Hearthstone What Your Battleground Builds Should Look Like For Each Tribe (Patch 21.2) By: MewMatic


Hey everyone, we are back with another guide! Today’s article covers everything you need to know how to build for each tribe in Patch 21.2!

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Now then, onto the guides


There are five builds you can do with Mechs now in Battlegrounds! 3 of them require Deflect-o-Bot, one is based around Kangor’s Apprentice and Deathrattles, and a new one from Patch 21.2 is a build revolving around MechanoTank.

NOTE: While not explicitly stated, Replicating Menace will always be implied to have on your mechs. As well, Refreshers are any cards that spawn another mech when it gets destroyed.

When should you go for the Deflect-o-Bot build?

The correct answer is: once you find Deflect-o-Bot and the support cards. Many heroes utilize Deflect-o-Bot well and if you can get the right build, he will be quite a powerhouse. The three builds you can do with Deflect-o-Bot are known as:

Traditional Deflect-o-Bot Build

Mecherel Build

Taunt Comp Build

The keycards for all of these are Deflect-o-Bot and Grease Bot. The latter helps scale to the end game with our divine shield minions. Let’s discuss them one at a time.

Traditional Deflect-o-Bot Build

Mid Game Build:

Deflect-o-Bot | Deflect-o-Bot | Micro Mummy | Micro Mummy | Grease Bot | Grease Bot | Metaltooth Leaper Common Late Game Build:

Deflect-o-Bot w/ Replicating Menace | Deflect-o-Bot w/Replicating Menace | Micro Mummy | Mecheral | Kangor’s Apprentice | Golden Grease Bot w/Replicating Menace | Divine Shield Taunted MechanoEgg

Keycard: Deflect-o-Bot, Metaltooth Leaper

This is a standard-looking Deflect-o-Bot build where you could not find the key cards to help you reach high into the late game. This is more of a midrange build where you are just trying to survive and make it to the top 4.

Mecherel Build

Mid Game Build: Deflect-o-Bot | Deflect-o-Bot | Micro Mummy | Micro Mummy | Grease Bot | Grease Bot | Metaltooth Leaper

Common Late Game Build:

Deflect-o-Bot | Deflect-o-Bot | Taunted Divine Shield MechanoEgg | Mecheral | Another Divine Shield Minion or a Refresher | Golden Grease Bot | Divine Shield Taunted Mecheral w/ Replicating Menace

Keycard: Deflect-o-Bot, Mecheral

Mecherel Build is really powerful with very difficult ways to properly counter. Windfury and Unstable Ghouls can help but if your opponent knows what you are up to, there can be ways to get around that.

Taunt Comp Mechs

Mid Game Build:

Deflect-o-Bot | Deflect-o-Bot | Micro Mummy | Micro Mummy | Grease Bot | Arm of the Empire | Arm of the Empire

Common Late Game Build:

Micro Mummy | Kangor’s Apprentice | any Taunted Divine Shield Mech | Either Mecherel, another divine shield taunted minion or another refresher | Taunted Deflect-o-Bot | Taunted Deflect-o-Bot | Golden Arm of the Empire

Keycard: Deflect-o-Bot, Arm of the Empire, Defender of Argus, Annoy-o-Module

Taunt Comp is the fastest way to give Deflect-o-Bot attacks, making them scale at a high rate. However, it is the build with the most weaknesses. It is weak against Deflect-o-Bot being attacked twice, cleave, and minions with special effects that deal damage indirectly such as Soul Juggler, Red Whelp, and Prestor’s Pyrospawn.

When should you go for Deathrattle Mech comp?

The keycards for this build are Kangor’s Apprentice, Baron Rivendare, and deathrattles such as MechanoEgg, Kaboom-Bot, or Omega Buster. The Deathrattle Mech comp is much more difficult to pull off as it requires numerous high-tier cards. While Deflect-o-Bot can be found much earlier, this is a build that does not require much scaling to accomplish. Once you have the right cards, you can use the build’s innate strength to carry you. This is the only build that does not want you to use Replicating Menace.

