Hearthstone Warrior Basic Tips


Hearthstone Warrior Basic Tips?by Otiveht

I am no means good at TCG?s, this is my first TCG i?m going to give more than a 2 hours worth of time. So don?t judge, im just sharing what i have found to work with the Warrior 75% of the time.

These are just a couple things i have found to work with the warrior.
1) Charge cards are important.
2) Support your Charge cards with things that can clear your opponents taunt cards.
3) Setup your burst to the opponent hero when they don?t have any Taunt cards.
4) Don?t just through away cards at your opponents minions
5) Use armor so you can last long enough to burn your opponent.
6) Get enough Cleave type cards to help control how many minions your opponent has on the field.
7) Support your direct damage/charge cards with your deck.
8) Weapons are important, and can do alot of damage with Heroic Strike.

The warrior deck is VERY much a slam, in your face direct damage to the hero, from what i have found in this first weekend of the beta. It can lack longevity if you just throw cards at your opponents minions. Set up your burst and just control how much damage you take.

Tips by Tali

Here?s my experience from cockatrice and a week or 2 of playing only warrior, maybe it?ll be useful to someone that just started a warrior deck.

-Keep armoring up, board presence is important but having +2 effective health will rack up over time as well and is a must against combo decks as well as heavy aggro.
-Weapons aren?t just for dealing dmg to heroes, its perfectly viable to clear the board with them turn after turn as well to apply pressure. With increased durability, you?ll get 2-3 with upgrade removals for your 1 card more often then not and its not like warriors have a lack of weapons to do it with.
-Don?t waste execute unless you really need something gone, its so crucial to have them later on when the big guys come into play because the rest of your cards won?t really do much to them.
-Heavy dmg combo?s(15-20+ dmg in 1 turn) is the only way you?ll ever beat a paladin/priest deck that is actually properly build and isn?t drawing junk.
-charge minions with Commanding shout+battlerage is AMAZING for clearing the board while getting card advantage. Without it, it?ll be hard to keep even handsizes.
-If you can force your opponent to go into top deck mode, chances SHOULD be VERY high you?ll come out as the winner, same for fatigue.(hint! hint! at the later part)

Tip by Typoko

Card Draw is a huge problem for most classes. Running Loot Hoarders and Novice Engineers can really do wonders. They might look unappealing at start, but getting something on the board without actually losing a card is important. This also lets you thin out the deck so you can focus on playing the best cards possible.

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