Hello everyone, today is the day that the new adventure for Hearthstone, One Night in Karazhan releases upon the world I already did my sort of card review card by card to talk about sort of the possiblities I think exist in each card And the ways that you might be able to use them But I wanted to do a sort of overall look at what I think the best cards in the set are As well as the cards that I think people are kind of sleeping on The cards that I think are underrated So, here we go with the top five cards in the set As well as what I think are the top five “sleepers” of the set That we’ll see more from then people seem to think So, let’s start with number 5 Top 5 cards in the set is, Arcane Giant This is a card that I think is pretty powerful So far as it offers a way for controlling decks to generate a cheap threat late in the game This is pretty important from a tempo perspective for a lot of control decks Because one of the problems with spell-heavy control decks in many cases, is that they have a lot of reactive cards that allow them to kill what their opponent plays but don’t necessarily have the ability to turn the corner effectively but Arcane Giant actually provides that If you’re playing a spell-heavy deck you can very easily, potentially get to the point that you have an Arcane Giant for just a couple of mana or even no mana and both be able to react to your opponent’s board and generate a big threat in the process So, I think this is a card that will see a lot of play in spell-heavy control decks Maybe even combo decks that look to finish with Arcane Giant plus Charge, things like that So, definitely a card to look out for in the giant family As far as underrated cards, At number five I have Avian Watcher Let me reiterate that by underrated cards I don’t necessarily mean that these are cards that are gonna be breaking down the doors of the meatgame These are cards that I think have been kind of overlooked And have the potential, at least in particular types of decks, to be very effective Avian Watcher is one of those cards I think, Avian Watcher, which can be a 4/7 Taunt for 5 is a very powerful card in the right deck As to whether that deck is going to be good, in the metagame, it’s unclear But, I do think that there is a lot of tools for secret-based Mage decks Perhaps even some more defensive secret-based Hunter decks with things liked Cloaked Huntress That can potentially have a little bit of a jump in power Thanks to Avian Watcher giving them a big body to keep them alive in the middle of the game 4/7 is effectively the total stats of a Sludge Blecher Obviously it’s not as resilient to getting hit by big minions or removal as Sludge Belcher is But overall it can absorb an equivalent amount of damage in a lot of matchups and that’s a really big deal Even a Savannah Highmane doesn’t attack through the front half And that is clearly a really good defensive minion in the right situations So, I think that card has definitely been underrated a bit As far as top cards in the set, the Curator comes in at number 4 This is a card that when I first looked at it I kind of thought it would be too difficult to use I think that it can potentially fit in some sort of combo decks to find an individual combo piece like say an Alextraza And my thought was that those combo decks can already draw a bunch of cards as it is Because, it is pretty easy to draw cards in say, Freeze Mage You can find your Alextraza pretty much every game And you’re probably not going to slot in The Curator into your Freeze Mage deck But, the more I thought about it the more I realized it opens up the possibility for more decks that don’t necessarily have all of those tools It’s a strong value card in decks that are looking to play a long value game It can potentially give you that combo tool like Alextraza or whatever else Or it can give you a strong attrition-based plan against other opponents So, I think The Curator is going to be an interesting challenge for players to figure out how to use But, once they do, I think we’re going to find that The Curator is one of the top cards in the set From the underrated side, at number 4, we have Onyx Bishop This is a card that a lot of people looked at and we’re like “Well Resurrect wasn’t good, why would this be good?” And, there’s a couple of things going on there One thing is that redundancy is important in any deck that is trying to leverage a certain type of effect You only get to play two copies of Resurrect in a deck that’s looking to Resurrect things And if you’re playing a deck full of Injured Blademasters and other stuff that is good to bring back from the dead you don’t necessarily have your Resurrect when you want it Another thing is that Onyx Bishop provides a body in itself Yes, the body isn’t amazing It’s a 3/4 for 5 But, it’s giving you that in addition to whatever you’re bringing back with the Onyx Bishop So, let’s say you brought back a Wild Pyromancer You know, a pretty unexciting thing, with your Onyx Bishop You’re still getting a 3/2 and a 3/4 for 5 mana And that’s a pretty reasonable deal And that’s like a worst-case-style scenario If you bring back an Injured Blademaster If you bring back an Auchenai Soulpriest Any sort of type of midrange minon You’re getting an incredible deal from your Onyx Bishop Which is to say nothing of the possibilities if you somehow get an oversized minion back early in the game Or if later on you get back something that was a Ragnaros that died You know, the huge upside possibilities that the card has So, I think this is a card that people are definitely sleeping on And is one of cards that I’m definitely looking forward to try and build Priest decks around with the new adventure For number 3 top cards in the set- Medivh’s Valet This is a card that definitely goes into those controlling secret-based decks with Avian Watcher You know, a 2/3 minion for 2 Gives a control P- A control Priest [Laughs] Not a control Preist deck.