Mid Game Build:

Kaboom Bot | Kaboom Bot | MechanoEgg | MechanoEgg | Kangor’s Apprentice | Baron Rivendare | Acolyte of C’Thun

Common Late Game Build:

Omega Buster (Taunted) | Omega Buster (Taunted) | Foe Reaper | Foe Reaper | Kaboom Bot, MechanoEgg, Deflect-o-Bot, or Mecherel | Golden Kangor’s Apprentice | Golden Baron Rivendare

The plan for this build is to use the power of Omega Buster to do a wide buff to your board. Kaboom Bot and MechanoEgg are also other cards you can use to come out of Kangor’s Apprentice, but Omega Buster is the most effective one. While this build can still use Deflect-o-Bot, it is not necessary.

Alternatively, you can do a build like this:

Golden Monstrous Macaw | Mecherel | Foe Reaper | Deflect-o-Bot | Omega Buster | Baron Rivendare | Annoy-o-Module

It is very similar to the Monstrous Macaw and Goldrinn, the White Wolf, build for Beasts, except you’re using Omega Buster and Mechs. The principal is still the same, but do not put Replicating Menace or Kangor’s Apprentice in your build.

When should you go for a MechanoTank build?

When you have no direction and just need to make it to the top four. This build will not get you first most of the time and is generally a desperate attempt to survive. It is very similar to Soul Juggler build but much more flexible since it does not require certain tribes for this build.

Mid Game Build:

Scallywag | Scallywag | Sewer Rat | MechanoTank | MechanoTank | Acolyte of C’Thun | Acolyte of C’Thun

Common Late Game Build:

Acolyte of C’Thun | Acolyte of C’Thun | Voidlord | Voidlord | Omega Buster | Golden MechanoTank | MechanoTank

MechanoTank build is completely new but works the same as Soul Juggler build. You want units that drop many respawned minions and have Taunt so you can proc MechanoTank’s avenge ability. The build is easy, especially since Omega Buster is optional but do not expect to get top victories with this build.


There are three builds you can do with Dragons now in Battlegrounds!

When should you go for Kalecgos dragons?

Once you can find Kalecgos, then that’s when you start working towards the Kalecgos dragons build. Unlike before, dragons now have a decent mid-game that helps them carry onto an end-game Kalecgos build.

Mid Game Build:

Bronze Warden | Bronze Warden | Tarecgosa | Prized Promo-Drake | Tarecgosa | Whelp Smuggler | Prestor’s Pyrospawn

The common late-game Kalecgos build:

Kalecgos | Dragon | Dragon | Dragon | Dragon | Slot for Battlecries | Whelp Smuggler. Eventually, add Nadina to remove Whelp Smuggler.

The dragons can be anything, but Razorgore, Tarecgosa, Bronze Warden, and Prized Promo-Drake are the best to have. Whelp Smuggler gives you an extra two health with Kalecgos to help scale up even faster. Whelp Smuggler should only replace her once you have either another Kalecgos or a Nadina. Prestor’s Pyrospawn should be in your build if you are facing other builds with Divine Shield.

When should you go for Nadina/Divine Shield dragons?

This is a build you do when you are unable to find Kalecgos throughout the game. It focuses on divine shields and abilities surrounding it rather than the hard stats that Kalecgos provides.

Mid Game Build:

Glyph Guardian | Bronze Warden | Tarecgosa | Prized Promo-Drake | Tarecgosa | Drakonid Enforcer | Whelp Smuggler

The common end-game example for Nadina Dragons

Nadina the Red | Tarecgosa | Golden Prize-Promo Drake | Tarecgosa | Golden Razorgore | Golden Drakonid Enforcer | Golden Grease Bot

While you may not have the power of Kalecgos to help buff your minions, you can still find Grease Bot. If you manage to golden and taunt your Tarecgosa, you can get additional Grease Bots or Whelp Smuggler to help your scaling further. Of course, consider Prestor’s Pyrospawn when fighting other builds with divine shields.

When should you go for Whelp Smuggler dragons?

You do this build when you cannot find Kalecgos nor Nadina to help round out your build. This is a bit of a mid-game build to try and survive to get top four. However, if you are lucky, your minions could scale high enough to be unable to kill. This build is new with Patch 21.2, and it focuses on Prized Promo-Drake and Whelp Smuggler to help you get the stats you need for buffs.

