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Hearthstone Shaman Rank 1 Control Deck

Hearthstone Shaman Rank 1 Control Deck?by LOdam

I thought I would post my Shaman control deck that I?ve used to get to the Rank 1 Innkeeper in constructed. It relies on cheap and efficient minions and removal for early game control and then large beefy minions are used to take control and keep it through the mid-late game.

For card draw I use 2 Novice Engineers and 2 Azure Drakes which offer the side benefit of a increased spell power. The Sunwalker and Defender of Argus are useful for baiting out the hard removal/Black Knight in order to safely get the Earth Elementals out. Farseers are used for healing because I feel it?s necessary due to Shaman lacking any sort of sustainability. I added the Abomination to deal with rush decks but I have enough dust to craft a legendary so I might be switching it out for Sylvanas soon.

Here?s the deck, but I?ve also listed it below: http://i.imgur.com/jstZPjQ.jpg

2x Earth Shock
2x Lightning Bolt
2x Stormforged Axe
2x Novice Engineer
2x Feral Spirit
2x Hex
2x Lightning Storm
2x Earthen Ring Farseer
2x Havest Golem
2x Defender of Argus
1x Abomination (Considering switching out for Sylvanas)
2x Azure Drake
2x Earth Elemental
1x Faceless Manipulator
2x Fire Elemental
1x Sunwalker
1x Ragnaros the Firelord

I?m always trying to improve my deck so I?d love to hear all comments and suggestions as to how I can improve it. Thanks for reading! 😀


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