Hearthstone Top 500 Legend Broom Paladin Mulligan Guide/Gameplay Commentary By: Gatormatthew


Hey everyone, I finished top 300 legend last season on NA with this version of Broom Paladin and I am currently sitting at around 400. I think it’s a really interesting deck to play and I wanted to share my thoughts on how the deck should mulligan along with a 30 minute or so video with me explaining my every thought process behind my turns while talking with another top 300 finisher. I hope you enjoy.

A few games with full commentary (please excuse my horrible intro voice): Link to Guide

Mulligan Guide: Vs all decks: First day of school, Aldor Attendant, Hand of adal with one of the first two. Libram of Wisdom with Aldor Attendant.

Rogue: Stick to keeping the general mulligan along with card synergies. If you already have one of First day of School or Aldor attendant, Salhet’s pride is a keepable card. Alura can also be a keep with a good enough hand on the coin.

Warrior: Libram of Wisdom is the most crucial card in this matchup. Aldor Truthseeker and Salhet’s Pride are also autokeeps. Keeping a Libram of Hope with other libram reducing cards is something I recommend experimenting with and seeing how it works out for you.

Priest: Salhet’s pride and Aldor Truthseeker are keeps in this matchup. Alura can be kept on the coin and libram of wisdom should be kept most of the time.

Hunter: Aggressively mulligan for the general mulligan cards.

Demon Hunter: Salhet’s pride should be kept every time going first and most of the time going second. Alura should be kept on the coin.

Mage: Salhet’s pride should mostly be kept as should Alura on the coin. This is a very difficult matchup to play and your mulligan’s should be much more fluid than other matchups. See what works well for you.

Druid: Alura on coin, aldor truthseeker. Barov can be kept if you have a powerful hand alongside it.

Paladin: Libram of Wisdom, Aldor Truthseeker, and Salhet’s pride are keeps.

Shaman/Warlock: I have not seen these classes played whatsoever, stick to the general mulligan + other cards that seem fit.

I’ll respond to every question in the Youtube/Reddit comments. I’ll be uploading more guides throughout the upcoming weeks and posting gameplay commentary to my youtube everyday.

Hope you guys enjoyed and I sure hoped you learned something 😛

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