Mid Game Build:

Glyph Guardian | Bronze Warden | Tarecgosa | Prized Promo-Drake | Tarecgosa | Whelp Smuggler | Whelp Smuggler

The common end-game example for Whelp Smuggler dragons:

Golden Glyph Guardian | Razorgore | Tarecgosa | Golden Prized Promo-Drake | Tarecgosa | Golden Whelp Smuggler

The end game is just this build but golden and Kalecgos or Nadina to round it out. If you are desperate to get more stats, cards such as Arm of the Empire, Charlga, any cards that give Blood Gems, or Budding Greenthumb can help out when combined with Whelp Smuggler.


There are three builds you can do with Beasts now in Battlegrounds! All of them require Baron Rivendare since deathrattles are important for this build. Note: All minions, except Rat Pack, should have Reborn status from Reanimating Rattler. Rat Pack should not have Reborn as it will not summon Rat Pack due to board space.

When should you go for Deathrattle Token Build?

Mama Bear is a key card to doing Deathrattle Token build. Once you have her, everything should be easy until the late game. From there, you should be able to pick up any beast to round out your build.

Mid Game Build:

Rapid Saurolisk | Cave Hydra | Savannah Highmane | Sewer Rat | Rat Pack | Bird Buddy | Mama Bear

The common late-game build:

Goldrinn, White Wolf | Maexxna | Savannah Highmane | Rat Pack | Baron Rivendare | Mama Bear | Taunted Sewer Rat

This build is by far the weakest build amongst the Beast build. The scaling is not very high, and it has some weaknesses. However, it is still a strong build amongst the midgame. While you often won’t beat the end game builds, it is a build that definitely can get you amongst the top 4. If you want to get first place, try to go for either of the following builds.

When should you go for Bird Goldrinn Build?

This build works through Monstrous Macaw, Goldrinn, the White Wolf, and Baron Rivendare. The new addition of Reanimating Rattler makes this build much more consistent from possible counters. While this needs more setup and specific cards than the Deathrattle Token build, this build can fight into the late game and does not require the setup of having Mama Bear buffed minions.

Mid Game Build:

Monstrous Macaw | Monstrous Macaw | Spawn of N’Zoth | Rapid Saurolisk | Cave Hydra | Scavenging Hyena | Acolyte of C’Thun

The common late-game build:

Golden Monstrous Macaw | Goldrinn, White Wolf | Cave Hydra | Maexxna | Another beast with no Deathrattles or Amalgadon with Divine Shield and/or Poison | Baron Rivendare | Acolyte of C’Thun or Annoy-o-Module

You could replace the taunt at the end with a reborn taunted Goldrinn. This build relies on both Goldrinn and Baron Rivendare, so try your best not to have them get sniped. Use Blood Gems or Budding Greenthumb to buff your Baron Rivendare to get it away from being sniped by Zapp Slywick. As previously mentioned, Reanimating Rattler is important to keep this build consistent. If you do not need the cleave or poison for your build, you can always have constant Monstrous Macaw to help with your Goldrinn stacking.

When should you go for Leapfrogger Build?

Your key cards are Leapfrogger, Monstrous Macaw, Baron Rivendare, and Rat Pack. This build falls apart if you are missing Baron Rivendare from your build. However, while you need multiple key pieces, these cards are easier to find than the other builds. At the moment, this build is much more popular than the other builds due to its ease, difficulty to counter, and strength. However, since it is a popular build, you may need to fight others for the key cards.

Mid Game Build:

Leapfrogger | Leapfrogger | Rabid Saurolisk | Sewer Rat | Rat Pack | Scavenging Hyena | Bird Buddy

The common late-game build:

Taunted Golden Leapfrogger | Golden Monstrous Macaw | Taunted Leapfrogger | Another Beast | Sewer Rat | Rat Pack | Baron Rivendare

The last beast can be anything. The idea for this build is that the Leapfrogger deathrattle will fall on any of your beast minions, thus making it easy for Monstrous Macaw to create more Leapfrogger deathrattles, even on beasts who already have deathrattles. It creates a board that is a strong combination of the previous two builds. It has constant buffing deathrattles to keep your board strong while also having multiple spawned minions from deathrattles that are powerful. As previously mentioned, buff your Baron Rivendare with Blood Gems or Budding Greenthumb, so it is not easily sniped by Zapp Slywick.


