Hearthstone Priest Rank 4 Deck

Hearthstone Priest Rank 4 Deck?by Villy

Okay, so this new format seems to be very Control focused, with aggression taking a backseat for now.

Priest Cards:

?Circle of Healing?(1)
This combo card is great to gain advantage with Northshire Cleric and can be deadly with Auchenai Soulpriest.
?Northshire Cleric?(2)
This card is a very strong one drop. Combo with Holy Nova and you will be drawing quite a few cards, or just use her and heal up a minion with Lesser Heal to draw a card.
?Shadow Word: Pain?(2)
Priests are blessed with the fact that we not only get early removal, but we get early hard removal.
For 2 mana, we can clear any minion with 3 or less attack off the board.
?Shadow Word: Death?(2)
Another form of hard removal! No minion with 3 or less attack, or 5 or more attack is safe!
This card can even combo good with Sylvanas Windrunner. Kill your own off with it, and steel your opponents minion!
?Auchenai Soulpriest?(2)
I love this card. What it does is turns our Lesser Heal into a weapon. This card is much better then using Shadowform to change Lesser Heal to Mind Spike. This card can be fun to use with Circle of Healing for a nice board clear, deal 2 damage to minions with Lesser Heal, and even turns Earthen Ring Farseer into a kind-of Fire Elemental for 3 mana!
?Holy Nova?(2)
This card is Priest AoE, and it?s very strong. It can really hurt aggressive decks by clearing their low cost minions, and can be use as an extra heal if you?re in the spot while facing a Mage and need an extra heal. For more Salt, add a Wild Pyromancer into the mix to clean up with Holy Nova failed to kill off.
?Holy Fire?(1)
It?s back! The black knight was awesome, but I felt another spell was needed, and one that gave me a little more healing to my hero, as I?ve been seeing more Hunters (Due to the Unleash the Hounds buff) and less Druids, while most Druids I place don?t even run Ancient of War anymore.

Neutral Cards:

?Mad Bomber?(2)
Due to what I felt as lack of early game, I?ve added these guys to help out. Great at clearing low health minions, clearing off damaged threats, or damaging our own minions to be healed up and draw cards off of with Northshire Cleric.
?Nat Pagle?(1)
This Legendary two drop might not have any attack, but he?s very good both early on and later on, which makes for a quite a good two drop. If you?re lucky, he can fish up a lot of cards!
?Novice Engineer?(2)
After playing around with this card, I still think it deserves a spot in this deck. It?s just a great card over all.
?Earthen Ring Farseer?(2)
A 3/3 for three that heals for 3. Pretty straightforward card. Combo with Auchenai Soulpriest, and its battlecry becomes pretty scary.
?Injured Blademaster?(2)
A 4/7 for three doesn?t really seem fair? but this card deals 4 damage to itself when played, making it a 4/3 for three. But, Priests can do this evil thing call healing, which can make this Blademaster a very bulky minion, while gaining advantage with Northshire Cleric
?Tinkmaster Overspark?(1)
Tinkmaster Overspark is an amazing legendary. I love this card with Shadow Word: Death, because even if I Poly my opponents minion into a 5/5, I can kill it off quickly. This card is great at removing threats (With all the Giants running around, turning one into a 1/1 squirrel is pretty good)
and minions with Deathrattles.
?Defender of Argus?(1)
Due to the lack of Taunt in the deck, I?ve added this great card and I think it helps out with that problem a lot. Defender of Argus not only buffs up minions for favorable trades, but gives them Taunt too.
?Twilight Drake?(2)
This card is the card of the Meta. Almost every deck I?ve seen is using it, so I started testing around with it myself. I love it. It?s never dead for me, consistently outclassing the stats of Chillwind Yeti when I play it (So always 4/6+), great 4 drop in general.
?Faceless Manipulator?(1)
This servant of Yogg-Saron is under our control! Use it to copy your own powerful minions like Ysera or Ragnaros the Firelord, or copy your opponents powerful minions, like a 9/9 Molten Giant with Taunt buffed up by a Defender of Argus?
?Sylvanas Windrunner?(1)
She?s by far the best card in the game. At worst, she?s a 5/5 for five, but her deathrattle makes her? an annoyance. It forces your opponent to make poor trades to clear her, due to fear of one of their minions being stolen.
?Cairne Bloodhoof?(1)
A 4/5 for six seems pretty underwhelming? until you add in this minions deathrattle. What he does, is summons his son to take his place after he?s fallen. So, effectively, this card is a 8/10 for six! Underwhelming now?
?Ragnaros the Firelord?(1)
This legendary speaks for itself. To randomly deal 8 damage at the end of each turn is amazing. Not much more I can say.
Her dreams become a nightmare for your opponent when played at the right time. 4/12 for 9 is very bulky, and she?ll give you a dream card at the end of each of your turns, which may even change the outcome of the game!

-Edit to Change Holy Fire with Nat Pagle.

-Edit to Change Mind Control with Defender of Argus (Mind Control too situational, dead card in hand more often then not. Hurt too much to Mulligan and see I drew Mind Control as a replacement.)

-Edit to Change both Power Word Shields with Tinkmaster Overspark and The Black Knight.

-All around edits to quote posts as my OCD needs to make this look perfect.

-Huge deck rework for new Meta after patch.

-Edit to Change The Black Knight with Holy Fire (I seemed to play the Black Knight more as a 6 mana Yeti more then for his effect, or he?d sit in my hand until my opponent played a Taunt)

-Current Rank 9 in Season 2.

-Deck Imgur

(My friends know me as Rai) ^.^

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