Heroes Charge Hero Ratings and Strategy


Heroes Charge Hero Ratings and Strategy?by joseph


This guide?will be solely devoted to good hero ratings given by our experienced players. The ratings will be updated regularly as and when someone experienced posts a hero rating that everyone agrees on. The heroes will be posted in order of their roles and alphabetical order, and your name will be updated beside the rating you?ve given. So feel free to continue to add your comments to this thread!! Even if you see a hero being rated already, you can also give your own feedback using the template below!

Hero Name ? Your Name
Good : ?List what you think the hero is good in?
Bad : ?List what you think the hero isn?t good in?
Overall Rating : Campaigns (-/10, Arena (-/10), Crusade (-/10)
Recommended Use : *Optional*

Current Highest Rating Front Hero = Death Knight

Admiral aka Carin Lestarus ? Joseph
Good : Moderate damage output, good crowd control with AOE stun and waterspout which disables enemy units, high HP regen
Bad : Low HP Pool, gears focused more on damage output than defence and HP, low energy regen
Overall Rating : Campaigns (8.5/10), Arena (7/10), Crusade (6/10)

Bear Warrior ? Luchitosify
Good: frontline tank that can deal massive damage to enemy frontline hero and obliterate their formation in an instant. its critical rate and magic resistance are above average as a frontliner.
Bad: Easily kited and his ulti can be easily interrupted as its not the fastest skill. he also have a hard time getting his energy bar filled up.
Overall Ratting: Campaigns (9/10), Arena (9.5/10), Crusade (8/10)

Brute Aka Urtock the Accursed ? adventchaos
Good : Front line Tank that launches strong counter attacks at enemies. Has a great ulti that will insta kill any low hp enemies guaranteed. Good AoE cleave dmg at BS level.
Bad : Magic resist is low, The ulti he has is rather weak against enemies with high hp. Only good as a finisher.
Overall Rating : Campaigns (9/10), Arena (9/10), Crusade (9/10)

Death Knight Aka Lig ? adventchaos
Good : Front line assist that gives protection to other low hp heroes in the form of an explosive shield. His ulti is rather strong when leveled up, as it protects him from damage and turns the absorbed damage into life. Extremely high HP regen.
Bad : If he is stun locked or interrupted, he is easily managed as he cannot put any shields up. Has a fairly low magic resist.
Overall Rating : Campaigns (10/10), Arena (9/10), Crusade (9/10)

Soul Hunter ? Borgia
Good: Very tanky, BS and PS both passives giving life and magic resistance respectively. GS Heals team. US very powerful finisher.
Bad: Few ?active? skills. No CC outside of US and you want US to kill a hero. Extremely low energy regen. Short range.
Overall Rating: Campaign: 8/10 Arena: 7.5/10 Crusade: 9.5/10

Warrior Monk Aka Kenrick ? adventchaos
Good : Strong front liner hero that excels in stunning the enemies, whilst remaining sturdy with a high HP pool and high strength growth rate.
Bad : Has low magic resist, can be easily nuked down before he gets his ultimate off, but both his GS and BS both help him stay alive.
Overall Rating : Campaigns (9.5/10, Arena (8.5/10), Crusade (8.5/10)

Current Highest Rating Central Hero = Old Curse & Silencer

Emberstar aka Eva Emberstar ? Joseph
Good : High Single target damage output, excellent AOE damage, most of her skills are AOE damage based and high in damage. Able to mini-stun enemy heroes, effectively cancelling their casts if timed properly.
Bad : Very low HP Pool, gears do not boost HP, but boosts magic damage and energy regen instead, low defense. Requires a good tank in order to maximize this heroes aoe damage abilities
Overall Rating : Campaigns (9.5/10), Arena (9/10), Crusade (8/10)

Ice Mage aka Artonia ? Joseph
Good : High damage output, good crowd control with cocooon of ice skill, effectly taking out an enemy hero from a fight for a few seconds. Huge AOE blizzard does tremendous damage, also slowing enemy targets. Her skills mostly slow target heroes, making them attack slower.
Bad : Low defense, heavily reliant on front-line tanks to dish out maximum damage.
Overall Rating : Campaigns (8.5/10), Arena (7.5/10), Crusade (7/10)