You can still do two builds with Murlocs, but they now have more consistent ways to gain health and stats.

Note: All of your Murlocs should have poison from SI:Sefin.

When should you go for Brann Murlocs:

Brann Bronzebeard is the key card here as he helps scale your Murlocs incredibly fast. Once you have Brann, all you have to do is find the right Murlocs to gain stats.

Mid Game Build:

Old Murk-Eye | Saltscale Honcho | Swolefin | Swolefin | Coldlight Seer | Felfin Navigator | Murloc Warleader

The common late-game build:

King Bagurgle | Primalfin | Golden Swolefin | Golden Saltscale Honcho | Coldlight Seer | Golden SI:Sefin | Brann Bronzebeard

Health is most important to this build as you will have SI:Sefin giving everyone poison. To get SI:Sefin’s effect to go off properly, make sure you taunt cards like King Bargugle, Brann Bronzebeard, or any weak Murloc. Once you get a poisoned Murloc, you can leave that Murloc in front so that SI:Sefin can try to give poison to another Murloc. Acolyte of C’Thun or Selfless Hero are also good cards to get the Avenge to proc off. For this build, triples are not that important once you’re at tier 5. Seafood Slinger is only really important to make SI:Sefin golden. Once you scale your minions enough, start looking for Selfless Hero to round out your build.

When should you go for Divine Shield Murlcos:

Divine Shield Murlocs functions as a backup build for when you can’t find Brann Bronzebeard. Focus on battlecries to strengthen your minions, then go for Selfless Hero and Baron Rivendare to round out your build.

Mid Game Build:

Old Murk-Eye | Saltscale Honcho | Swolefin | Swolefin | Coldlight Seer | Felfin Navigator | Murloc Warleader

The common late-game build:

Golden Selfless Hero | Golden Swolefin | Golden Saltscale Honcho | Coldlight Seer | Primalfin | Golden SI:Sefin | Baron Rivendare

Instead of using your stats to get you the win, you’re using poison and divine shield instead. While this build needs less time to complete due to just using the immediate power of poison instead of stats, it is more counterable due to cards like Zapp Slywick and Unstable Ghoul.


There are three builds you can do with the Demons tribe. One focuses on Wrath Weaver, another focuses on Soul Juggler, and the final utilizes the new tier-six minion: Famished Felbat.

When should you go for Wrath Weaver Build?

Wrath Weavers is a build where you want to play as many demons as you can per turn to make multiple minions scale higher. Wrath Weaver is an investment that not only uses your health but also needs you to buy constant demons to keep strong. While incredibly powerful, you need many Demons to make sure you can keep your strength up. I would normally go for the build once I have an early enough Wrath Weaver to keep playing demons. Afterward, it is all about getting the ride demons to scale more than just Wrath Weaver.

Mid Game Build:

Wrath Weaver | Wrath Weaver | Imprisoner | Icky Imp | Bigfernal | Impatient Doomsayer | Acolyte of C’Thun

The common late-game build:

Golden Wrath Weaver | Golden Bigfernal | Insatiable Ur’zhul | Voidlord | Voidlord | Imp Mama | Kathra’natir

You are trying to play as many demons as you can to buff up Wrath Weaver, Bigfernal, and Insatiable Ur’zhul. Cards like Impatient Doomsayer and Soul Devourer are important to have constant free scaling. Famished Felbat and Selfless Hero are other important cards that can make your build stronger. While Famished Felbat is important, this build focuses more on early power and fast scaling minions. Always keep one extra slot in your Warband to keep buffing your Bigfernal, Wrath Weaver, or Insatiable Ur’zhul.

When should you go for Soul Juggler Build?

This build is much more powerful in the mid-game than the other builds and just as easy, but it falls off significantly harder than the rest. Until you get something like an Insatiable Ur’zhul, Bigfernal, or Famished Felbat, then you won’t be able to scale into the late game.

