Top 5 Hearthstone Decks For Legend In September



Welcome to another Top 5 with Kris O Five. Today I will give you the Top 5 Hearthstone Decks for Legend in September. The meta is really stable right now, so as long as we don?t see any huge nerfs soon, it will remain like this for a while. I?m gonna give you an overview on each of these, their winrates, a mulligan guide for em and if it?s worth crafting them, but I will also tell you what are other great working decks out there, that didn?t make it into this top 5.


Hope you enjoy the video, and if you do, a like and a subscribe would really be appreciated. ? Really?… You can also check out some of my other in-depth guides, so you can improve as a player even more. Now, let?s get into the top 5. Again, let?s start off with Libram Paladin, since it?s been probably the easiest and most consistent way to reach legend, ever since the new expansion dropped.


It?s not too hard to play, but there are a ton of small tricks you can apply with it, that will take you over the top. I?ve been using it as my go-to deck to coach people to legend with it and I?ve helped several dozens of people hit easy legend with it for the past several weeks. Here is just one example from last week? on-stream coaching session, where we went from rank 3 to legend in less than 90 minutes with nothing but wins. You can really do wonders with it sometimes, if you know what to do with it and you can win seemingly unwinnable games even with the worst of mulligans. It?s a very board-centric deck, so sticking something on the board is crucial to get your game-plan going.


No need for me to go into detail about it, since I already did a detailed guide about it with coaching gameplay included, but here are the win-rates for it in the current meta. Right now, it?s pretty favorable for libram paladins, since the only real problematic decks for you would be mages and sometimes rogue. A lot of people think bomb warrior is a bad matchup, but if you know what you are doing that number can go above 80% win-rate too. Guardian druids are a problem when they pop off and priest is not too fun either, although the current versions are not too scary. All in all, the deck is doing really great right now and it would really be easy for you to climb ranks with it, so it?s probably worth the craft for you.


Penflinger paladin is also pretty strong, so you might want to try that one as well. Next up is Face Hunter. This deck is doing exceptionally well for climbing and the games are really fast with it. It?s dirt cheap and it doesn?t take too much to pilot it pretty well either, so it?s definitely a top choice for climbing ranks. Usually, it is hard not to curve out well with it, but there are quite a few things you need to think about, so you don?t miss out on any opportunities. Saving your free hero power from tour guide is often very rewarding, since you can cheat out the powerful effects from Phase Stalker and Dragonbane a turn or 2 early, which is really strong. You can be creative with the secrets you run in this list, but this combination should feel pretty optimal for most.


You could add an explosive trap if you are seeing decks that would get punished by it, but nowadays, most boards have 3+ hp, with the exception of rogues, so if you are not seeing too many of those, explosive would feel underwhelming most of the time. In the mid-game, usually you should start running out of steam, so maximizing your damage with a hero-power, instead of using up all of your mana with a card you would prefer playing might be better. Saving a beast can also be very rewarding for that extra reach you would get from your kill commands.


Polket is also a cool card you can include instead of unleash the hounds, but the deck is working just as well without it, so don?t feel like you need to spend the dust for it. For the matchups, your worst ones would have their vengeance. Aggro DHs is too fast for you and soul heals too much and doesn?t care for your secrets much either. Bomb warriors with the pirate package are also trouble, since they gain a lot of armor and clear your small wide boards easily and secret rogue could be a problem too, but if you are not seeing too many of those, climbing should be smooth. For the mulligan, the 1-drops you are looking for are Intrepid Initiate, Sharpshooter, and Demonic Companion. Tour guide is also a great keep, but it would be best if you can pair it with a phase stalker, since it?s not an amazing one-drop on its own. Scavenger?s Ingenuity is also great, so you can get fat stalkers or bunnies. Adorable infestation is also great but it?s even greater when you can pair it with a good 1-drop.


Never keep secrets, unleash the hounds, kill command and Voracious Reader. Animal companion is also not a great keep, but it?s fine if you are curving into it, I guess. The deck is really strong and really cheap, so if it?s easy legend you want, then hunter would deliver. Highlander Hunter is still a strong option, although it?s not as popular, but anything else is less than optimal in the current meta. Moving down to Bomb Warrior which has also been a staple of the scholomance meta since day one.


Not much has changed since the last top 5 I featured it in and it?s literally the exact same list that is doing best right now. Not bad huh? Really?… Anyway, the deck is doing really well and it?s not too hard. Your game plan is to shuffle a ton of bombs in your opponent?s deck, while you stall out the game with your arsenal of great removals. You have to be smart about how and when you use those. Figure out what your opponent?s deck is and plan out what removal will be needed for where and you should have a great idea of how you need to play your cards. We are running two hoard pillagers here and those would help you even against the luckiest of ooze players. As long as you are not too unlucky with the draws, you will never stop swinging. We have Galakrond for that extra damage in the late game, and he also draws you a good minion too, more often than not. Getting an 8/8 Krastinov feels pretty good, but you can also somewhat reliably draw out your Blastmaster, which also helps a lot to close out the game.


