Hearthstone Newbie Tips


Hearthstone Newbie Tips?by Braindead

here you go boys and women.?the guide

1) When building a deck, account for number of cards you?ll be playing per turn. With 10 crystals charged, you don?t want to end up empty handed because all your cards were low cost.
? Speed decks will empty your hand fast, but can be great with card draw & spells synergy in between.
? Midgame decks should aim at playing 1-2 cards per turn. This means cards will need some survivability. To be of value.
? Late game decks are mostly 2 turn combos. You have to prime the board for what you are building towards.

2) Coining is optimal when it gives you an extra card on board. It doesn?t have to be a minion, but it does need value. Either an extra minion, or an extra minion set-back, equivalent to losing a turn for your opponent.

3) This game is about basic math. Summing and subtraction. Always ask yourself: how can I end up with the most amount of minion HEALTH and DAMAGE, while reducing that of my opponent. I?ve seen players fail the math simply by not noticing that their damage on board exceeded the health of my Hero. Do the math? before you play anything.

4) Duds. Use ?m to lure your opponent into using spells on the wrong minion. 1 wrong spelled sheep is sometimes all it takes to win. Because the other didn?t know you set It up.

5) There is no obligation to use up all your crystals on your turn. It can be a nice tactic to hold back on certain spells and minions ? example: Arcane missiles on turn one can be fun to see all 3 hit the hero, but are greater to see them take out a 2/1 and a 1/1 minion.

6) Did I mention Math is important? If you have 4 options to take out 2 minions ? it means you have to make 4 calculations. Mind you, it can be tricky as sometimes its better to end up with two minions with 1 health each and the other time with one minion with 2 health. It depends what the other can do as a response. Sometimes you can force a Flame strike by ending up with lots of low health minions instead of 1 healthy minion ? just so you can play all your small minions next turn.

7) Commonly, try to figure out if you got the speed right for your deck build. A speed deck that feels like going to slow (or way to fast) doesn?t work. Same with a late deck, if you are empty handed before late game, than you can?t do any strategical play with your top cards. Your opponent can just focus on that single card you are able to play at his or her leisure.

Hope it helps

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