Hearthstone [Resource] A compilation of strategies for Wailing Caverns gameplay achievements By: SpookyGhostbear


Back at it again folks. Sorry for the delay, I thought I could do a bit more testing of interactions first but I didn’t have too much time today. Anyways, enough excuses, on to the guide!

If you don’t already know, every expansion I try to compile suggestions for completing all of the achievements that reward EXP. I focus mostly on efficiency and budget, as it is never economical to craft cards to complete these. If you haven’t seen it before, you can find my Barrens guide here. As always, this is a community effort, feel free to post your findings, questions, decklists, and comments down below.


As always, we have our Achievement Primer:

  • The achievements are generally not actually restricted by class. I will try my best to state which other classes can be used under the strategies

  • Achievements can only be earned through Ranked play, Duels, or Arena. Sometimes it’s better to draft or discover legendaries, so don’t worry if you don’t have the cards!

  • 3600 EXP worth of achievements have been added this time around, bringing the total EXP earnable from 15900 to 19500.

  • The EXP from the achievements will no longer be available when this reward track ends so don’t procrastinate. The achievements will still be available however.

ClassAchievement NameTaskRewardStrategy
DHTormented HeartsForce your opponent to spend 15/45 extra Mana with Taintheart Tormenter100/200It’s already an annoying achievement due to limited player agency, but it seems to only track if Taintheart survives. Celestalon confirms this is a bug, but I doubt we’ll see a bug fix any time soon.
DruidPuppy PowerPlay Druid Beasts for 30/100 less Mana than their normal Cost100/200Celestial Alignment, Living Seed and Fangbound Druid were made for this achievement. Wild discount options might be nice too. Could also try Razormane Battleguard and some Beasts with Taunt (in Wild?).
HunterPoison, PoisoffDestroy 20/60 minions with Poisonous Beasts and weapons.100/200Just grind it out normally, it isn’t class exclusive and Venomous Scorpid is a good neutral card. But if you insist on memeing it then Amalgam, Missile Launcher, and Serpentbloom is a board clear. Zombeasts are also a reasonable option.
MageDon’t Move a Muscle!Freeze 25/75 characters with Elementals.100/2001/1 Frost Elementals look like a meme, so just go to Wild and play with Glacial Shard and other Freeze Elementals instead. I’m curious if Ice Walker + Reckless Apprentice procs count for this achievement, because Even Mage isn’t the worst deck in Wild.
PaladinFriends Like MeSummon 3/4 of the same Adventurer with Party Up!100/200If this isn’t cumulative then you’re relying on stupidly low odds. You can try to do Prismatic Lens shenanigans in Wild to make this card cheaper.
PriestEven StevenDestroy 7/10 minions with a single Against All Odds100/200Our friend Mad Summoner returns. Work in some discount cards to play them both in a turn, otherwise you have to give your opponent the agency and go with Wave of Apathy comboes.
RogueHiding in Plain SightGive 10/30 minions Stealth with Shroud of Concealment100/200Just play cheap minions, maybe tutor the spell with Swindle.
ShamanSpit Hot FireDestroy 25/75 enemy minions with Perpetual Flame.100/200Mad Summoner again?
WarlockUgh. It’s MY Life, MomSpend 30/100 Health on Warlock Cards100/200Seadevil Stinger/Bloodbloom are alternatives too, but Stealer of Souls seems reasonably powerful, hopefully it doesn’t get nerfed before you finish this achievement.
WarriorKresh Got BackAttack 20/60 times with Turtle Spikes100/200Saurfang/N’zoth, God of the Deep can resummon more Kreshes in a game. Alternatively, Hoard Pillager in Wild can re-equip the weapon.
NeutralAdventure is Out ThereSummon 30/100 Adventurers.100/200You’ll probably get this done while attempting the Paladin Achievement.
NeutralHungry Hungry MurlocEat 7/20 minions with Mutanus the Devourer that are 4/4 or larger100/200Feels like a meta dependent achievement where you have minimal agency, so good luck. Maybe use Brann and Shudderwock in Wild for more opportunities.​

Happy achievement hunting everyone!