Hi! I’m neonangel. Thanks for joining me today! We’re gonna continue our journey through Blackrock Mountain. We’re facing the second boss in the fourth wing, Blackwing Lair. This is Vaelastrasz the Corrupt. His special ability is Essence of the Red. And each player’s gonna draw 3 cards and he’s gonna gain a mana crystal each turn, so he’s gonna ramp up really fast. His special card is Burning Adrenaline, and it’s gonna deal 2 damage to you. Doesn’t cost him anything and he’s got four of them in his deck. A lot of times he saves them all for the very end and he’ll just blast you relentlessly with them at the very end. The deck that I use for this fight, it’s not a very expensive deck. It’s total cost is 1,640 Dust and there are a couple of cards that you could probably take out, which I’ll talk about here in a second. But the most important ones to use, though, are the Mark of the Lotus, that’s a newer card, and Power of the Wild, also Savage Roar. Basically you want to just get out everything as quickly as you can, buff it up, and then use Savage Roar to finish him off.

And the cards that you could do without, you could probably take out the Murloc Warleader actually, because it’s a more expensive card and you can just toss in another Murloc or another cheap minion really. And you really want to start with – it’s not real important what you start with, to be honest with you. As long as it’s something cheap, and all of these cards are really cheap. Uh, you have an average cost of like mana or something. So it’s not an expensive deck, really. Umm, but if you can get things out very quickly – your 0-cost cards and your 1-cost cards, they’re gonna be the best ones for you, because you’re going to draw into your buffs. See, I’ve already got two of my buffs here right now. And I’ll be able to cast, you know, quite a few things just right away.

And most of the time you don’t want to worry about trading with him too much on your minions. I went ahead and took that Flame Imp out right there because I wanted to try and protect the other Murloc, you know, which was getting the buffs from all the other Murlocs, but he still killed it anyway. Which, you know, is not real surprising, to be honest with you. As you can see, it’s turn three and I’ve already got 6 minions out. So, you know, if I can buff these next turn, ummm, it can be really, really damaging here.

We’ll see what he tries to kill off. A lot of times he’ll just go ahead and go for face. He did trade a couple, which is fine, cause I can still put something else out and then buff them up some. See, I’ve got a full board and they’re really buffed now, so he HAS to do something about those or I’m gonna kill him here in another turn. And he even buffed one of my minions [haha].

So I should be able to kill him here I believe. I’ve got the Power, well I’ve got the Savage Roar down there, so I should be able to Power of the Wild and Savage Roar and finish him off, I believe. Yeah, so he’s toast there. It can go really, really fast. And I’m gonna go ahead and play through until I’ve won five games here, so you can sit back and relax. Like I was saying before, umm, it’s not…you don’t want to worry to much about trying to do trades or anything like that.

You’re really wanting to just start smashing him in the face and let HIM worry about taking out your minions. But you don’t need to worry about his. See, he just wiped out my entire board there, but I just gained the entire board back on the same turn, so like I said, it goes really, really fast. And he’s already dead. And try not to be too greedy. Uhhh, I find myself several times where I’m just like “Okay, just one more minion and then I’m gonna buff ’em all!” But don’t do that! If you have at least 3 or 4 minions out there, and you can buff them, go ahead and buff ’em up.

You know, if that’s the play that you have. Don’t be greedy and try and get you know 6 minions buffed, uhh, you can, you can get that many on the board, I mean, like I have now and you can still get ’em buffed up. Just don’t be greedy. And again, even though he cleared my entire board, I was still able to put out like 5 minions all at once. Now I did actually have to take out one of his minions there because he was going to kill me, and he still managed to anyway. Unfortunately he had, uhh, he had the Dragon’s Breath there, so that did me in. And he just has a ton of removal, but you can still just keep churning out tiny minions and buff ’em up. He’s got me really low here. I have to finish him off this turn. Can I finish him off this turn? I think it’s gonna be close…yes! Yeah, I hate it when he uses the Arcane Missiles and takes out half my guys.

That’s why if you can get them past 1 Health, then they’re a little better to stick on the board. Didn’t matter though. I should still have him here, anyway. And that is going to be win number five. Thanks for watching, everyone. And I will see you next time!.

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