# 2x (1) Tour Guide

# 2x (1) Imprisoned Homunculus

# 2x (1) Guardian Augmerchant

# 2x (1) Frazzled Freshman

# 2x (2) Wriggling Horror

# 1x (2) Twilight Deceptor

# 1x (2) Serena Bloodfeather

# 2x (2) Far Watch Post

# 2x (2) Cult Neophyte

# 1x (3) Voracious Reader

# 2x (3) Traveling Merchant

# 1x (3) Mindrender Illucia

# 1x (4) Disciplinarian Gandling

# 1x (5) Darkbishop Benedictus



# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

# Find this deck on https://hsreplay.net/replay/sKtGSYQqWNnmoYBC7RDx8H

At not-so-high ranks, you may wish to play an extra copy of mukla (yep that’s right) and voracious reader instead of the two far watch post (will be abbrev as 2post from now on).

Some explanation of my card choices: Serena Bloodfeather is outright insane against any deck that plays a minion and you should definitely consider running it. Mukla is a 3 mana 5/5 with a very insignificant downside, as usually shadow priest is the one that get down the board faster. It could be a bit clunky, but overall a five health minion dodges all aoe except one (soul rend) that can post immediate threat is a good addition to the deck. 2posts are added to counter the obscure amount of questline DH at high legend, but in fact it’s a good card to drop on turn 2 against other classes anyway. Champlain is not as good as you think it is, as the +2 hp usually goes onto a minion already has more health than attack, but shadow priest requires aggression, so if it’s not played on turn 2 then there should be a better way to set up the tempo. I also cut a copy of twilight deceptor as you can raise dead it back and sometimes you draw your raise dead and making it a vanilla 2/3. Cutting a voracious reader was a decision I made after two games in a row I had two of them sitting in hand by turn 3, and it’s a good decision. Although you lose some value in mirror matchup, in almost every other matchup you are most likely to face a deck that requires you to be aggressive (warlock/DH) so spending a turn drawing 3 doesn’t necessarily give you good chances because they’ll have more removals ready. Against other fast decks (face hunter) you usually outvalue them and there’s no need for more cards. Gandling is so much stronger than kazakus. Play illucia before the rework next week.

Mulligan & gameplay: (with the 2post list)

Cards you should keep against every class: imprisoned homunculus, Illucia, Gandling on the draw, 2post, 0-drops if have gandling on the draw.

Against DH: assume questline DH (Fel DH is extremely unfavored). You want to keep any one-drops with more than one health, also mull for neophyte, cute (0-drops) + merchant can be kept on the draw if you have confidence in finding a one drop, gandling on the play can be kept if you have at least a 2post/neophyte or two other good one drops. DO NOT keep bloodfeather. Play around Moarg aura to the best of your abilities, put homoculus in the middle to counter felscream blast, finish the game with illucia, gandling or merchant.

Against druid: assume aggro, against slow is just dependent on if they draw well. Keep bloodfeather and all one drops. Most of the time mull away all the two drops except for post is correct. Fight for board, remember they have arbor up and pack panther.

Against mage: try play around fire sale. Kill him before he burns you out. merchant and augmerchant are quite good in this matchup.

Against warlock: play around soul rend. Usually you need to play gandling on curve, spit ur board then illucia, or get a big enough merchant to win. Again 0-drop+merchant can be kept.

Against priest: assume mirror. Keep freshman, bloodfeather and 0 drops with gandling (even if on the play). The first to drop gandling have a huge advantage. Bloodfeather really shines in the matchup.

Against paladin: most of the time you are the aggressor. Most of the time you can’t play around samuro so just let it be and assume they don’t have it. Learn to balance between trading and going face. Gandling should not be kept on the play.

Against shaman: quest shaman is one of the most difficult matchups. Keep freshman, bloodfeather, merchant on the draw and mull gandling on the play. You want to build a board which has multiple divine shield or minions with ≥4 health. Their main removal is perpetual flame.

Against rogue: keep freshman and bloodfeather. Bloodfeather is dirty on octobots, and rogue isn’t great dealing with big minions except for prize plunderer. Neophyte on 2 is great if you are on the play, not so much if on the draw.

Against hunter: keep freshman, tour guide, bloodfeather. As soon as you gain control of the board with reasonable health you should be on your way of winning.

I forgot warrior is a class.

A few general (but VERY IMPORTANT tips): play this deck as if you were playing the old zoolock. It doesn’t have any way to come back on the board, so make sure to be aggressive when you need to. Also, you win by developing your board which looks like 1 big +many small so it’s hard for your opponent to deal with, not by burning them (although you can finish them off with hp if they have no healing). Against aggro fight for board control over everything, against control play around aoe but not too over the top. Lastly, remember to have fun!

There is a lot more content I want to cover (including post-illucia rework) but this is already getting too long. Feel free to add me on twitter where I will post things randomly or on bnet hz4873#1483.

Lastly I apologise for my bad grammar as English is not my first language. If you have any suggestions/edits feel free to comment/DM. I am also open to further refinements of the list.

Happy Grinding!


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