Some lists opt to cut Kronx, but it?s up to you. Keep in mind, that it?s a good idea to fit in a hero power, whenever you can, especially if you are not under pressure, just because it?s free health for you, so sometimes it might be better for you to play slightly off curve a turn, so you can fit in the extra hero power and just play what you wanted the next turn instead. For the Matchups, if you are seeing too many aggro decks, like Demon Hunter, Face Hunter, and Weapon and Stealth Rogue, you would not be too happy, but anything else looks pretty good. For the Mulligan, you always want to keep a Corsair Cache, but if you don?t get any of those, keeping a wrench is also not wrong.


Cards like Sword and Board, Quartmaster, Bladestorm and even Barov are great early keeps as well, and depending on your hand, you might think about keeping Shield block, or even Cutting Class and Krastinov. It?s a deck definitely worth crafting if you enjoy the playstyle. It?s not too cheap, but it has definitely proven itself so you should be fine with it. It?s probably gonna be meta even after the other new expansions come out, so think of it as an investment. Other than that, big warrior and skipper bomb warrior are also fine. Guardian Druid is still going strong as well.


Last Top 5 we talked about a Kael?thas version, but the Mount seller version is going just as good, if not gooder. This deck only runs 1 survival of the fittest, since you can?t cheat it out and it finds room for the Crystal power instead, since it?s a great cheap spell to cycle beasts with too. Only 5 beasts in here, so the teacher?s pet is down to 1, since the other 2 are just too good with the board clear and the card cycle.


We have 2 animated brooms again, which can be used in many ways with your beasts, mount sellers and Ysera dragons. For the matchups, Kael?thas Guardians would have an edge over you, but the real problem would be bomb warriors and Tortollan Mages. Face Hunter isn?t too easy either and libram pally is close, but all in all, you should be good. For the mulligan, Overgrowth, wild growth and Guardian animals is top. Lightning bloom and Nature Studies are also great and depending on the matchup, crystal power can also help, but anything else would be less than optimal in most cases. Innervate could be a good keep if you already have a game plan going in your hand, but you might prefer being greedier than that, if that?s not the case. This is another great deck that does amazingly and it isn?t at all expensive, so you should definitely feel good about crafting it.


There are all kinds of other good working guardian versions with Malygos or Kael?Thas out there too, so feel free to switch it up if you get bored. And the last deck on the list is again going to be Soul Demon Hunter. Last time I showed you a great list without Magtheridon, so this time, let?s show another one, with the big boy included. It rose in popularity quite a lot and it?s doing great for most. The game plan feels similar to the bomb warrior one, cuz in the early game you just want to survive and get to the mid-game where things start to get interesting. Again, you have plenty of tools to remove early game threats, but what the deck lacks is hard removal for big boards. Magtheridon is usually your only reliable way to remove big things, although you could also comb a few cards into a huge blade dance as well.


There is room for 1 wandmaker in this version too, so that usually means an extra consume magic or twin slice, or you can even do some mana burn. In the mid-game is where you can really pop off with tons of damage while also healing a lot too if you found your Warblade. After you?ve done your skull of Gul?Dan you can burst out for over 15 damage and take out your opponent by surprise. For the matchups, your worst ones would be Druids and Libram Paladins, since like I said, you are not great against big targets.


The good news is you are great against face hunters and bomb warriors and mages, so all in all, the climb shouldn?t be too hard. For the mulligan you would want your Jailers and panthara pretty much always. Soul Shear is also pretty good and if you are expecting wide boards, a Mystic can be very helpful and a blade dance too. If you are against aggro, keeping a Warblade can buy you a few extra turns so you can take the game. Wandmaker is also not a bad keep and chaos strike too. This is another very affordable deck for you to climb with so feel free to throw your dust in this direction. Aggro Demon Hunter is also doing quite alright too, if you prefer to take a more straightforward approach. Other great working decks would be small spell and Tortollan mage, Weapon Rogue, Secret Rogue, Stealth Rogue and even Galakrond Rogue, Totem Shaman, Galakrond Warlock, Galakrond and Steal Priest, Aggro Demon Hunter, Highlander Hunter, Big Warrior, Skipper Bomb Warrior, Malygos Druid and Penflinger Libram Paladin.


So that?s gonna be it for this video guys! Hope this helps you pick the best deck for your legend climb and if it did, a like and a subscribe would be amazing. Thanks for watching! I?m Kris O Five and I?ll see you in my next video, or stream!.

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