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Hearthstone Naxx Watcher Druid Legendary Deck

Hearthstone Naxx Watcher Druid Legendary Deck?by n0blord

Well, I was going to keep this hidden until the end of the season, but seeing, as I tanked my MMR by playing troll decks (Wombo Combo Warlock), it?s probably useful now to others to help them climb. Sadly, it?s not as budget as last time, but it?s just as fun.


Proof: http://imgur.com/mi08MJZ

Legend 7 Peak: http://imgur.com/dm2MIoc

Alright, so the story behind this: I hadn?t played much this season because I had a bunch of work, and I wanted to get to legend quickly. I had done a little bit at the beginning of the season to get to rank 9, then one quick streak to get to rank 5. I took 1 serious 6-hour afternoon to go from rank 5 (1 or 2 stars) to reach legend. On that climb, I barely encountered any druids, mages, paladins, rogues, and only 4 shamans.

Druid is actually a super difficult matchup ? the worst one. Not having wild growth lets them get to the combo first, and you have to decide when to play defensively. You want to get a watcher out as a pseudo wild growth. Usually, I won without the coin since that extra one mana helped, but with the coin, I think you have to save it for turn 8 combo potential unless you have an innervate.

The warriors were by far the worst matchup until I learned how to play it: you have to aggressively mulligan for early pressure, and just keep pounding away at the armor. I used to be 33% before getting the hang of it, but now I?ve brought it up to 60%.

Hunters are personally my favorite matchup because you can deal with the undertaker with so many different ways (zombie chow + hero power, ironbeak, watcher + ironbeak, innervate + silence / keeper for 2, innervate + swipe, innervated shade). Once you do that, it?s a matter of applying enough pressure and staying alive. Silencing the scientist is also awesome (I?m about 75% vs. hunter).

Priest is a matchup you pretty much can?t lose unless they god-draw or you misplay (I?m over 80%). You have an early 4 attack minion, a bunch of threats, burst, and silence to get around belchers. It?s the easiest matchup out there (just make sure mind control won?t totally destroy you when dropping rag or alex).

I thought zoo matchup was good. In my climb, I had an 80% winrate. I could usually stop the undertaker start and apply my own pressure, but recently, I?ve been doing not as well. It seemed like every time I played one, they had a double undertaker start (or undertaker + leper gnome) and then perfect curve into doomguard on turn 5. That could have been me on tilt or just having terrible luck, but play this matchup kind of like hunter: kill the undertakers / silence the eggs, and put enough pressure (and stay alive) to finish it off.

If you get a watcher start for rogue or handlock matches, they usually can?t handle the pressure. The rogue has to spend tons of resources killing ur guys. Turn 4 twilight drake is killed like 90% of the time by a silence, and you can just power through. If you don?t get it, play conservatively with ur silences, and combo or savage roar with board through to victory.

Mages ? I still haven?t played one yet, but pretty much put enough pressure so that they can?t reach turn 9. Silence out the frozen guys and attack! If it?s a secrets mage, drop a watcher to test mirror entity (that?ll show them).

Paladin ? I?m 50% because I?ve played one person 4 times, and we went back and forth. I would say like a normal pally matchup: watch overextending board. Silence can help you get through that tirion or boost your guys attacks up to normal.

Here are some general tips while playing this deck:

  • Don?t silence your watcher on the turn you play it unless you really need the body. Sometimes, people will trade into it and you?ll have a free silence in hand. If not, you have a minion to attack
  • Shades are a win condition unless you absolutely have to use them. Keep them hidden, and they can be used with Alex to kill the opponent quickly. They are also a good thing to get a +2 buff from savage roar.
  • Don?t be too focused on silencing your own watchers. Playing a silence on an opponent, then playing a watcher is pretty much a bluff that you have a second silence in hand.
  • Watch out for the zombie chow heal in matchups you?ll probably need the extra damage (shaman, rogue). Use it to chip away armor from warriors, trade off with minions at the start of the game (or stop aggro), or proc traps. Once it?s served it?s purpose, you can potentially silence it or kill it off quickly.
  • Savage roar or force of nature by itself can be used to trade vs. a priest or a zoo. These cards give you the right amount of extra power to stop priest from getting value by healing their minions or kill off the 2/4 hp guys that zoo have.

One more thing to address deck choices: Spellbreaker is used over wailing soul because it is more flexible (can silence enemies) and I rarely have 2 watchers out at the same time. There are no taunt givers because those kill your winrates vs. priest (can be stolen) and are not fast enough at dealing with an undertaker.


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