A control Mage deck A good card to play on turn 2 That is also very powerful later on One of the problems with a lot of the Mage two-drops that have existed You know, I’ve built a lot of control Mage decks That and Control Priest are the two decks I’ve built the most in Hearthstone And one of the standouts to me, especially since Mad Scientist has been gone is that there’s not to much that they want to play at two mana Because a lot of what you want in a controlling deck Are cards that can help you play a tempo game early on you know, can help fight against opposing minions early on And a 2/3 body is good at that It’s better that a 2/3 would be because it doesn’t trade down with 2/1s It’s more resilient to opposing 2/3s, things like that And also, it has a very powerful late game effect, it’s hugely powerful tempo effect Doing 3 damage if you control a secret So this is a card that I think very well may reinvigorate control Mage style decks in the metagame And I know StrifeCro is excited about it when we we’re talking about it at the reveal in L.A.

For number 3, in terms of underrated cards, I have Nightbane Templar This is a card that I have heard people refer to a Razorfen Hunter that has one extra 1/1 And, yeah, that’s true. In fact, that’s exactly what it is when it’s turned on But, that’s a lot. Getting another body is a huge deal in that situation getting 1/1 extra stats can take something from being a mediocre card to an excellent card In particular, the fact that this is spread across multiple bodies makes it work particularly well with buff effects Especially Keeper of Uldaman Nightbane Templar works perfectly in a deck with Keeper of Uldaman because you get not only one but two 1/1s that you could use to just Keeper up and attack right away And while my previous initial instinct was “Oh, Dragon Paladin decks already have they have Blackwing Technician,.

They have Aldor Peacekeeper” I think that Nightbane Templar opens up new possibilities for perhaps a more proactive, more aggressive style of deck Might not want access to the Aldor Peacekeeper Obviously this is a much more powerful card to play on turn 3 than an Aldor Peacekeeper So, definitely a card that has sort of flown under the radar for a lot of people And I think may cause a resurgence or at least a new style of Dragon Paladin deck And certainly one that I’m going to be playing with when it comes out Number 2, on my top cards from the set, is Menagerie Warden And, the most important thing about this is how you pronounce Menagerie So, I hope all of you who keep saying the word wrong, get it right at some point because people are gonna be saying this name a lot This is a card that has kind of been controversial in the scene, as far as people’s reviews of it.

I know Firebat was saying that this is an outrageous card because of how powerful it is when combined with Stanglethorn Tiger And I agree! The card is extremely powerful in those circumstances But those circumstances don’t come up that often And, that fact that your opponent is kind of free to do what they’re going to do until that stage in the game, If you’re playing a Druid deck that’s just looking to curve 5 into 6 How many good Druid decks just curve 5 into 6 without ramping, with Innervates and things evolve It’s not clear to me that this is going to be as metagame breaking as people seem to think I think it’s definitely a powerful card, you know, it’s number 2 on my top cards from the set, but I don’t think it’s quite the same problem that a lot of people are viewing it to be It’s a deck that looking to play turn 5 stealthed minion into turn 6 5/5 to copy them is gonna be able to compete with a deck like Zoo, with a deck like Dragon Warrior, or Aggro Shaman, you know? I think that a lot of the traditional weaknesses of a lot of Druid decks- Druid sort of ramp style decks that we’ve seen over the years still are gonna hold true to a deck that’s built like this But, I do think it is a very powerful payoff for a Beast Druid deck And I do expect it to see a lot of competitive play which is why I have it at number 2 of my top cards of the expansion For underrated cards, at number 2, I have Priest of the Feast And a lot of people have been saying- regarding This card and a lot of the general Priest cards in the set Is that this is- yeah this is a good card, but it’s not really a card that Priests really want I really disagree I think that Priest of the Feast- obviously yeah maybe a two drop or a three drop would be a strong card that would let you gain control of the game early on It might be more suited to fixing the problems that Priest has right now But one of the problems that Priest has- and I’ve played a lot of Priest- one of the problems that Priest has in a lot of matchups Is that because you’re playing a reactive game in a lot of ways A lot of times, you can sort of fall behind And take a lot of damage.

And yeah you have a hero power that can heal you up But in many cases you’re taking big chunks of damage And just healing yourself incrementally Isn’t really powerful enough to deal with that One example, obviously, is Freeze Mage, one of the worst matchups sort of historically for Control Priest simply because they can Alextraza you then blow you up because you can only do so much healing in an individual turn Especially when you don’t play with tons of healing cards But a big thing about Priest of the Feast is that you don’t have to play with a bunch of healing cards for Priest of the Feast to be powerful. When you have Priest of the Feast, every spell you have, just gets “gain 3 life” tacked onto it And that makes cards like Holy Smite, cards like Power Word: Shield, cards like Circle of Healing All so much more powerful against any kind of aggressive deck And Priest in many cases can fall behind in the board And suffer because you can’t find Auchenai Soulpriest, Circle, whatever sort of board clears This doesn’t solve those problems, but it does But it does give you a way to significantly mitigate when you fall behind in those ways because you can gain tons of life In a single turn but just cantripping with Power Word: Shield Removing your opponents minions with Holy Smite It just gives you tons of abilities to keep yourself alive And give you the time you might need to draw into those combonations So, this is a card that has been really really underrated.