Mid Game Build:

Imprisoner | Imprisoner | Acolyte of C’Thun | Icky Imp | Soul Juggler | Soul Juggler | Impatient Doomsayer

The common late-game build:

Golden Bigfernal | Insatiable Ur’zhul | Voidlord | Voidlord | Ring Matron | Imp Mama | Golden Soul Juggler

The difficulty with this build is having your minions be destroyed in an ideal way so that you have enough board space for your deathrattles. Not only that, but you have to make sure your Soul Jugglers do not get sniped by Zapp Slywick. Once again, this build falls off once your opponent has enough stats to eat up your shots from Soul Juggler.

When should you go for the Famished Felbat Demons Build?

This build focuses on making all of the demons on your build strong and scale high. The problem with this build is that you need Famished Felbat and get it early enough to get proper scaling. Once you get enough triples from a card like Impatient Doomsayer, you should find a Famished Felbat and Insatiable Ur’zhul to help scale your minions fast.

Mid-game Build:

Imprisoner | Imprisoner | Icky Imp | Acolyte of C’Thun | Acolyte of C’Thun | Impatient Doomsayer | Impatient Doomsayer

The common late-game build:

Famished Felbat | Golden Bigfernal | Golden Insatiable Ur’zhul | Voidlord | Imp Mama | Imp Mama | Soul Devourer

The Soul Devourer should have eaten a strong minion such as Annihalan Battlemaster; that way, you can keep recycling Soul Devourer. Always keep one extra slot in your Warband to keep buffing your Bigfernal or Insatiable Ur’zhul. Once you get to the late game, start getting cards like Selfless Hero to combat against poison, or other high stat builds. Worth remembering is that when you find Famished Felbat, you should try and reach Tavern-Tier Six to buff all your Demons.


You can do two builds with Pirates, one that focuses more on APM (Action Per Minute), and the other relies on Dread Admiral Eliza.

When should you go for APM Pirate Build?

The APM build requires many key cards to help your Warband, such as Cap’n Hoggarr, Salty Looter, and Peggy Brittlebone. It is difficult to get enough of the important minions, but your minions will scale incredibly fast once you can get going.

Mid-game Build:

Salty Looter | Salty Looter | Cap’n Hoggarr | Briny Bootlegger | Peggy Brittlebone | Peggy Brittlebone | Ripsnarl Captain

The common late-game build:

Golden Cap’n Hoggarr | Golden Salty Looter | Golden Peggy Brittlebone | Golden Briny Bootlegger | Tony-Two Tusk | Dread Admiral Eliza | Golden Ripsnarl Captain

APM Pirate requires a lot of skill as well as key cards more than other builds. You have to make sure you manage to outscale your enemy by constantly buying pirates. Eventually, you will have infinite gold, especially if you have another Cap’n Hoggarr accompanying your Golden Cap’n Hoggarr. Pirates do not have any special abilities other than having big stats, so be sure to start getting Selfless Heroes to give your minions divine shield.

When should you go for Scallywag Eliza Build?

This build is much easier to start than the previous build, but it is hard to round out as it needs multiple difficult triples to create. Once you have Dread Admiral Eliza, then this build can start being tempo-heavy.

Mid Game Build:

Scallywag | Scallywag | Any Pirate | Any Pirate | Dread Admiral Eliza | Baron Rivendare | Acolyte of C’Thun

The common late-game build:

Taunted Scallywag | Taunted Scallywag | Golden Dread Admiral Eliza | Golden Baron Rivendare | Golden Khadgar | Khadgar

However, while most people call this the Exodia build, it is not without its counters. Cards such as Zapp Slywick, small taunts, and cleaves can counter this build. An end game idea of how to make sure you can defeat all of those is by creating this build:

Unstable Ghoul | Scallywag | Scallywag | Golden Selfless Hero | Golden Dread Admiral Eliza | Golden Khadgar | Golden Baron Rivendare

Of course, buff up your Baron Rivendare and Khadgar, so they do not get sniped by Zapp Slywick. The above is the best way you can make this build, and it is how you get around builds that counter your build.


