Hello guys i’m Mighty and today I wanna talk with you about Hearthstone and how to improve your skills so let’s start.And my first advice is,just you need to buy all of the adventures,because they are really important and by all i don’t mean like really all of them,only if you play wild you need all of them. If you play standard,buy the one that you can use,the one that you can play the cards from them.They are really important remember that they have like tier 1 cards.

Cards that are in the most of the good decks I think.I mean you can see that. And just farm some gold,is not that hard. Complete everyday some quests…You can make like 100 gold from winnings,but you need 30 wins i think.And is kinda hard because is a lot of games,but if you play that much you can make it like for one week i guess you can buy one wing.You can get the gold for one wing so is not that hard.You can also trade the 80 gold quest with someone else that have it and this is like 80 extra gold for you also uhm…You can see that,this cards If you don’t have them is really hard to make a good deck i think we all can agree with this. Maybe impossible for climbing one the best ranks,so i also don’t have all of the wings from the adventures just because i have stopped playing Hearthstone for a while.

But i’m trying now to farm some gold and… Get them as fast as i can so… Just get that adventures,they are really important and… The second advice is when you play ladder try to think more because you may have more options to play this round don’t throw your best cards they can be useful two or three rounds later,not now. Think what your opponent can have and had. What your opponent have played. Like if you play vs. Shaman let’s say he have played hex 2 times he don’t have it anymore you can play,you can try to play some like some…Sylvanas lets say,and uhm…

You that he cannot remove the effect. He can have silence but most of them don’t run it now so…You can risk.And just uhm… Think,really think what your oppnent can have in hand and what you can have in your deck left,what you can play. Yea i think this is all for the matchups If you play standard,you should know also in wild,is my opinion. That the best cards are the classic cards. I think we all can agree on this again.And uhm… Try to get the important cards from the classic packs. If you already have them then buy some of the new from the new expansions. Also before new expansion be released,try to farm gold to buy most of the cards in the begginig beginning.Just i know is hard when you have gold and you just want to spend it for pack…

It’s really hard to keep the gold but remember that,you should keep it. It better for you and let’s go for the arenas. The arenas are kinda hard,because no matter how good you are you might not make 7 wins and you should make 7 wins you can return your gold,but uhm… Is really hard,you can farm gold from that but you really need to be good on the arenas. But also if you are good is hard to make 7 or more wins so is really risky. There are website that can guide you what cards you can choose,what cards are good for arenas,what class is good for arena.like if you have,you have to choose from 3 classes.

You can see which one is better. But it really depends what cards you will get is not only from the class but some of them have bonuses you know… You can see that and… I think this is all i hope this advices really helped you,uhm…You can say in the comments. You can hit the like button you can hit the subscribe button if you want,so i hope you enjoyed the video.And this is all for today and bye !

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