To say nothing to the fact that is a 3/6 for 4 Which is a great stat line It’s much better that most four drops. It has the stats of a Water Elemental Obviously that alone is enough to make it a stand out card but I think this is a card that is way better than people are looking into So, this is a card that I think will really help revitalize Control Priest and that is why I think it is the number 2 underrated card in the set Alright, as far as the number 1 card in the set I think the best card in the set, the most powerful card in the set is Barnes Barnes is a card that feels like it can enable so many different types of decks This is a incredibly powerful card if you play it in a deck that has a lot of high impact, say, deathrattle minons You know, you play Barnes You get out a 1/1 copy of Sylvanas A 1/1 copy of Cairne. A 1/1 copy of Tirion All of these- hugely powerful. To say nothing of the fact that Barnes itself has a reasonable body. It’s not like Barnes is giving you Something that can have a significant board impact by itself Also, Barnes works really well, people are gonna joke about it, in the silence Priest deck Not necessarily gonna be a super competitive deck But, it works very well in any deck that has silence effects, whether it’s Priest or not Because, you can just use the silence effect on a Barnes minion and get a full powerful size copy of that minion If that minion is Ragnaros, you have an 8/8 Ragnaros that can attack If it’s Deathwing, you have a 12/12 Deathwing that can attack And it also works extremely well in a Priest deck with Resurrect effects You play Barnes, you get a 1/1 copy of Ragnaros, whatever that dies, you play Onyx Bishop or Resurrect and suddenly you have a full power copy of that card in pla, that’s really powerful It also works in a decks that’s looking to play a single or couple of powerful minons This could be more difficult to pull off because you’re probably going to need to have more than one minion in your deck in most cases.

But say you have Emperor Thaurissan Say it’s your only minion. It’s Emperor Thaurissan. You play Barnes, it’s guaranteed to get you a copy of Emperor Thaurissan So, you get redundancy in the powerful combo effect there Say you have, Malygos You can play Barnes to get a 4-cost Malygos and blow your opponent up with a bunch of burn spells So, this is a card that I think has huge potential in a variety of different decks And that’s why I have it as the number 1 card in the Karazhan adventure As far as the number 1 underrated card, I’m going to have to say it is Purify No, just kidding [Laughs] Though I do think people are giving Purify a little too much flak I think the number 1 most underrated card in the expansion is Medivh So, Medivh, when I first looked at it I was thinking “Oh, this is cool, this is kind of like a creature with a Summoning Stone attached” That’s kinda neat I didn’t think it was gonna be a card that had any potential for serious, competitive play I thought about it more though And the thing about Medivh, Is that it’s a win condition, it’s an end game minion that is inherently resilient to removal In the sense that it provides you with multiple bodies and significant tempo for all your future spells Now what I mean by that is, You can play Medivh And if your opponent kills it, Okay, they killed your Medivh Like let’s say your playing against a Dragon Warrior deck And your playing Control Priest because I’m always playing Control Priest because I have a problem But I play Medivh, and let’s say they play Ragnaros They’re like “Ahh, you played a 7/7 let me play my Ragnaros” Say, Ragnaros hits Medivh Okay, that’s obviously pretty bad more me.

Their 8 cost minion, blew up my 8 cost minion and is still on the board Well, I still have Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian So, I can now say play Entomb On Ragnaros And not only do I remove Ragnaros, I create a 6-drop minion And still have Atiesh for future spells And, that Enables all of my future spells to not only generate A card advantage by creating additional minions when I play them.

But, also tempo advantage Because I’m attaching this immeadiate Summoning Stone effect to my future spells. So, This is going to be, I think, at its most powerful in decks like Control Priest and Control Mage That have significant Significant spells, like significant higher cost spells because obviously the higher the cost the spell is, the more powerful the minion that you’re gonna get Which is why I think it pairs especially well with Entomb And I think this may be the sort of card for a control Priest deck could give them the tools to allow them to turn around games from a tempo perspective Because, one of the problems with Control Priest, sort of what I was talking about before, is when you fall behind You fall behind, and you kind of struggle to clear the board And maybe you get an opportunity. You play Medivh And now, your removal spells also generate minions And that’s a huge tempo advantage that the Atiesh is giving you For at least the next three spells Obviously this is a lot weaker if you’re forced to play cheap spells, And you certainly don’t want to go Medivh, Power Word: Shield him “I’m gonna get you.

Haha.” But if you are able to play stuff like Entomb, Flamestrike, Holy Nova, anything like that, I mean, we’re not even going to get into playing Call of the Wild or whatever But these are hugely impactful That can, when they are tied together with a body of the same casting cost I don’t think that Medivh is the sort of card that will up-end the metagame As far as slotting into existing powerful decks But I do think it’s a card that can serve as an excellent win condition for decks that might otherwise struggle to win games based on tempo and out-valueing people, the way the metagame has shifted itself to be Anyway, those are my thoughts on the top 5 cards and the top 5 underrated card from the Karazhan adventure Let me know your thoughts.

Where do you think I’m right? Where do you think I’m wrong? Do you think that Purify is really that bad? Anyway, thanks for watching and I’ll catch you next time.

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