There are three builds you can do with Elementals, one focusing on Nomi, one on Lil ‘Rag and one on the new tier 4 minion: Dazzling Lightspawn.

When should you go for Nomi build

Nomi is much easier to do now with a lot of support to it. Cards such as Recycling Wraith and Dazzling Lightspawn help Nomi a lot, as long as you are able to find constant Elementals. Before Nomi was difficult to get off past turn 8 but now is plausible if you can get the support cards.

Mid Game Build:

Party Elemental | Molten Rock | Recycling Wraith | Dazzling Lightspawn | Nomi, Kitchen Nightmare | Acolyte of C’Thun

The common late game build:

Crackling Cyclone | Wildfire Elemental | Recycling Wraith | Party Elemental | Smogger | Nomi, Kitchen Nightmare | Molten Rock

You want to find cards like Statis Elemental, Sellemental and Tavern Tempest to help you out get more stats on your elementals. Once you have Recycling Wraith, be sure to get free rerolls as much as you can. Keep in mind it’s important to build up stats than it is to take advantage of the free rolls, so if you have a shop full of elementals then buff those elementals rather than using your free rolls.

When should you go for Lil’ Rag build

Lil’ Rag Build receives a nerf with the removal of Lieutenant Garr but like the Nomi build, utilizes Recycling Wraith very well. Start going for this build if you are able to find key cards such as Lil Rag and Gentle Djinni.

Mid Game Build:

Lil Rag | Gentle Djinni | Molten Rock | Party Elemental | Recycling Wraith | Stasis Elemental

The common late game build:

Crackling Cyclone | Wildfire Elemental | Lil Rag | Gentle Djinni | Recycling Wraith | Smogger | Master of Realities

A strength in the Lil Rag build is that you do not need to go full Elemental. You can have a power card such as Foe Reaper or Bristleback Knight can they can still get buffed by Lil Rag. If you already have a powerful card such as those, you can keep them in your build if necessary.

When should you go for Dazzling Lightspawn build

Dazzling Lightspawn is the latest mid range build Elementals can do that can be strong, but has problem scaling as it uses Avenge to create it’s stats. I would normally do this build if I am unable to find a way to get Nomi or I need a decently strong build to get me top 4.

Mid Game Build:

Scallywag | Scallywag | Icky Imp | Acolyte of C’Thun | Acolyte of C’Thun | Dazzling Lightspawn | Dazzling Lightspawn

The common late game build:

Crackling Cyclone | Wildlife Elemental | Party Elemental | Molten Rock | Smogger | Gentle Djinni | Golden Dazzling Lightspawn

Most of the time you can’t find a Gentle Djinni but since you do not want to keep an Acolyte of C’Thun for your end build, Djinni is a good alternative. Note that this build is easy to start up but difficult to pull through in the late game. Be sure to switch to Lil Rag or Nomi build so you can get faster scaling.


Quilboars have mostly stayed the same aside from Groundshaker Build.

Charlga Build:

Mid Game:

Bonker | Tough Tusk | Banner Boar | Tough Tusk | Bristleback Brute | Charlga | Dynamic Duo

A common late game build:

Tough Tusk | Tough Tusk | Charlga | Agamaggan | Agamaggan | Bristleback Brute | Dynamic Duo

Flat Tusk Aggem Build

Mid Game:

Bonker | Aggem Thorncurse | Banner Boar | Tough Tusk | Bronze Warden | Deflect-o-Bot | Dynamic Duo

An ideal late game build:

Foe Reaper | Golden Cap’n Hoggarr | Golden Captain Flat Tusk | Golden Aggem Thorncurse | Golden Agamaggen, the Great Boar | Amalgadon | Amalgadon

Groundshaker build:

Mid Game

Bonker | Tough Tusk | Banner Boar | Tough Tusk | Gem Splitter | Gem Splitter | Groundshaker | Dynamic Duo

The common build for Groundshaker:

Deflect-o-Bot | Mecheral | Golden Tough Tusk | Golden Gem Splitter | Grease Bot | Groundshaker | Annoy-o-Module or Dynamic Duo

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