Welcome back, everyone! I’m neonangel and today we are going to be facing Professor Putricide. He has 3 phases in the fight and his first one his ability is going to make all Secrets free. His second ability, he’ll get 15 additional Armor and Weapons only cost 1 mana. And the third phase all cards are going to cost 5. So, uhh, you’ve got to be really careful about the transitions for the phases. That’s the tricky part. His minions are Growing Ooze, and you gotta take care of that quickly because he grows each turn. Tentacles is a Weapon you’ve got to deal with. Festergut’s gonna deal 3 damage to all your minions – and Rotgut [Rotface], which we’ve seen as a Warrior card. And the deck that I use on this, it is a little more expensive than I usually like. I have a lot of Rares in there and a couple of Epic cards.

But the big ones are going to be Secretkeeper. If you get him out, errr her out, then she’s just gonna grow and grow really fast. Eater of Secrets is awesome and the Kezan Mystic is great for stealing Secrets as well. And you also want to hold onto your Acidic Swamp Ooze and Gluttonous Ooze, because those are going to be key in taking out his Tentacle Weapon. You’ve really got to take care of that quick, because it can do a lot of damage really fast. So we’ll go ahead and get started and see how we do. When you’re going to mulligan it’s best if you can get one of the Secretkeepers to start with. If you don’t, that’s okay, but it’s good to at least have one of the, one of the Eaters of Secrets or the Kezan Mystics.

So I didn’t get a really good start here, but I’m gonna go ahead and play it and see how it turns out. See, this is where it will get tricky, when he starts playing the Oozes right away. Hopefully that’s not a Counterspell that he just put out, because if I put out my Noble Sacrifice, then at least I’ll be able to stop the Ooze when he attacks. And he didn’t have, it wasn’t a Counterspell, so that’s good. Otherwise he was going to get big fast. It’s good to go ahead and get the Vaporize out of the way too, so I don’t have to worry about it killing a good minion. And even though I can cast, you know, several of the Oozes here, I specifically want to hang on to them for Tentacles, because you really don’t want him to have that Weapon for very long. He can kill all of your minions or just do a load of damage to you. See, there’s Tentacles and I want to get rid of it right away. I’m trying to be careful here about which minion I attack with, because a lot of times, you want to really be careful about your transitions.

That’s the most important thing. And whenever you break his Armor, he’s going to transition to the next Phase. Ummm, so a lot of times he’ll end up, if you’ve got a minion that has more Attack than he has Armor, a lot of times, he’ll equip a Weapon and then just attack that minion and go ahead and transition on his turn, which for the first transition, is really bad, because he summons Festergut. And at the end of his turn he deals 3 damage to all your minions. So a lot of times it’s just going to wipe your board completely out. So you don’t want to give him the option of triggering the Phase transition from attacking one of your minions, if you can help it.

Was able to take out the Freezing Trap and Counterspell there, so that’s good. Now if he were to get a Weapon here, he could just attack the Eater of Secrets and go ahead and transition himself into Phase 2, which I don’t want him to do. Now he should have went ahead and just killed the Cobra there. So that was sort of a bad move on his part. Now my concern here with the Mystic is that he’s going to draw another Abomination and I don’t want the Mystic to be able to be killed by that ability. And it turns out that was exactly the right thing to do, because he drew an Abomination. So if I would have left him, if I would have attacked with the Mystic, then he would have been killed, but now I can save him. I should actually be able to save the Charger as well, here. Of course he just got 2 more of them, which is not great, but…go ahead and transition him now, where I know I can go ahead and kill Festergut.

Awww, that was a bad move on my part, forgetting that he had, could have had, Dart Trap there, and he did. So I sorta screwed myself there, but luckily I drew the Vinecleaver here. Now he’s probably gonna be stupid here and I should be able to wipe out his entire board. And I’m just gonna go ahead an hang on to the Eater of Secrets right now, just because he has so many Secrets. He has 11 Secrets in his deck. Now he’s already used a lot of them, he may have used them all, he only has like 5 cards left. I believe we’re going to go into fatigue here. So I don’t know if holding onto the Eater is going to make any difference or not.

There’s his other Tentacles, which I will be able to easily get rid of, here. But i can go ahead and transition him here. He’s gonna get at least, well no, if I use the Blessing of Kings here, then I can kill Rotgut [Rotface] and not have to worry about him getting any Legendary minions. So now, that should pretty much be it.

I’ve made it through all the Phases, all the transitions there, but we’ve went into fatigue here, which sometimes, that does happen. If you don’t get out a really fast start, and if you remember, the draw that I had wasn’t that good. I didn’t get a Secretkeeper and I didn’t have any of the other stuff that interacts with Secrets. Oh there, I finally draw a Secretkeeper right at the very end, when it’s gonna do me absolutely not good here. He’s gonna be dead next turn anyway, so it’s fine. So that is going to be win number one for me. And as usual, I’m gonna go ahead and play through until I’ve won five games against him. So sit back and enjoy! Now I would have loved to have had the Secretkeeper on the first turn there. And there he drew his Weapon, and you notice that I kept it to where he had enough Armor to withstand attacking one of my minions, which is exactly what he did, hoping to trigger Festergut.

So you really got to keep an eye on that. The, and about this fight, that’s the toughest thing, is the transitions. That is win number two. Of course it helps that I’m playing it through really fast, but also I got a fast start there as well. If you get the Secretkeepers right off the bat they just grow huge very quickly. Cause he’ll toss all these Secrets out there within a turn or two.

I need to test for Vaporize here. He just keeps putting this stuff out so I haven’t had a chance to test for it. Again, being very careful on the transistion part. And that is win number three. I love being able to get the Secretkeeper out there first turn, because, like I said before, it just keeps growing and growing. See, he was able to transition on his own there, which sorta messed up my board a little bit, but not a whole lot, cause my Secretkeeper was already so huge. [haha] I was able to draw the Hammer of Wrath there, finish him off! Unfortunately he was able to get copies of the Secretkeepers there, he doesn’t need those! I’m gonna try and save the Secretkeeper – didn’t work, unfortunately.

He was not gonna be fooled by that. Well, I was going to say he should be dead next turn, but I gotta make it through this Sludge Belcher here. So how about next turn? There we go! That is win number five – undefeated! I appreciate you taking the time to watch. I know this one was a little bit long, and that’s because the first game went into fatigue, which luckily, none of my other games did, but as I said, it can happen occasionally, just depending on how the draws go. But you really have to be careful of the transitions. That’s the most important thing, especially Phase two when Festergut comes out there, cause it can wipe your entire board. Anyway, I will see you next time. Thanks again for watching! Bye!.

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