Heroes Charge Making Money Guide


Heroes Charge Making Money Guide?by Evilgiz

So, the big question: how to get the money to upgrade your skills ???

1. When leveling up heroes you can use :
EXP potion/EXP salve/EXP cheese
Potion gives 60xp and sella for 400 therefore, you are paying 400/60=~6.5 coins per 1 exp
Salves give 300xp and sell for 1200, 1200/300=4 per 1 xp
Cheese gives 1500xp and sells for 4000; 4000/1500=~2.5 per 1xp

This means that when leveling heroes you shld always start with the cheese then the salves and only afterwards the potions. In most cases if you are fcousing on your best heroes you will end up with a lot of extra potions and maybe salves too. You can sell these for a lot of money. I basically sell all my potions everyday earning 50k or more everyday.

2. Enchanting: first of all, dont enchant anything before you are at least Blue+1. Enchanting items gives a temporary boost to your items which is lost once you promote your hero. You are given some vials once u promote but they dont even make up for half of what u had spent. Also enchanting gives a TEMPORARY slight bonus, say +7 physical attack, if your char has 700 attack, that is a 1% increase in atk. I would say that 1 shld only enchant after leveling up skills and having equipped the current level items considering skills are permanent(also slight increase in dmg per lvl).

3. Guild and mercenary camp ; a thing about the employment of other heroes is that someone cannot employ a hero which is higher in level than his team level. I am lvl 46 and in a guild where 60% are all lvl 44, therefore I keep my best 2 heroes at lvl 44 so many guildmates have access to them. This gains me about 20-30k everyday. Keep in mind that you have to provide the best and maot appelaing heroes if you want your guild mates to emply them. Meaning, high lvl skills and enchanted equipment.

4. Time rift: both time rifts are a way how to get a lot of money. One of them is aimed solely at getting money and gives 100k per run at difficulty 2. Note that they are not to hard to win and therefore i suggest you try them at the highest difficilty available for maximisation of profits. The second rift drops exp potions salves and cheese, whoch as i mentioned earlier can be sold for quite some money.

5. Do not waste mony on bronze chests cos it aint worth it.

6. Midas is ofc a way how to get money, i use it about 5-9 times a day. I suggest that if u like the game it is worth gtfing to VIP 1/2 just for th extra chances at midas. We have a flow of gems everyday which can be used on midas and maybe stamina if needed. I suggest to go for the monthly card which gives 120 gems daily for 30 days if ure willing to spend, its by far the most worth it offer imo.

7. Offcurse always spend money on the heroes you find most prominent and check out what more experiienced players are using and always take advice and do your homework before u lvl up soemthing.

8. Soul stones: they sell for 4000 each and csn be quite an emergency stash. However, you never know what you might need or want and therefor do not sell any souls stones unless you re absoultely sure u wont use that hero and you are in desperate need of money.

9. Crusade: this gives a lot of money if played rght so make some effort to devise a strategy that works well, you can find other thread which talj just about this.

10. Arena: the higher you rank in arena the more money you will get. However, read that the higher you ranking in arena, the harder crusade will be. So kind of a give and take. Will soon post more about this.

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