Hearthstone Revolve shaman – the new tier 0 deck By: Economy_Cost_3830



Class: Shaman

Format: Standard

Year of the Phoenix

2x (0) Lightning Bloom

2x (1) Revolve

2x (1) Sludge Slurper

2x (1) Surging Tempest

2x (2) Cagematch Custodian

2x (3) Desert Hare

2x (3) Far Sight

1x (3) Instructor Fireheart

2x (3) Pit Master

2x (3) Stormstrike

2x (4) Dread Corsair

2x (4) Hoard Pillager

2x (5) Boggspine Knuckles

2x (5) Derailed Coaster

1x (5) Inara Stormcrash

2x (9) Mogu Fleshshaper


I’m sure a lot of you have seen this deck played but having played this for the past two days I must say this is by far one of the most disgusting decks I’ve played.

Unfortunately I was playing mobile so didn’t have my deck tracker running for stats but I climbed from silver to diamond 5 with only two losses, one to a demon hunter where I couldn’t find my weapon and another to a control warrior that was able to clear my board 6 times.

This deck will shape the meta mark my words

Most games end by turn 7 with multiple people conceding on 5 or 6

Paladins can’t usually clear more than once or twice and revolve answers their buffs fully, I’ve easily dealt with menagerie and refined pure paladin list from previous expansion

Druids don’t have the clears to respond, even when ramping hard it’s just to slow to deal with 20-30 mana worth of minions on turn 6

The new spell mage is just coming online too slow, they usually can’t fully clear and the next evolve puts them back to square one even if they slow you down with a blizzard on 6, you will want to position around rolling fireball as much as possible but it’s basically a coin flip with the constant evolves, none the less, none of my games vs this deck we’re even close

I will say flame ward can get you, try to check for it before committing your board if possible But it’s easy enough to reload your board

Demon hunter – played a view variants I thought soul demon hunter would be tough with their board clears but three targets with blade dance is easy to refill and the breakpoint on their two damage aoes isn’t there, we’re usually tanking it with a few minions up and evolving them back up to full health, I expect the 5 mana 4 damage aoe card to start being run to try to slow this deck down, I truly believe this deck will shape the meta to where you’ll need answers to it

Hunter – mostly played face hunters from previous expansion where I easily raced them, same as demon hunter a 2 damage flame trap isn’t enough to stop you and they just can’t deal with the wide boards, the new variants were too slow to even get their strategies online and were quickly over.

Priest – another deck I thought would give me trouble due to the number of board clears, problem is they never live long enough for plague of death, a bad evolve can lose the game for you against a soul mirror but typically they are already below 20 by the time it comes out on 7 and I have enough minions left after the clear to evolve and push for lethal from there.

Warlock- played two zoos and easily out raced, all the slower control variants are irrelevant, i did have one slow me down enough to twisting nether twice but he was so low health by then that a few attacks to face with weapon and they were done


  • I only played totem and mirror, totem actually pushed me harder than most because I was too committed to smorc and should have traded more, although I did win so perhaps it was the correct line of play, I won my mirrors as well, I hard traded to keep their board clear and was able to get my board online before they did


  • these are the decks Achilles heel, I didn’t see menagerie warrior on my climb but I’ve seen what they can do if they draw the nuts and I don’t think this deck can deal with the pressures it’s capable of. I think this match up is winnable but one of the few we’re not heavily favored in. Now control warrior might be close to an auto loss if they draw their board clears, brawl comes out on 5 during our big swing, blade storm and barov are their to fill in the gaps, extremely tough match up, I think you need to hit an early lighting bloom into weapon to get enough pressure before they stabilize but really it’s the worst match up you’ll see on ladder.

I think most of this list is pretty solid and self explanatory, more than happy with to answer questions in the comments cards on my potential cut list of y’all have better suggestions are as follows

Sludge surper -Didn’t find it doing much for me in games, the extra minion in the form of a lackey is nice but the overload often messes with my early game tempo where I’d rather play a custodian

Farsight -Not my favorite card in the deck, never feels great to play and personally never hit anything game breaking, would likely rather have a lava burst for a little extra reach.

Derailed coaster

-Probably not at the top of my cut list, I really didn’t like this card when I first started playing but it’s really helped me get some boards online, that being said it feels a little awkward in the 5 slot and on an empty hand it’s much worse than my desert hate or even an uncorrupted pitmaster


  • usually a dead card in my hand but it has also stolen games from guardian Druid and libram paladins, and ruins Rez priest pool, however most these match ups are so slow it’s not not ever needed, could see putting in a lighting bolt for early removal and extra reach to close out games, there is the niche case of trolling your own board for more taunts or to get rid of a doomsayer but personally I’ve never used it this way

Inara storm crash

-Could potentially be cut for a budget version but frankly she’s adds so much damage, be sure to attack with your weapon then drop her so you can get the second attack in with her otherwise she’ll evolve and you’ll lose the windfury

Mulligan guide

-Always dig for cage match custodian, unless you have weapon in hand, we do prefer the custodian to the weapon itself due to card advantage and having a solid play turn two

-Once you have the the cards you want are lightning bloom, dread Corsair, and pit master/dessert hare.

-I’m here to answer questions but please try this deck, it’s one of the easiest climbs I’ve ever had, I actually got the 12 win streak in ranked achievement using it actually earning it as I hit diamond 5.

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