Imperial Executioner? Acanis
Good : Very high single target damage output, good crowd control. Good in take out tanks.
Bad : Low HP Pool. Requires a good tank in order to do his damage.
Overall Rating : Campaigns (9.5/10), Arena (8.5/10), Crusade (9.5/10)

Lunar Guardian Aka Loreth ? adventchaos
Good : Middle lane physical range class. Great AoE dmg with her Ulti and BS. She has a fairly high physical crit.
Bad : Her ulti targets random enemies, so it isn?t focused dmg. Low magic resist and Very low HP regen. Energy regen is also very low.
Overall Rating : Campaigns (9.5/10), Arena (8.5/10), Crusade (8.5/10)

Master Mage Aka Fiera ? adventchaos
Good : Good Middle lane mage that is extremely strong against Non-magic types. Has a good HP pool for mage class and has very high magic dmg.
Bad : Energy regen is bad, fairly low magic resist, and low armor. Her BS also exiles enemies for around 6 seconds, which can be rather annoying if she exiles a target you don?t want her to. E.g a tank class.
Overall Rating : Campaigns (9.5/10), Arena (8.5/10), Crusade (8.5/10)

Necromancer aka Salar ? Joseph
Good : High Magic damage output, excellent AOE damage, able to disable enemy heroes and increase magic damage taken by them, able to act as a temporary tank with vampiric strike draining HP at an incredibility high rate if exile is on the target
Bad : Low HP Pool, needs to rely on items with max enchantments to get good HP, low HP and energy regen. Necromancer?s disable skill Exile annoyingly gives the enemy Physical Immunity. If your timing is unlucky it can make them a damage sponge instead by eating up all Physical damage.
Overall Rating : Campaigns (9/10), Arena (8.5/10), Crusade (7.5/10)

Old Curse Aka Pallathion ? adventchaos
Good : Strong middle lane mage class hero that has amazing AOE dmg abilities and also the ability to slow and freeze enemies with his Ulti. So far when ever I?ve faced this hero, it has done tremendous amounts of dmg to my whole force with the BS maxxed out. I am in the process of levelling and skilling up my own
Bad : Low int growth rate for a mage hero, low armor and low magic resist.
Overall Rating : Campaigns (9/10), Arena (9.5/10), Crusade (9/10)

Silencer Aka Saif ? adventchaos
Good : Middle lane, high physical dmg mage class that is excellent at dealing with opposing mage type heroes. His ulti, GS AND BS all silence enemies whilst doing moderate to heavy damage in the process.
Bad : His own magic resist is fairly low, his armor is low and crit chance is quite low. As long he is protected by a good solid front line, there isn?t much else bad about him!
Overall Rating : Campaigns (9/10, Arena (9.5/10), Crusade (9/10)

Vengeance Spirit Aka Nasira ? adventchaos
Good : Good Middle lane dmg dealer with good AOE crowd control Ulti. Her GS is quite good with Aoe dmg to all Front and middle lines when levelled up.
Bad : Low HP pool, Low magic resist, Ulti isn?t always a guarantee which can be dangerous when its needed.
Overall Rating : Campaigns (9/10), Arena (7.5/10), Crusade (7.5/10)

Current Highest Rating Back Hero = Windrunner

Wind Master Aka Sarra ? adventchaos
Good : Great Back liner that deals both physical and magic damage. Good amounts of DPS and her ulti is great for knocking back every enemy hero for an interrupt.
Bad : Is rather weak to magic dmg and low hp regen. No other downsides that I?ve noticed so far. Casting can be cancelled by receiving damage.
Overall Rating : Campaigns (9.5/10), Arena (8.5/10), Crusade (8/10)

Poisoned One ? Crown1
Good : Extremely tanky in comparison to other back line heroes. Probably a tanklike backline hero. It has very high continuos damage on 2 spells (ultimate+1st passive). Fairly good mana regen.
Bad : Not enough burst damage in comparison to other backline heroes.
Arena : (7.5/10), Campaigns: (8/10), Crusade (8/10)
Recommended usage: Somehow in front of other backliners to protect them against some damage. Very good against high HP bosses due to the big continuos damage. Very good 1 vs 1. Good against big AOE nukers since he has very high magic resistance.

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