Hearthstone Rush Priest Guide


Hearthstone Rush Priest Guide?by TrainerDusk

Hi guys and girls. I?m Nick, but online I go by TrainerDusk. I recently started a youtube series about netdecking and some users asked for a written guide in parallel to the video portion of my guides.

I really recommend you watch the video guide first:

Youtube link to video guide.

It is roughly 23 minutes long and contains the function of every card in the deck, how to mulligan properly and 3 games at high level ranked of the deck in action. I am waiting on a better microphone, so I apologise in advance for the rather variable audio quality. I cleaned it up the best I could.

A Rush Priest : I thought mind blast was a bad card?

The Decklist shown in the video:


The functions of each card and notable interactions:

NOTE: If two cards work well together, I will only mention it once, the first time it comes up.

1?Holy Smite?(x2) ? 2 damage to the face or 2 damage to a minion. If you?ve played rush hunter, this is identical to arcane shot.

1?Power Word: Shield?(x2) ? Cantrip card that might let your charge minions attack a second time. Play it whenever you have 1 mana left over or you want to draw.

2?Abusive Sergeant?(x2) ? If you buff a charge minion, it?s like an Elven Archer that has one more attack and deals 2 more damage. Play it as soon as you can get the value from its battlecry.

2?Argent Squire?(x2) ? Durable minion that is a buff magnet and a Blood Knight buffer. Often lives long enough to benefit from Abusive Sergeant buff.

2?Leper Gnome?(x2) ? Aggro 1 drop. No matter that, this card gets value. Either he gets silenced or he will deal the 2 damage he was made to.

3?Northshire Cleric?(x2) ? Draw card. Will survive a similar amount when compared to Argent Squire, so it can also be used as a buff magnet.

3?Mind Blast?(x2) ? Finisher. 5 damage to the face for a 2 mana card is the rush deck dream spell.

3?Bluegill Warrior?(x2) ? 2 damage charge.

4?Ironbeak Owl?(x1) ? Silence an enemy taunt and let your chargers through.

4?Loot Hoarder?(x2) ? Cantrip card. If you can deal damage with it too, it?s already been worth playing it.

4?Shadowform?(x2) ? Gives you the best hero ability in the game. Best as a coin turn 2 when your opponent has no play or on turn 7 to let you hero power twice. Stacks up to 3 damage which is incredible if you can pull it off.

5?Arcane Golem?(x2) ? 4 damage charge. Giving your opponent more mana to work with isn?t always a good idea, so play other cards before this if you can.

5?Blood Knight?(x1) ? The only big threat in the deck. Always play this if you can get a divine shield.

5?Wolfrider?(x2) ? 3 damage charge.

6?Leeroy Jenkins?(x1) ? Finisher. A neutral fireball spell.

6?Nightblade?(x1) ? Face damage that leaves a reasonably sized body in the deck. Worst card in this deck. Replace it with King Mukla if you have it.

6?Holy Fire?(x2) ? 5 damage that also delays the game by healing you. Good as a finisher to hit behind taunt or to remove very strong minions.

Mulligan Guide:

Always keep:?All 1 drop minions and spells are worth keeping. To rush successfully you need to use all of your mana every turn. Loot hoarder is worth keeping for the cantrip.

Never keep:?Mind Blast, Leeroy Jenkins, Nightblade or Holy Fire. These cards are your finishers or they are too high a mana cost to keep in a rush deck starting hand

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